I cannot understand the delaying tactics by the city of Santa Fe in repaying the furlough money (a total of $500,000) to the workers (“Arbiter: City must pay back furloughed workers,” July 9).

The city workers earning $100,000-plus did not have the problems of other workers, trying to pay rent, food, etc. Why keep delaying? This is a minor settlement compared to monies wasted, such as millions in park allocations used for other purposes.

Barbara Aran

Santa Fe

Guns at the root

The epidemic of gun violence in America and locally cannot be ignored. For Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza to say that he’s not sure why there is an increase in more violent incidents is nonsensical (“Officials see rise in violent crime,” July 9). Clearly, an extraordinary number of guns is in circulation throughout the state and country.

Data from ProCon.org in 2020 states that there are 120.5 guns per 100 people in this country, or around 393,347,000. That’s the highest total and per capita number in the world. America has more guns than people, leading to more gun violence.

In 2020, New Mexicans alone bought over 202,000 guns, setting a record for gun sales in the state. If police officers are not trained on how to subdue an armed suspect, we will likely see many more police shootings and deaths.

Lauren Levis

Santa Fe

Taking the bait

My wife and I got a chuckle from this headline: “Santa Fe Man shot in bait car operation,” July 7. Before reading the article we both imagined a guy arrested for selling crawfish out of the trunk of his car.

Terence Cady and Dorothea Migliori

Santa Fe

Not with a bang

Anyone who served in the military during the Korean War will recall receiving on induction five or six inoculations in rapid fire from a device that resembled a miniature Gatling gun.

The vaccines administered in that fashion included protection against tetanus, typhoid, diphtheria and lord knows what else. Whether potato farmers from Maine, gang members from Brooklyn, college graduates, even a Rhodes Scholar, we all took those shots without protest.

Consider now those who balk at receiving the COVID-19 vaccine (“Unprotected pockets,” July 11). With apologies to T.S. Eliot, perhaps our world will end not with a bang but with whimpers from those who take their lead from a draft dodger allegedly suffering from heel spurs.

Donald Lamm

Santa Fe

More police, please

With Santa Fe rated as one of the top world tourist destinations, I seriously do not understand why there is so little police presence around the Plaza after 9 p.m. An element of the people who tend to show up are very intimidating.

One recent night as I was dropping off friends at Eldorado Hotel, about four Mustangs came racing around the corner. Many times when my wife and I have left the Lensic after a concert, we have been approached by menacing individuals asking for money. You would think, that with all the tourists visiting, Santa Fe would have police officers patrolling the Plaza.

Brad Yarbrow

Santa Fe

Inside the numbers

In the interest of increasing the percentage of COVID-19 vaccinated people in Santa Fe and New Mexico, I believe it would be helpful if The New Mexican, in publishing its daily state and local numbers of new COVID-19 cases and deaths, would publish right next to them the percentage of unvaccinated people represented in each figure.

If as I believe, the daily new cases and deaths are occurring 90 to 100 percent among unvaccinated residents, this might be a powerful way to get the message out to the who are reluctant to hear.

Richard Klein

Santa Fe

(20) comments

John Gomez

Also wanted to add sad to know I might have gone to the same events at the Lensic as Brad who would rather use police to sweep homeless people away instead of helping them and would try to take away one of the only things for kids to do in this town.

I hope he wasn't at a steve earle show or at the event with the guy who wrote dirty wars. He would have missed the whole point of those shows then

I bet he was at some snotty high class boring opera thing they had there for upper middle class people.

Bro go talk to those kids racing. Ask them questions about their cars. You will learn more about real New Mexico from them then you will ever learn from anyone else downtown

Go talk the homeless people. Give them some food. You will see they are either just your typical hippie kids that don't want to work. Not the worst thing in the world to be or someone who is down on their luck and needs help.

