Texans seemingly are ignoring “trail closed” at Dale Ball Trailhead. How about publishing photos of vehicles like you did when we had a water shortage and you embarrassed those with high water use?

Marvin Godner

Santa Fe

What fight?

You all at the newspaper love our governor. What a phony setup. Governor: “I will fight for getting 100 percent reimbursement for fire victims.”

What was the first thing the president said upon arrival? Yep, “whatever it takes.”

Where was the fight?

John Irwin

Santa Fe

End the blaze

The U.S. Forest Service has to be taken to task for its inability to put out the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire; officials have had ample opportunities to do so. As I write this letter I am watching the fire explode — heat from the fire creating its own weather system due to high temperatures meeting much lower temperatures at 12,000 to 15,000 feet.

On a recent update, the commander once again stated they would just keep a eye on the fire — no air support nor other fire suppression measures. The New Mexican and other news media need to fully investigate. I am a retired fire chief with structure and wildland fire suppression certification. This has to stop.

John Kinsolving

Santa Fe

Growing administrators

Regarding “Santa Fe’s school administrator shuffle part of growing shortage,” (June 13): To help students succeed in Santa Fe Public Schools, it’s important to strategically fill the roles of school leadership. The best way to ensure we have qualified principals is to invest in and support our teachers so they will be prepared to grow into leadership positions in the future. One way to do this is to help them earn their degree efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Western Governors University, a nonprofit accredited online university, we’re making sure our future educators can earn their teaching degrees at about half the cost of other online universities. We not only want teachers to be good educators, but we also want them to be successful professionals with little debt and room for continued growth. Providing quality educators doesn’t just impact this generation, but generations to come. Let’s work together in New Mexico to ensure we have an abundant supply of this critical workforce.

Linda Battles

regional vice president

WGU South Region

Austin, Texas

Speak out on nukes

An overwhelming majority of the world’s nations adopted a global agreement to ban nuclear weapons in 2017: the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. So far, 85 nations have signed it and 62 nations have ratified it, bringing the total signatories to 147. The first meeting of the treaty’s States Parties will take place in Vienna from June 21-23. This is a big deal for global peace and safety. It deserves news coverage. Why have we seen so little reporting on it?

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been in force since early last year, making the United States’ continuing possession and production of nukes illegal under international law. Forty years ago in June of 1982, a million people marched in New York to demand an end to nuclear weapons. Today, the nuclear threat to our existence is worse than it was in ’82. Now more than ever, we need millions of people marching in the streets.

Here in Santa Fe, members of Veterans for Peace, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, and NukeWatch will hold a vigil at noon Friday on the corner of West Alameda and South Guadalupe. Though it’s a regular weekly vigil, this Friday will be special, because the Raging Grannies will be present to lead the crowd in songs, in solidarity with the Vienna meeting. Please join us.

Marcy Matasick

Santa Fe

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