Congress provided us cash to stimulate the economy. The money would be deposited in bank accounts of those that had them. Fine. Then a few days ago, I got an unmarked mailing that contained a debit card. Logically, this must be a scam. I’d received similar mailings and thrown them away. Fortunately, I read the contents and followed the directions. It turns out the card has my stimulus money on it.

The New Mexican had an article saying that this was the new method for distributing the funds. This is the only information I’ve seen on the subject. Nothing from the government. I’m aware that others have indeed thrown their cards away. Trying to deposit the funds in my bank account, I went online. This led to a dead end. I’m frustrated. Who is responsible for this fiasco? Just received a letter from President Donald Trump taking credit.

Bill Maxon

Santa Fe

Extend but maintain

I’m glad to see the work extending the bike paths along Old Santa Fe Trail south of Zia Road. However, cyclists at present are not using the existing bike paths because they are overgrown with brush and/or covered with gravel. I hope the new bike paths will come with some ongoing future maintenance, or the effort will likely be wasted.

Andrew Merriell

Santa Fe

Second chances

Santa Fe needs to say thank you for the teens who work with YouthWorks. They have done a great job along the Santa Fe River clearing brush and cutting invasive species of trees. Michael, their group leader and a former principal, knows how to inspire these super kids. Thank you, YouthWorks, for giving our teens a chance.

Cathi Haga

Santa Fe

True then and now

I first heard it in 1965: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” More relevant than ever.

Sam Jackson

Santa Fe

Honoring heroes

On behalf of the Santa Fe American Legion Post 12, we would like to thank the Santa Fe City Council, especially Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler, for continued support of the Hometown Hero Veteran Banner program. What a great honor to have our veterans displayed in such a remarkable way entering the city on the south side. We would also like to thank all the businesses and individuals who gave their financial support in the purchase of American flags for each of these poles. There are a total of 86 banners, with another 40 to be installed before Independence Day. Thank you again to all of our veterans for their service to our great country — all gave some; some gave all. God Bless Santa Fe and the USA.

Don Christy

Santa Fe

Gratitude to chiefs

I have the need to express my gratitude to police Chief Andrew Padilla and fire Chief Paul Babcock. What great leaders of our community they are, so willing to help those in need here in Santa Fe. Since the midtown campus opened, Babcock has been receiving donations of clothes, pillows, blankets and food from my church to take to the shelter. My church has provided small survival bags that we call H2O bags (Hope to Others) with water, socks, health bar, toothpaste, toothbrush, oatmeal, can of soup, noodles and other necessities; over several hundred have been passed out to the homeless in the last couple of months.

Our church prepared more than 100 sack lunches for Pete’s Place on Sunday, and Padilla sent officers to help pass out the lunches, and the respect and kindness shown to the guests was very professional and heartwarming at the same time. The good that I am seeing and the appreciation shown at this most difficult time for many tells me people are good and want to help one another. Thank you, chiefs, for your caring hearts. You set the best example of kindness in our city and for other cities in our county. People helping people. Isn’t that what it’s all about, Charlie Brown? Hallelujah, praise the Lord, amen.

Joni Brenneisen

Santa Fe

Parking is essential

There is no logic that would lead one to conclude that closing San Francisco Street would lead to more foot traffic. Tourists in adjacent hotels walk the street anyway, and locals coming from farther away need a place to park. In the 1970s, the first hour of parking at the municipal garage opposite the Lensic Performing Arts Center was free, courtesy of the local merchants. How about bringing this back? And how about a shuttle running every few minutes to a slightly more remote parking location? It’s elementary — no parking, no shopping.

Victor Gavron

Santa Fe

Wrong approach

The City Council has erred in making it a police matter to wear a mask in public. This is a public health matter. Just like requiring a shirt and shoes for food service, masking could be enforced through business licensing. If a business doesn’t adhere to shirt and shoes required for purchase of food, it loses its license. All businesses are beholden to the city and citizens for enforcing this health code. Why not masks, too?

Christopher Osborne

Santa Fe

Explain, please

I am baffled by some of the restrictions as New Mexico reopens in the face of COVID-19. One of these is the opening of gyms but not classes in gyms. It seems to me that classes are more easily regulated than an open gym. They are run by a teacher who is watching the students and held in a room where space can easily be manipulated to keep people at a safe distance. In a town where yoga, for instance, is extremely popular, we are putting our yoga studios in a precarious position. How long can they stay closed and remain in business? From what I understand, there is no word as to when they might be able to open. It seems arbitrary from my point of view and I encourage rethinking of this position.

Catherine Kirkwood

Santa Fe

Too many changes

I remember Santa Fe when you could sleep with just your screen door closed, actual stores on the Plaza and before it became an overpriced destination. It has always been a tourist destination, mostly because it is the oldest capitol city and has beautiful adobe architecture and gorgeous blue skies. Most tourists visit, enjoy and then go home. There are those who say it’s so nice they move here. But then they want to change it.

To those of us whose ancestors have helped make it the draw that it was originally, this is disheartening. Already, the Santa Fe Railyard looks like Anywhere, USA. That sameness is slowly creeping to the downtown area. Now some people want to close one of the main original streets in Santa Fe so it’s like other places. People opened those galleries and shops knowing the street was there and had traffic. Deal with it. Don’t like the traffic? Move to a mall.

Elaine Anton

Santa Fe

On our website

u Read about what the Center for Civic Policy and the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter believe is essential to happen in the special session at

(4) comments

Lee DiFiore

Don Christy, I agree with your comments on the Hometown Hero banners. In these trying times they are a shining light and reason enough to remember what's good about our great country, its heroes.

Stefanie Beninato

Comments: Joni It sounds like your church is doing good and the chiefs are just passing it on--way too much thanks to them and not enough to your church members.

Elaine, yes, we are becoming the City Sold Out but vehicular traffic is not traditional either. In fact caravans were unloaded on Burro Alley--not on a street next to the plaza.

Christopher The city wants to "rent" (read give away) street use to restaurants like the Plaza Cafe but then does not enforce the distance tables need to be one from the other--the excuse--it is a state order. Sorry but if the city is allowing this expansion of restaurants through a direct lease, its lease should say that the business has to follow all federal, state and local laws and orders. A jewelry vendor in front of the 5 and Dime had no mask and made a reference to the pandemic being in the past!!!! The mask ordinance is already a failure--two weeks later no signs on the plaza, nothing on the city's webpage and of course no enforcement. Que chisto!

Richard Reinders

Elaine Anton I agree, I have adopted a new phrase leave it like you find it, Webber is instrumental in wiping out the culture by eliminating the Entrada , now he wants to remove statues and monuments, now what will the tourist come for the Vladem museum ? History is what it is right or wrong just like you can't pick your parents you can't pick your history.

David Ford

Rather narrow minded Richard. There are always many sides and angles to history and to display or acknowledge only the history of the "winners" as Genius Barr stated is to leave out an entire cultures view of the same events.

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