People like Brad have ruined downtown and broken everything it was for my parents. I hope they never find anything else here to destory

and this isn't a anti white or anti outsider comment. Whenever a outsider comes in and respects us adds to our city like with meow wolf and zozobra I love them

Sadly for every meow wolf creater we get a 1000 brads

Stefanie Beninato

John. I didn't actually race anyone growing up. We had a VW bus---I did take a bump and become airborne--fun! It was on a small two lane road. My older brother raced but late at night/early morning. He and the other one or two racers would wait until the divided NYS Thruway in front of them had cleared--from the entrance they used. Friends in cars behind them would block anyone from passing and getting into the race. Yeah probably really stupid and dangerous but at least they tried to do it so they wouldn't injure others. Also knew someone who had a souped up Camaro--looked like a 396 but had a much larger engine. He did not have to rev--when he came down the block the mirror in our entry way hall trembled. The revving of the engines around the plaza is out of control. I just read a study that says loud noises (cars, blowers, weed wackers, dogs barking continuously etc) can lead to loss of hearing, higher blood pressure, increased stress and not just for "old" people. We all deserve to be able to enjoy the plaza and our neighborhoods.

Peter Romero

violence is violence regardless of the tools being used. before knives and guns people kill each other with rocks bows and arrows etcetera.

Khal Spencer

The vast majority of guns, including handguns bought for self defense, never fire a shot in anger. Most of those 300-400 million guns are never used in crime. What the left doesn't want to do is make it tougher on the tiny minority of people who use guns in crime because, well, its soooo not nice to put criminals in jail.

The underlying issues (poverty, drugs, terrible education, outsourcing of good jobs, income inequality, a tax structure that works for the wealthy, etc., ad naseum) are not being addressed. So crime will continue. The least we can do is require gun owners to secure guns when not in use, provide tax breaks for secure gun storage like we do solar panels, and make it tough on those who use firearms in the commission of a crime. On that last issue, New Mexico does the opposite. To paraphrase that hilarious DUI slogan on so many billboards, you get arrested, you get released, we lose.

MacKenzie Allen

RE: Brad Yarbrow's concern for lack of policing on the Plaza...virtually every police agency in the country is short-staffed; almost impossible to recruit the kind of personnel we all want. But if you think Santa Fe is short-handed now, wait until the thousands of new housing units currently under construction are occupied. True, water will be the main concern, but there will not be anywhere near enough emergency service staff (police, fire) to handle the increase in population. But the carpetbagger developers will have left the state with their profits. Stand by.

Khal Spencer

That is pretty much what we in the Strong Towns movement have been saying about development. Politicians see the short term gains, and taxpayers and future residents and leadership get to deal with the added infrastructure and staffing costs. And by then, as you say, Mac, the developers will have pocketed the profits and fled the crime scene.

What we need to do is project a 25-50 year cost structure and put that into the development plan and tax base. As many older cities are finding out, they don't have the money for fixing what is broken. Heck, we can't even find the money to repaint our bleeping sharrows in this town.

John Gomez

Honestly he comes off as a little girl. First of all those Mustangs are the local youth. The Hispanic people have lost downtown to old boring people. Yes the kids need to be more careful but the old out of towners and those that just moved here complain about even the sight of these cars.

They complain about a little noise.

That car culture is the last of what remains of the old Santa Fe culture and its silly they want to take even that away.

I will never understand how this boring place is a top world destination when all there is too do downtown is buy over priced junk and look at some fake adobe.

Second he thinks the homeless people downtown are scary? They are the nicest group of homeless people I have ever seen. They are harmless. There are way worse homeless people in every other city and on the other side of this town.

What a little girl. Has he never been to another city? Those homeless people can be scary.

Why instead of asking for more police to sweep them under the rug is he not asking for the state to help them? I deal with the homeless people downtown. The worst ones just need a place to stay and help cause they weren't as lucky as us and have some mental problems.

What a karen.

Stefanie Beninato

Actually, John, it is not a "little" noise. Check it out. The revving of the engines is overwhelming. If you are speaking, a person standing a couple of feet away cannot hear you. I have lived here for over 46 years--the noise has been getting worse and worse in the past 8-10 years. On the other hand, I work at night in the downtown and really have never felt threatened by someone asking for money. There was/is only one woman who does not take no for an answer. PS IMHO if you want to enjoy car culture then go to the numerous car shows held on the plaza.

Khal Spencer

The car racing noise is getting ridiculous at all hours, and we are an hour from the Plaza. I love cars and especially customized ones, but that doesn't give people the right to incessantly disturb the peace.

