As a former chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, I found Milan Simonich’s column (“Another injustice in Plaza obelisk destruction,” Ringside Seat, May 23) to be spot on.

The desecration of our Plaza by a self-righteous mob was a deep insult to the people of this city, many of whom trace their roots back long before the obelisk’s erection. And it was a clear-cut criminal act that deserved the full attention of our criminal justice system, including a judge and jury drawn from this community.

Plea bargaining may be an important tool in the system, but equally so, there are cases important enough to the conscience of the community that they must be heard, not pleaded. Justice is not just a technical conclusion of law; true justice is a sense of fairness and balance to all concerned, and that includes the people of our city. Their exclusion is an intolerable injustice.

Richard C. Bosson

Santa Fe

True cancel culture

Recent polls show at least two-thirds of Republicans think Donald Trump had the election “stolen” from him, with 60 percent asserting there is solid evidence of the theft. And that’s now, six months after the election — after multiple recounts in multiple states, after over 60 court cases tossed — and still they persist. But not one Trump party acolyte seems to have any issue with all those Republicans down the ballot who were voted into office. “Those” ballots and votes were perfectly fine.

Now, some conservatives want to secede from their states to another state that has a state government of their political bent. But the Democrats are the cancel culture? When you cannot even say Joe Biden won the 2020 election fairly, then a third of the country has lost its way from democracy. Whenever a conservative complains about something, you can bet they are guilty of committing the exact same thing.

Mike Dicello

Santa Fe


The new issue of Bienvenidos, usually informative, is absolutely splendid! An unexpected bright star in the murky sky of 2020 and the pandemic. I’m happy to be able to commend the contributors after a seemingly never-ending period of general stifling mediocrity and boredom in every corner of life. Well done.

Maggie Auld

Santa Fe

More news

Santa Fe is over twice as populated as several other state capitals, yet we do not have a television station. We are forced to listen to the station in Albuquerque. They almost never have any news for us.

My question is why? One would think that a state capital would have at the least one television station broadcasting local news. This is not the way to keep a population informed.

James Barrett

Santa Fe

Yes, term limits

Milan Simonich in his column mentioned the need for term limits (“About face: Longtime lawmaker calls for term limits,” Ringside Seat, May 24). I have wished for a long time for term limits on all, including the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court in national and state government.

It seems elected people soon forget their voters’ wishes and just vote to hold on to their seats. The worry about new officials’ rulings could be helped by staggering the terms. Every registered citizen should be allowed to vote. Before voting we should all try to educate ourselves about the candidates.

Kenny Goering

Santa Fe

At fault

The real criminal in the Plaza obelisk debacle is none other than our clueless mayor.

John Greenfield

Santa Fe

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David Birnbaum

This may be the lamest excuse ever. How about the racist intent of the obelisk? This is about cuture clash, not about hurt feelings on the part of the dominant culture that tried to obliterate the Pueblo life . GET OVER IT. Move on to creating appreciation and understanding.

mark Coble

DA teaches another lesson. Crime is not punishable here. AG Balderas has same opinion, look at his record for arresting high level drug lords.

Andrew Lucero

Thank You Justice Bosson....It's a shame that our DA doesn't posses a fraction of your insight and wisdom...

Richard Reinders


Khal Spencer

In addition to the TV station, I would like an NFL football team, a National League baseball franchise, an NHL hockey team, a water fountain, and oh, yes, must have...a shrubbery! Bring me a shrubbery!

Vince Czarnowski

I would like to thank Richard Bosson for his letter. He has explained the reason why so many of us Santa Feans are frustrated with how this entire matter was handled. It's good to know there are people out there who truly understand the justice system. It's also frightening to know that so many of our elected officials don't understand or don't want to.

Khal Spencer

I share many of Justice Bosson's feelings but in a state where even hardened criminals get the revolving door treatment, I have a feeling these people would never have seen a day in jail even if a jury had convicted them on felony destruction. The more basic problem was that they were able to get away with the dirty deed to begin with because the Plaza was not protected.

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