Just wondering: What do the Trump Republicans teach their children? Do they tell them to look to Trump for guidance? When

making a moral or ethical decision, do they say “What would The Donald do?” Are they teaching them to look up to Trump so that they can be like the greatest president ever? How to avoid military service? How to honor bootlickers? How to pay off female accusers?

Do they teach their sons to grab the private parts of women as a way to honor females? And teach their girls that it is OK if they are grabbed? Because it is, after all, what their hero does. Good luck raising a generation that disrespects everyone who does not worship at the golden shrine of The Donald and that follows in his ethical and moral footsteps.

Kay Halbert

Las Vegas, N.M.

A no-brainer

Post-coronavirus New Mexico will be unlike anything in our state’s history. We will need new ideas and innovative tools to cope and to prosper. One such breakthrough is a New Mexico public bank: an investment bank that will keep our state funds right here where they can greatly benefit local businesses and the community. A public bank will support our credit unions and community banks to serve local needs, create jobs and invest in new and existing small businesses. If there is such a thing as a no-brainer, a public bank is it.

Legislators will be voting on a bill to establish a public bank during the 60-day legislative session beginning in January. The city of Santa Fe is already on board with its resolution on Dec. 9, calling for elected officials to support this bill. Please add your voice to those of the Santa Fe City Council: Ask your local representatives to pass the public bank bill.

Robert Baroody

Santa Fe

Be on alert

There should be a warning attached to the statement: When Joe Biden becomes president on Jan 20. The word “if” should be substituted for “when.” How can we be so certain Trump will willingly leave the White House on that date? What if he declares martial law or invokes the Insurrection Act and stays put in the Oval Office with thousands of heavily armed supporters protecting him?

Are there any contingency plans by Biden and the Democrats and even the military if that happens? All the courts and Electoral College voters may not be able to put our democracy back together again. Trump is notoriously unpredictable, and that is the kindest thing that can be said about him.

Jerry Labinger



Regarding pardons, we must remember that accepting a pardon is admitting guilt. People who accept pardons are guilty of the crime stated.

Roberta Adams

Santa Fe

Hardly resolute

When I was a lad, I read Mad Magazine for a bit of absurdist comic relief from the day’s travails. Now, I have The New Mexican. The greatest belly laugh in recent memory was your Sunday front-page banner headline (“Resolute In Crisis,” Dec. 20) genuflecting before our governor. Throughout our current pandemic, the governor has demonstrated two traits. The dominant one is a hunger for command and control, as exemplified by her scolding some time back, “Your people need to do better!” The second is a propensity toward panic, as when she exclaimed in mid-October, “The health risks are extreme for every single New Mexican.”

The epidemiology data reported by the state, however imperfect, put the lie to that every day. Her assertion is emphatically not the case for much of our population, especially those under 35 years old. What is remarkably absent from our governor’s behavior is any sense of humility that perhaps her programs are a big part of the problem. The side effects are devastating to both the health and well-being of our people. The information reported by the state every day seems more motivated to frighten them than to inform. Lockdowns are not leadership.

Closing classrooms, despite virtually nil risk of illness to children, is unconscionable. Waiting lines more than an hour long outside grocery stores in December weather during “senior hours” because of incompetent government occupancy rules are insufferable. (I know, because I’ve waited in them.) It is a pity our governor did not accept an opportunity to join her kindred spirits in the swamp in the new administration. I know there is an old saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” But I’d be willing to take a chance.

Ronald Lipp


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William Mee

Kay Halbert has posted a wonderful Letter to the Editor. But boy did she take some heat for it. The detractors here seem like the nuts that have vowed to Stop the Steal and are bringing guns to D.C. to enforce the Qanon Theory of how the Electoral College can be stolen.

Emily Koyama

And more censorship from the "moderator" at the SFNM.... you people are really amazing.

Jim Klukkert

Emily Koyama– Yes the SFNM staff are amazing! I guess Ms. Koyama, that you add better substitute fact & substance for snark & sarcasm in your comments if you want your writings to stick. Yes I know, given your positions that might be difficult. Do change your ways, as none of your previous comments were still on this page after the SFNM staff cleaned up the abuse!

Lee DiFiore

Hey jimbo, two words for you: Tara Reade.

Jim Klukkert

Hey Lee– Two headlines right back at you:

A complicated life and conflicting accounts muddle efforts to understand Tara Reade's allegation against Joe Biden- CNN

Manipulative, deceitful, user’: Tara Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances– Politico

A number of those who crossed paths with Biden’s accuser say they remember two things: She spoke favorably about her time working for Biden, and she left them feeling duped.

Lee DiFiore

Gosh jimbo, you convinced me. CNN was the tipping factor

Jim Klukkert

Well Lee, at least I did cite sources. Maybe you would like to actually differ with the substance of the reports, though of course that would be wasted effort, and only dig yourself in deeper.

Your contributions amount only to so much snark, which is equal to your apparent contempt for our democracy.

Thanks a heap, Lee.

Jim Klukkert

Hey Lee– William Mee posted an interesting comment on Tara Read.

Maybe you can come up with another snarky one line rejoinder.

Based on your previous comments, you Trumpers do seem to prefer 'snappy witticisms' to actual substance or fact ¿que no?

William Mee

The Biden campaign wanted him to "bury her" with a blistering media attack and he was like "she has been through enough." Seems like we are getting a really good man in Joe Biden.

William Mee

Tara is on Russian TV, and received money from them so WAPO and NY Times received to print her story.

