I watched as a woman approached a stop sign and craned herself around to say something to a child in the back seat. She did look forward before proceeding through the intersection, but without looking left or right, and seemingly without touching the brakes. The cross street did not have stop signs.

Do you remember when Graham Nash implored us with the lyric, “Teach your children well?” I, for one, see no positive lesson for the child in that car. That child’s mother is teaching lessons that put her child’s life in eternal peril: You don’t have to put your full attention on the job of piloting a two-ton vehicle on a public road; stop signs do not mean stop; we are invincible. Please, drive like your children’s lives depend on it. They do and so do ours.

Phillip Kehoe

Santa Fe

Great build at ATC

I’m a volunteer at the Academy for Technology and the Classics, a charter middle school/high school in south Santa Fe. Enterprise Builders is finishing our new gym/science/music studies building — on budget and ahead of schedule — and the work is beautiful. Thanks, Enterprise Builders. It’s wonderful, senior project superintendent Jason Vigil and all of you great workers. Well done!

Bruce Swanton

Santa Fe

Speak properly

I understand this is a trivial issue, but it’s something that really bugs me. There are many commonly used words that are totally mispronounced and misused on a regular basis by many of our leading communicators. For example, “nuclear.” Many public communicators insist on pronouncing it as “nukular.” Why should we even listen to someone talking about nuclear energy when he or she doesn’t even know how to say the word correctly? Mispronunciations are severely diluting the importance, if any, of what is being said. And, the folks who insist on saying “joolery” instead of “jewelry” certainly don’t deserve any.

The English language is a beautiful communication tool and I sincerely “axe” those whose business it is to use it to at least learn how to pronounce it correctly.

David King

Santa Fe

Killer photos

For the love of all that is sacred, do not put a shooter’s photo on your front page (“Texas shooter obtained gun through private sale,” Sept. 4). And do not name the perpetrator. You are giving them free publicity, which is what they crave. Stop.

The Rev. Dr. Juan Oliver

Santa Fe

Present danger

In reference to Norm Kaczmarek’s letter (“Hey, Trump won,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1), suggesting that we New Mexicans need to just accept the fact that President Donald Trump won the 2016 election and live with it, I would like to suggest Norm read Karen Foss’ My View (“Trump and Nobel Peace Prize winner Murad,” Sept. 1). This is an unusually shocking story in an era when shocking is normal. I am not claiming that Trump didn’t win the election — I am claiming that he is manifestly unfit for the office and is a clear and present danger to our nation.

Jack Huberman

Santa Fe

Build the wall

Having watched the Democratic debates, it’s clear that every Democratic candidate supports laws that discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender and sexual preference. I believe if you support laws that are blind to race, sex, gender and sexual preference, then you should vote Donald Trump for reelection. Trump is the greatest president in U.S. history. I look forward to his awesome second term. And another thing — build the wall.

Richard N. Johnson

Santa Fe