We hear it all the time, and some of us believe it. Newspapers are more important than ever. Thank you, New Mexican. And, yes, thank you, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. In my home we are old-school and require the physical, paper newspaper, and somehow our papers show up, daily and weekends at our home. We think we know how that happens. Someone gets up early, just after midnight most likely, or stays up, having come from a second job possibly, and collects our three newspapers, and the papers for other customers and hits the road. Sometimes I’m awake around 3 a.m., and I hear a car stop near our rural mailbox, and the next morning, unfailingly, our newspapers are collected from the yellow, New Mexican delivery tube attached to the mailbox post. Our great thanks to that delivery person and a suggestion: Isn’t it time for a profile of one of those good people who work to keep us sane during these mad times? Along with all good newspaper people.

Britt Leach


Better planning

The president’s concern for the citizenry should have been expressed through using the country’s resources on preparing for and mitigating the coronavirus with proven scientific strategies instead of squandering resources on sending federal troops into cities that do not need or want their assistance. More lives definitely would have been saved and most likely we would have not suffered such economic devastation. Six months into a pandemic is a bit late for making a plan.

Beverly Hafner

Santa Fe

Open primaries

As I watch the news and read this newspaper, I am appalled. We have a situation in this country that could have been avoided if voters had been allowed to vote.

I speak of the two-party system that denies the vote in primaries to people who do not declare a party affiliation. We pay taxes, the taxes that pay for the primary election, yet are not allowed to vote.

As I understand what is taught in history classes, taxation without representation was one of the reasons that the colonies went to war with England. So could someone please explain to me why I pay for a primary election that I and approximately 25 percent of the citizens of New Mexico who “decline to state” are denied the vote?

According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, “we now conclude that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption,” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote.

Until the laws are changed to give each voter the right to an individual vote, we will continue to see results like this. What would it take to change the law in New Mexico?

A constitutional amendment? Or maybe we need a class-action lawsuit demanding that all taxes spent on the primary elections be refunded, with interest, to the populace of this state. Such actions are needed in all states that do not allow open primaries.

Loren Johnson


More reading, less TV

Staying home more during this pandemic, I spend too much time watching talking heads on TV. I have come to the conclusion that ideas and language are as contagious as a virus. One of the symptoms of the spread of this communication illness is the repeating of meaningless catchphrases and overworked interjections with the worst of them being the authoritarian use of the word “look.”

Look, if every time you hear the word “look” on TV you repeat it out loud, it will not only amaze and annoy the people around you, it will encourage you and everyone in contact with you to read more and watch less television.

Donado Coviello

Santa Fe

It’s up to us

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is not going away anytime soon. Therefore, for the purpose of maintaining our sanity and of the greater good, it is important that we all develop good habits and maintain a good attitude toward proper social-distancing measures. We can conceivably get to a point where we can work and gather safely without spreading the virus. But it requires a level of cooperation that seems to elude a lot of people. Please wear a mask while away from your home and maintain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation of a 6-foot distance and other recommended safety measures so that we can bring the infection rate down and get our economy up and running again. The governor will probably keep the restrictions in place until the numbers come down. It’s up to us, New Mexico!

Don Wilson

Tres Ritos

What’s the difference?

Is there any difference between what is happening in Portland, Ore., now and what could happen in New York or any other American city?

Are there differences between the German SS and President Donald Trump’s version of that? I really don’t see much difference. Think about it. Think about it very, very hard.

Ron Siegel

Santa Fe

We have responsibilities

To the man who came through the Pacheco Street post office shouting that wearing a mask interfered with his rights: Yes, sir. You’re right, masks look silly, they’re uncomfortable and are a royal pain in the tush. We all agree with you.

I’m 80 years old, have an immune problem and I live alone. I cannot impose on my neighbors to do all my errands. So I submit that you and others like you are imposing on my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as described in the Declaration of Independence.

This is serious for me. It’s not just a cause. You probably do not have the virus. I hope you don’t. However, you or one of friends, may have it and not know it. You may never know it. If you do, you can kill me, as easily as if you had a gun to my head.

You seem very devoted to your beliefs. But I beg you to remember that being right can also be very dangerous to you if somebody gives you the virus and to me, almost certainly.

I am not angry at you. However, I am afraid of you. In fact, I’m terrified. Please, as you enjoy the rights of living in this beautiful state, I hope you will also recognize the responsibilities we all have for each other.

D. Begner

Santa Fe

For America

Mary Trump advocates for the American experiment unlike her uncle, the ill-advised Donald Trump.

Ann Gross

Santa Fe

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