Comment deleted.
Marquisa LaVelle

"Kay Halbert you a horrible person to go down this road, you just show how low a the left will go, shame on you." Mr. Reinders: please refrain from calling specific persons who disagree with your beliefs bad names rather than joining a community conversation that might actually be enlightening. Your inappropriate and negative comments are unwelcome outside of the playground.

Comment deleted.
William Saunders

So easy when she’s in a Utopian bubble

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Richard Reinders- Surely you do not begrudge folks like Kay Halbert, for speaking out against sexual violence in particular, and misogyny in general? When did the Right cede these issues to the Left? Oh right, with the rise of Trump.

I was raised with a much different set of conservative values than you were apparently.

I thought you had higher standards than Trump, our serial sexual predator. I certainly thought you had more intelligence. Good luck with winning elections with “‘private part’ grabbing” as being part of your approved activities.

Miguel Perez

What to tell kids about The Donald? Well, you can tell them he is the greatest president since President Reagan. But warn them not to stand too close to Biden.

William Mee

At the Facebook Site: "La Plaza Political Chatter" we had some posts about Reagan and really everything you think is bad about this country was actually started by Reagan and set out on a course of destruction that we are in today. The bad policies of Reagan created the path of fascism and nationalism for Trump.

Jim Klukkert

William Mee– I agree with much of what you say, but I would like to recommend Tricky Di*k Nixon for awards on "bad about this country ... set out on a course of destruction that we are in today." Nixon's "Southern Strategy" really got the racist dog whistles attracting scared, disaffected White voters everywhere. Nixon & Ford of course gave us two henchmen, Cheney and Rumsfeld, who certainly proved valuable to G.W. Bush in so many ways, notably in our "optional" war in Iraq.

Reagan does get big points for picking up Nixon's racist "Southern Strategy" with his constant harping on Cadillac driving Welfare Queens. Even 'war-hero' George H.W. Bush had Lee Atwater throwing Race Bombs with his William Horton attacks on Dukakis for prison furlough program Dukakis not only did not create, but was actually created by Republican Gov. Francis Sargent years earlier in 1972.

Funny thing, the only post WWII Republican President I have not mentioned is Dwight Eisenhower. However, even a cursory look at his Federal Income Tax rates tells you he was a secret Socialist.

William Saunders

What hardcore, hatefulness written the day after Christmas.....you should look in the mirror before you get your message printed.

Edward Baca

To Ronald Lipp: The ones refusing to wear masks will be the reason why we end up closing down again and again. And they will be the ones bitching the most about the re-closing that they are responsible for.

Philip Taccetta

The ones that refuse to wear masks are the same ones that will refuse to get vaccinated.

Shannon Jameson

Kay Halbert’s sarcastic take on what do Republicans tell their children about Trump could easily have been replaced with President elect Joe Biden’s name and you’d have the same moral dilemma. While Kay’s intent in her self righteous way was to shame Trump voters, she and others are in full biased denial if they believe Biden is a man of character, but then I don’t know of any American President in the past 100 years that would pass a background check. I wouldn’t trust former POTUS Bill Clinton with my daughters, yet I voted for him at that time.

I hated President Trumpito’s bragging and attacks and I hated the media’s incessant attacks on him. But I voted for a politician whose business policies more closely aligned with mine then the Dems platform of today. Liberals need to stop the self-righteous holier than thou attacks on Trump voters and look at themselves in the mirror before throwing stones at others.

Lee DiFiore


William Saunders


Well said!

Jim Klukkert

Shannon Jameson- I keep trying to remember when Biden joked about grabbing women's private parts; or took out a full page New York Times ad advocating the death penalty for the Central Park 5, all young Black men who were later fully exonerated; or when Joe had children ripped from their parents arms and thrown in cages; or blew up sacred sites of Indigenous People to put up a so-called Wall.

Looking at myself in a mirror, nope. Laughing Out Loud at your self-serving and deceitful rant. Trump lined your pockets, but caused incalculable suffering. At this time of Christmas, I am reminded that we will be judged as to how we treated 'the least amongst us.'

William Mee

The WAPO was counting his lies and stopped publishing the number in August at 27,000. Meaning he is way over 30,000. And this is alright with Trump supporters? They way the lies are counted, one lie each day even if he says it 6 times at 5 rallies it counts once not 30. So that figure could be well over 100,000.....

Philip Taccetta

So you advocate not paying sub contractors, undocumented workers and bankrupt out of any project that you think you’re not making enough money on? That’s trumps business model.

William Mee

There is no comparing Trump to anyone. He watched Epstein rape that 13 year-old, if he didn't participate to boot. 27 women sexually assaulted---what a record---maybe he was trying to get Bill Cosby out of the headlines. 7,000 lawsuits with the Trump name in them. Trump is in an evil league of his own. There were 42,000 Tweets up to August 2020. The Defense Department has people stay up 24/7/365 to see if he causes an international incident with them with our allies or with our enemies. The payments to his own gold courses for the Secret Service exceeds $3 million dollars every dollar violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution and two other federal laws. And this all is okay?

Lee DiFiore

Well said Ronald Lipp.

Comment deleted.
Stefanie Beninato

No, Trump was beyond horrible. Kay Halbert points out character traits that make those of us who can think constructively wonder why you and others continue to support someone as depraved and immoral as the Liar/Denier/Slayer/Spreader in Chief. What an example to others---look at the 73 cadets who cheated on exams recently--if Trump can get away with it why not everyone? Would you trust a military leader who lied and cheated? Do you think that leader will have your back? Just another example of the degradation of our institutions by Trump and his willing GOP minions.

Comment deleted.
Philip Taccetta

EVERYTHING she said about trump is factually correct and well documented.

You just show how delusional the right will go to try and protect the person that is the worst president our Nation has had.

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