It’s hard to say whether most Republicans hate democracy more than they fear it, or fear it more than they hate it. In any case, they want the least of it possible — which includes shrinking suffrage as much as possible. As former President Donald Trump exaggeratedly explained, greater voter participation means “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

Universal suffrage is essential for democracy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Texas Republicans, including Gov. Greg Abbott, are doing their best to scuttle it by enacting restrictions on absentee voting, enhancing the power of poll watchers (i.e., poll intimidators) and banning drive-thru and 24-hour voting.

Republicans have already managed to curtail voting in Georgia and Florida, among other states. Future generations may marvel on how we focused on foreign enemies of democracy rather than on its much more dangerous enemies right here at home.

Roger Carasso

professor emeritus

California State University, Northridge

Santa Fe

Add it up

I do not know former Legislative Education Study Commission director Rachel Gudgel, but I do know that her comment — offensive to some — on Native American arithmetic skills is accurate, if politically naïve. As a three-term state university regent, a New Mexico commissioner of higher education and former reservation school superintendent, the measurable math deficiencies among Native children are an unarguable, dismal and continuing fact.

Doubters can easily confirm the data. Opportunistic politicians exploit, but don’t improve, this sad situation.

John G. Loehr


Thanks, Greg

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot has promised that “Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas.” No need to worry, girls. Wow! Can we hold you to that?

Marion Jackson

Santa Fe

Pro-life or pro-birth?

This is in response to the new Texas abortion law. Pro-life means agreeing to provide 20-plus years of food, clothing, shelter, as well as education, moral guidance and modeling. A definition of the parental role I like is “provide roots and wings.” Being anti-abortion is a cop-out. If you’re against abortion, don’t have one. Stop forcing your opinions on others. Are you pro-life or just pro-birth? You must care what occurs afterwords.

Doug Reilly

Los Alamos

Development blues

I just read that Gerald Peters wants to build houses near Cow Creek (“Planned development brings water fears on Cow Creek,” Sept. 6). This is one of the few areas that is not plagued with overpopulation.

My husband and I would go to Cow Creek to fish, and we had several friends in the area. My son and family members went up Labor Day weekend to get in some fishing and relaxation. Hopefully Peters won’t get the approval to desecrate this area.

Darlene Muniz

Santa Fe

Educate the men

This is in response to the letter (“New Texas law protects unborn,” Sept. 6). It states, “we spend a lot of money on abortion … wouldn’t that money be better spent by helping women get control of their lives with job training, housing support, rescue from sex trafficking and incest ... ?”

That’s quite an unsubstantiated judgmental statement. I have witnessed firsthand, the wives of politicians (pro-life ones, by the way) and women who are quite “in control” of their lives in an abortion clinic. Birth control methods fail, even vasectomies and tubal ligations. How about this “lot of money” be spent for male education/awareness?

Donna Kecheson

Santa Fe

Cannabis will intrude

Churchgoers should be aware that the Santa Fe Planning Commission has approved a plan that would allow pot shops next door to churches. The commission demonstrates a total disregard for people of faith in the City of Holy Faith. The proposed regulations would allow cannabis shops next door to any one of Santa Fe’s 110 churches.

Schools and day care centers are allowed a 300-foot buffer. But residential areas and churches can expect to reap the disastrous consequences that accompany cannabis sales and use. Expect the stench wafting into church pews and the unwashed smoking in the parking lots.

Only in Santa Fe, where tourists flock to see our beautiful Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis and Loretto Chapel might they find a pot shop next door and a drug dealer in Cathedral Park where De Vargas’ statue used to be. Next election, please, please vote for decency in city government.

J.D. Vasquez

Santa Fe

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Khal Spencer

Hey, now there is an idea. Replace the former DeVargas statue with a statue of the Fat Furry Freak Brothers.

Khal Spencer

The last thing the nation needs is more drive-through anything. Every time I see a line of cars sitting belching out exhaust at a fast food or fast coffee shop or drive through anything, I remind myself that this is the working definition of cognitive dissonance: worrying about the "climate crisis" and living in an idling car as long as one can rather than turning off the engine and using those things called feet that the Lord/Natural Selection gave us.

Besides, these rules are for everyone. Just make sure each voting district gets equal resources.

Stan Biderman

110 churches? And how many led by pedophiles? Extreme religion much more lethal than pot.

David Ford

I would think that the nonsensical supernaturalism of religion would be an easier pill to swallow while high....

Stefanie Beninato

Oh please, JD Vasquez. You sounded like you just came from a showing of Reefer Madness. Do you say the same thing every time the city waives these restrictions for alcohol sales next to churches? The Catholic Church does use wine during communion, so alcohol is OK?

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