I can’t believe how many Monday morning quarterbacks there are regarding President Joe Biden and his team as they deal with Afghanistan — especially among our newscasters who seem to gloat in finding fault. This attitude is contagious, and one thing we do not need in this country is negativity. Of course there will be things to criticize regarding a monumental operation such as this. But can’t we let up on our criticism and accentuate the positive? Are we going to change anything? Should we not be giving moral support to our president as he deals with this unthinkable responsibility?

Dorothy Rogers-Abbey

Santa Fe

Storage is arriving

Kim Shanahan’s column (“Girding for grids? It’ll be the right move in New Mexico,” Building Santa Fe, Sept. 19) highlights how rooftop solar and battery storage, coupled with Emera Technologies’ home Block Energy allows for the sharing of excess power from one home’s battery to a neighbor’s depleted battery, and vice versa. Shanahan goes on to say that large-scale energy storage batteries that can manage utility-scale wind and solar power “don’t exist. There’s a lot of research and pilot programs trying to solve the conundrum, but they’re still a long way off.” However, utility scale-energy storage batteries with wind and solar are revolutionizing electric utility industry. Check out the 2017 Hornsdale project in Australia, a 315 megawatt wind farm, with 100 megawatt Tesla energy storage that beats the pants off gas generation in price and performance. Coming in 2022 in our backyard: Public Service Company of New Mexico will replace the 562 megawatt San Juan coal-fired power plant with 950 megawatts of solar and energy storage.

Cynthia Mitchell

Santa Fe

Societal suicide?

In the two greatest threats facing this country and the planet, COVID-19 and climate change, the GOP seems to have chosen suicide. The irony now is that there are solutions to both existential threats we face. The vaccine is available and free. Even more exciting, we now know there is a solution to climate change with the soil on the planet able to sequester twice the carbon now in the atmosphere cheap and easy, all we need is the will. (See Kiss the Ground on Netflix.)

So, here we are, 30 percent of the population wants to commit personal and planetary suicide and is dragging the rest of us along for the ride — refusing vaccinations and creating a petri dish for new mutations and not even admitting that climate change is real. Are we to let a third of the population drag the rest of us down with them, or shall we fight back?

Alan Hoffman

Santa Fe

Silence is deafening

What am I missing? First, we have an ongoing slaughter of wolves lead by several Northwestern states before our very eyes. Then we have ongoing wild mustang roundups leading these beauties to slaughterhouses. Next up, tule elk in Northern California are being shot in fenced areas to make room for cattle grazing. Further, we have bison in the Grand Canyon being tricked into submission by years of domesticity only to be shot by hunters at close range, reminding us all of the tragic buffalo massacres of the 1800s shot from railcars. These acts are happening now, with little protest from the Biden administration and under the leadership of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a 35th-generation Native American and Laguna Pueblo citizen. The silence hurts. What am I missing?

Mitch Mandich


Vote much?

We all know voting is a fundamental right that is the cornerstone of our democracy. New voting laws designed to tilt elections in red states by restricting access to the polls are all over the national news. Fortunately, it is easy to vote in Santa Fe. So what are we to think about political candidates who ask for our vote, but don’t bother to take the time to vote themselves? According to public records, District 1 City Council candidate Roger Carson voted in one of the last eight municipal elections, and his fellow District 1 candidate Joe Hoback voted in only two of the eight municipal elections since 2006. While both claim to care deeply about the future of Santa Fe and their desire to serve, the fact that they rarely voted in the last 15 years tells us how much they really care.

Paul Hultin

Santa Fe

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arthur lynn

Dorothy Rogers-Abbey........The fact that Biden called the Afghan president and asked him to lie about the strength of the Taliban is in itself impeachable.

Joseph Tafoya

Dorothy Rogers-Abbey, no Monday morning quarterbacking is needed to see how the Biden administration total botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Ask the 13 military personnel that died trying to do Biden's failed evacuation plan. Ask the thousands that were left behind and will likely end up at the mercy of the Taliban, ISIS, or one of the terrorist groups that are in charge. Ask the children that died in his failed drone strike that Biden and his military Chieftains claimed was a success. Ask the world leaders how Biden and America look in their eyes. Our enemies see him as a weak leader and will exploit this in the near future.

Richard Reinders

Biden Harris are now attacking Border patrol to deflect the innocents killed by his drone strike or the Americans and allies abandoned in Afghanistan or taking down the southern border guard rails or his deporting the black immigrants or the death of 13 of our soldiers or pre mature call for booster shot. I cringe at the thought of what is next that needs deflection.

Jim Klukkert

Joseph Tafoya- your sudden concern for Afghani civilians, and perhaps any civilians slaughtered as 'collateral damage' in the last few decades, is surprising and almost heartwarming. As was your concern in last few days for women of color contemplating abortions.

Clearly you are a political opportunist, who likes nothing Dems are associated, by forgives any crime committed by R's.

To quote Emily Koyama, I "call bs on you!"

Just saying ...

Joseph Tafoya

Alan, democrats were the first ones to raise the alarm about the vaccines and not to take it because the vaccines were associated with the Trump administration. Biden, Pelosi, and even the sexual abuser Como. As it stands right now 43 states are reporting 53% of the White population have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. That's 1.2 times higher than the rate for Blacks at 45% and 1.1 times greater than Hispanics at 49%. I am going out on the limb here, but I can not see a high percentage of Blacks nor Hispanics being trump or GOP supporters. It appears that your call for a fight will be with people of color, which may in the end label you a racist.

Richard Reinders


Charlotte Rowe

Alan, if the GOP's death wish would only take out itself the world would be fine with that. Unfortunately the slobbering stupidity of its members and leadership will kill us all.

Stefanie Beninato

Thanks for that information, Paul Hultin. I always wonder about non-involved candidates including those running who have no idea how city hall works. However, having listened to the four candidates (you did not mention Gutierrez's voting record), I can say that Roger Carson is/was heavily involved in civic/professional organizations that contributed to the community (PS I cannot vote in Dist 1) And unfortunately at the Chamber forum, Sig Lindell left early (prior engagement) and did not respond to the criticisms of her proposed 7 story structures in parts of town.

Khal Spencer

What, exactly, was "positive" about our botched withdrawal from Afghanistan? Sorry, Dorothy Rogers-Abbey, but as a citizen and taxpayer, I have every right to criticize that debacle. After almost 40 years of involvement in Afghanistan, it must have been pretty depressing to be the last American to die for a fiasco. I'll criticize to my heart's content. If you want to be a sheeple, go right ahead.

Charlotte Rowe

Khal if you think anyone could have done it better I'm sure the leadership is mourning its lack of your expertise.

Khal Spencer

Gee, Charlotte, I never see you lacking for an opinion on something. What, its just you don't like people criticizing Democrats?

Khal Spencer

Thing is, even if I had a bright idea no one else had (and when the laughter subsides...) its not clear if Pres. Biden was listening to the advisors he has, who presumably have all the knowledge of intel and logistics that most of us don't.


"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" might be fine for polite company or around the dinner table, but it doesn't apply to politics in a democracy. That's my disagreement with the letter writer.

Cheryl Meyer


Richard Reinders

The last American is still at peril in Afghanistan, we didn’t get them all out.

Richard Reinders

Hultin, what is your voting record. I thought our vote was private? And I agree with Andrew, anyone is better than Lindell.

Andrew Lucero

Well Mr. Hultin, I will still gladly take any one of these District 1 candidates over Webber’s lackey Sig Lindell any day!

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