John Gomez

Stefanie Benianto and Khal. I have to respectfully disagree. The only think I worry about is that the kids need to not take cornors so fast so they don't hit a pedstrain. If no one is around though it's not a big deal

You guys didn't race around as kids?

The problem for the youth is this town as too much peace. There is nothing here for the youth so they act out a little bit. It is harmless at the end of the day.

Let them race. Stop being the Grouch from that green day song.

Again those kids both Mexican and New Mexican repersent that last of any Hispanic culture down town.

I hear tourists cry about the cars all day. They just want complete silence as they buy their lame art.

People compalined about the fireworks on the forth of july that only went until midnight. That is the type of people who visit /live downtown

Weekend night of the 4th of july and the kids can't have fun?

I am glad it is getting worse and worse. It brings a little spark a little light to a old people boring town.

I know that lady you are talking about. I feel bad for her I do. She is agressive but it's not her fault

Khal Spencer

The Santa Fe noise ordinance wasn't written yesterday.


Richard Reinders

The lack of police started with the ungrateful public calling for defunding and lifting qualified immunity. I wouldn't want to be a police man in todays climate of anti police. The public get what they deserve, no one likes to be unappreciated. The other factor is Webber would rather spend money on Chart and quality of life commissions instead of police.

Richard Reinders

Annual assaults, 488,064 were knives and other weapons other than guns, 186,078 were gun assaults these are 2019 numbers.

Richard Reinders

Lauren, I have several guns and none of them have killed anyone, do we remove knives, people are getting slashed everyday in the streets of San Fran , NY and other big cities. The last man shot by police in Santa Fe killed his mother with a knife then went after police with a fence post. You can't blame the violence on the method if so we would have to eliminate cars, knives and any other blunt instrument. Lack of incarceration is the incentive for criminals to get more brazen by the day they know they will not go to jail.

Patrick Brockwell

Richard, Edged and blunt weapon violence is no excuse to turn away from the gun violence issue in this country. You draw a false equivalency, clearly guns are much more dangerous with much greater capacity for death and serious injury. Additionally, the US the most incarcerated country in the world. The only increasingly brazen criminal behavior caused by lack of incarceration that I can see has come from trump and his Big Liars. Your lack of punctuation and the absurdity of your "arguments" reveal a weak, if busy, mind and merit punishment on their own. Sit in the corner and write 1000 times: "I will not make absurd and grammatically incorrect arguments in the New Mexican".

arthur lynn

Patrick, You seem a bit confused. It is the Democrats in big cities that have eliminated cash bail allowing criminals arrested for non violent crimes such as burglary or robbery to be given a desk appearance and walk out free in a matter of hours. In NYC an amazing amount of criminals arrested are free because they were given desk appearances for previous crimes. Yes we realize you hate Trump but remember He was the one who wanted rioters and looters arrested as opposed to our present VP who raised bail for them.

Khal Spencer

Patrick, no offense, your response is a bit murky as well.

What changed to cause all this violence? I don't think anyone has a good answer as to why violence has spiked so high** except that the last year was highly irregular in many respects. So rather than each side pointing fingers at simple and wrong answers, we need to think it through. The data on gun sales is indirect, i.e., reports of NICS/FBI background checks. But some of those are for permit renewals, some for sales to new owners, and some sales to existing gun owners. Obviously, criminals gun transfers ended up in the "wrong hands". We really don't know how many newly minted gun households there are except for some indirect hints.

That said, there are abundant guns in the hands of people who should not have them. The Right tells us to do nothing about that except arm up and the Left wants to penalize law abiding citizens with punitive regulation.

Its all crazy.

** https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/we-dont-know-why-violent-crime-is-up-but-we-know-theres-more-than-one-cause/2021/07/09/467dd25c-df9a-11eb-ae31-6b7c5c34f0d6_story.html

Khal Spencer

"Obviously, criminal's gun transfers that ended up in the "wrong hands" occurred under the radar, as these never went through the NICS system. So no data on those."


Richard Reinders

If you think getting gutted by a knife is less dangerous than getting shot your wrong.

Richard Reinders

Pat when the left is losing an argument they start with the insults to cover their tracks, "racist" has been over used and lost its bite so you break it down to punctuation, that is weak. Bad punctuation and all I don't normally insult anyone, just give a opinion and up until recently was my god given right as a citizen of this country.

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