During the summer, I was in Lowe’s Garden Center checking out when two men and a shopping cart loaded with chainsaws, etc., simply walked out without paying. I asked the man at the register if he could stop them or call the police. He said the employees were not allowed as so many had come to be harmed by these flagrant thieves. They also were not allowed to call the police.

So fine, I get it. Employees do not need to risk their lives anymore than they already have through this pandemic. Not calling the police seems a bit problematic, but apparently there have been instances of revenge against the stores. OK. I get that as well. Where does that leave me as a customer? Do I want to go back to these stores? Do I want to go inside? I do believe the stance of the stores to do nothing is leading down a slippery road to anarchy.

My friend recently ordered a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and when she pulled up to pay, the woman inside told her she couldn’t get her her order as they had just been robbed at gunpoint. That robbery ended with a police chase and death and injury to the thieves. All the stores being robbed around the country by gangs is threatening the very fabric of society. I call upon the “lawmakers” to pass new laws to protect us. Is there no one in charge? The criminals are laughing all the way to the bank.

Christina Miller

Santa Fe

The best defense

The best way for us in New Mexico and elsewhere to get over the pandemic is to just do it. Remove the mask, stop social distancing, stop getting COVID-19 tests, stop getting the vaccine and stop going to the hospital. If you feel like you have flu-like symptoms, start taking anti-viral medicine and vitamins. The medicine, vitamins and protocol for taking it are available. Treat yourself at home.

Stop the vaccine mandate. Stop the lockdowns. The governor and the hospital CEO are culpable in this regard.

The newspaper and TV media should stop talking about the coronavirus pandemic. They should stop taking money from the persons or organizations who are telling them what to say. The coronavirus pandemic is more a mass psychologically induced disease than a real disease.

James Keele

Santa Fe

Exercising common sense

We applaud the Legislature for requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination of any visitor to the Roundhouse and for facilitating remote participation in official public business of the legislature. Requiring vaccination is a commonsense COVID-19 preventive measure that protects our communities. Remote participation ensures that all interested parties — including those who choose to remain unvaccinated — can safely access appropriate official public business of the legislature, which strengthens the fairness and responsiveness of our state government.

Shelley Mann-Lev, MPH

president, N.M. Public Health Association

Anna Rondon

co-president elect, N.M. Public Health Association,

director of the New Mexico Social Justice & Equity Initiative

Nai Walter, BSPH, MPH (c)

co-president elect, N.M. Public Health Association

Leah Sanchez, MPH

executive director, N.M. Public Health Association

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Michael Grimler

Ms. Miller,

You said, "I call upon the 'lawmakers' to pass new laws to protect us."

Let's see...robbery is already against the law...so is burglary.

What "new" laws would you propose?

Here's the bottom line...we don't need new laws. We need enforcement of laws already on the books.

We need to vote in politicians who have a judicial spine who will prosecute societal predators to the fullest extent of existing laws.

We need to stop the "revolving door" justice system that puts criminals on the streets with a slap on the wrist.

We need to build more jails and prisons.

We need to stop letting people arrested for violent crimes out of jail with nothing more of a consequence than to "promise" to appear in court.

What a joke!

Finally, we need to vote out of office those liberal/Democrat/Socialists who bemoan "social justice" and who classify such rampant robbery and burglary as "reparations..."

What a bunch of "what the farmer stepped in."

William Mee

Christina Miller outlines the outcome of having a criminal who obeyed no laws in the White House. His first campaign speech was: "I could shoot a person in the middle of 5th Avenue" and could get away with it because the people love me.

christopher quintana

Teflon DON

Paul Chadwick

We used to have asylums for people who were totally out of touch with reality. Now we just let them roam free and publish their letters to the editors. (I'll let those reading this decide which letter I'm referring to.) [whistling]

christopher quintana

“ The best defense - The best way for us in New Mexico and elsewhere to get over the pandemic is to just do it.” Should I pass this message on to friends and family? I know 3 of them who are Covid dead, long eaten by maggots or turned to ash, and “just do it” is something I’d bet their families wish they could do. Your message sounds as if you don’t care. 1 mil Americans will probably be dead by March. Wear your stupid mask

Luanne Moyer

At first I thought Mr. Keele's post was sarcastic. But now I fear he is serious.

Joe Preston

Sounds like he's laying the groundwork for political office. Guess which party.

Arthur Lynn

Christina Miller.....Welcome to the new America where stopping crime is considered racist.

Miguel Perez

Christina Miller....We have laws on our books to prevent such crimes, our police officers hands are tied by "soft on crime" judges, mayors, and law makers. It doesn't make sense that hard working people pay for their merchandise and criminals walk away with baskets of expensive merchandise. We had a chance to replace our own "soft on crime mayor" and we didn't. It's on the voters.

Richard Reinders

In California a news crew was covering another smash and grab and the thieves tried to steal the camera a cop tried to stop them and got shot. We need to get ahead of it or we will be in the same boat.

John Cook

Stopping crime isn't; your comment is.

Cheryl Meyer

Mr. Keele, you are spouting utter claptrap, you are irresponsible, you are the reason this disease continues to ravage the world, you will no doubt rush to a hospital bed if you get the disease. How dare you call this a mass psychologically induced disease! Going against the official line, Mr. Keele, makes you incredibly stupid or incredibly brave.

Paul Groh

Mr. Keele…utter claptrap, sir.

Stefanie Beninato

Christina We already have laws--it is a question of enforcement. And when a victim of theft does not report it then there is little the police can do. I have seen squad cars outside Home Depot supposedly to prevent this type of theft.

And James--how irresponsible of you--psychologically induced disease??? I don't really see you advocating not using the hospital when you get COVID or a variant. Right now over 90 percent of those in ICU wards with COVID are not vaccinated. How does that fit in with your head in the ground world view?

MacKenzie Allen

People such as Mr. Keele are precisely the reason this disease continues to ravage the world. I read this letter anticipating the punchline for, surely, this had to be written with deep sarcasm. Well, no. Apparently he's serious. The saving factor is that should he become sick with Covid he won't be taking up a bed in a hospital which can then be used to help a rational person.

John Cook

McKenzie, I would bet dollars to donut holes that the fine Mr. Keele will rush to a hospital bed should he get sick with Covid.

David Ford

...screaming at the top of his lungs for his "raghts as a freedom lovin' 'murican". Some levels of sheer ignorance you simply cannot fix.

I would also take a bet that if he lost loved ones to this imagined "mass hysteria" that he may change his tune but then again, delusion is a powerful tool to keep the con's marks in line.....

Emily Koyama

Getting quite sick of your repeated ridicule of people who speak with a certain southen or Texan accent. You think it's funny...it's not. I'm sure you're careful not to include anti-vaxxers who happen to have Spanish accents, or maybe Asian accents....just drop it already.

Richard Reinders

Christina, Home Depot said a year a go they lost one million to theft, that’s enough to hire a armed private security company that can stop this. These large corporations allowing this to happens sends a message that they are not participating in the safety of the community and encouraging crime. They don’t care they are just going to pass the cost on to the consumer, we need to email the corporate headquarters and tell them to do their job and stop this behavior.

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