It is time for KHFM, the only classical music station in Santa Fe, to step up to the next level and discontinue programming a single movement of multimovement works.

I am unaware of Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart or any other great composer failing to perform a complete symphony or string quartet in concert. Santa Fe music lovers are on the whole quite sophisticated and deserve to hear each work as written and in its entirety.

Dr. Steven J. Goldstein


Beyond tricultural

I applaud the idea of plaques around the Plaza that embrace our over 400-year history (“Focus on history,” “Monumental,” Letters to the Editor, July 14). However there are a number of “ethnic” groups not mentioned in the discussion of plaques.

All one has to do is look up to our Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and recognize the French influence. Without Bishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy and his entourage, we would not have had the cathedral, hospital, nursing and teacher nuns, schools, etc. And what about the Chinese who came to Santa Fe because of the railroad, as well as all the Jewish, German and Eastern European traders who brought in our mercantile goods and also helped to finish the cathedral?

How about the Italians who did much of our stone mining and masonry as well those East Coast “lungers” who came to draw, paint and photograph? We must recognize that Santa Fe is far more than tricultural. All should be recognized for their contribution to our definitively City Different.

Kate Collins

Santa Fe

The faucet’s dry

Will local and state governments take our water situation seriously (“New Mexico drying up,” July 14)? Rather than thinking we can just move resources from one drought-ridden area to another, as if the wealthy deserve the water because they can afford to pay for it, perhaps it’s past time to think outside the box. Everything is drying up. Why should we hasten to transfer water from areas that still have resources?

For example, over 10 years ago I asked a cistern company to capture water at the bottom of what was then property I shared in Santa Fe. Not only was I told it would be quite expensive — we all should be expecting this — but I was told it would be illegal to do so.

Are we ready to change some of these rules and recognize that what we consider to be drought will be the new reality more years than not? Can we support those who can’t otherwise afford water capture? Can we put limits on irrigation that doesn’t come from captured or recycled water? Can we put more gray water systems into place, purifying it and reusing it? Can all public showers (at pools, gyms, etc.) capture and recycle their water use? As state Sen. Joe Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, was quoted, “If you think things were bad when you couldn’t get toilet paper, imagine your concern when you turn on the faucet and you cannot get water.”

Ruth Anne Faust

Santa Fe

A shrinking resource

Water, water everywhere

and all the sources shrink!

New houses, houses everywhere,

no need to think that

all the sources do shrink.

In future days, tomorrow, perhaps,

Water! Water! nowhere we shall hear,

too late to recover, the gardens,

crops, the trees we love will

suffer and die. No longer water

for us to drink. No longer

will there be time to think.

And then we, desperate, will hope, and pray

for deliverance from what has befallen

remembering that we did not think.

Edward M. Jones

Santa Fe

Try a prescription

Reading your report on Suboxone as contraband in our correctional facilities (“Santa Fe County jail guard arrested on drug charges,” July 13), I am aware that it can fetch a high price once inside those walls.

One way to combat this is to institute prescribing of Suboxone in jails and prisons. That not only treats addiction but stops the black-market profits. Our lawmakers should look into such a program.

Caitlin Thomas

Santa Fe

Ignoring the drought

Santa Fe is in a building frenzy. Although all the experts warn us of drought such as we haven’t seen in generations, there is a complete disregard about facts. Where will all the water come from?

It’s time we elect a new mayor to address so many issues we face.

Helga Ancona

Santa Fe

(2) comments

Khal Spencer

There is a simple solution to Dr. Goldstein's problem. Buy some CDs. Or, get on the station BoD and convince the station management to change its policy.

Stefanie Beninato

Helga Look at Vigil Coppler's record. She is ALL for development and all against historic preservation or neighborhoods.

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