Regarding the article (“We don’t feel listened to,” July 22): New Mexico restaurants were closed (again) for indoor dining with no facts to back up the decision, this from a governor who claims to “follow the science.” Meanwhile, the New Mexico United soccer team is allowed to travel, compete and practice. What is the science here if social distancing is so important? And what of the governor’s 14-day quarantine for everyone coming in from out of state? Could it be that the rules are different for United’s owner, Peter Trevisani, a member of the governor’s Economic Recovery Council? Clearly he has a seat at the table. Just as clearly, small local restaurants do not. They want and deserve to be heard and given sound reasons for the restrictions placed upon them. They also ought to be able to propose solutions to the problems of indoor dining. It seems if New Mexico United can play a contact sport safely (or so they say), at least some restaurants could open safely. The “let them eat takeout” attitude is a small-business killer.

Katie Longfield

Santa Fe

From Hitler’s playbook

Disguised federal agents dressed paramilitary-style throwing innocent Americans into unmarked panel vans, taking them to secret places and interrogating them at will without the person’s legal adviser present? Only one word describes those types of actions: Brownshirts. It would seem someone or some group is trying to copy Adolf Hitler and the Nazi playbook.

The federal government is overstepping its authority under the guise of protecting federal buildings when the agents are snatching people off streets that are nowhere near any federal property. Local and state elected officials are responsible for city streets and highways within the state’s borders. Threats by the central government to send paramilitary outfits into a particular state or city within that state using flimsy excuses is nothing but a ploy to try to strip states of the rights given by the U.S. Constitution and make the central government more powerful. That’s just like what happened in 1930s Germany.

Forget history, and things can go sideways before anyone realizes it.

Thomas Nichols

Santa Fe

Fact-based opinions

Why does The New Mexican publish letters with the sole purpose of lending support to this failed president and his traitorous policies? These letters never offer any arguments to support their claims that President Donald Trump is succeeding or that he is a victim. In one, the writer says he “has no respect for Dr. Anthony Fauci,” the country’s leading public health expert who is being demeaned, sidelined and silenced by Trump and his henchmen (“Overblown narrative,” Letters to the Editor, July 19). In another letter, in the face of months of lies and inaction, the writer (“A hypocritical newspaper,” Letters to the Editor, July 19) implies the president has never proposed a national federal policy to combat the pandemic because such action would be met by “vehement condemnation and opposition.” Say what?

Please do not play into the Trump game plan of lying to change the facts and delude the voters. This man refuses to commit to accepting the results of the election. He is sending federal “stormtroopers” into cities to intimidate peaceful demonstrators. This failed president is a very dangerous man, and our cherished, independent local newspaper should not provide his supporters with a public forum that should, above all, publish only opinion supported by facts.

Don Clark

Santa Fe

A loss for Santa Fe

I was saddened to hear the news of Bill Smith leaving the Santa Fe Community Foundation. I met Smith through doing site visits as a volunteer. He is a great leader and a tireless advocate for Northern New Mexico. Through working with him, I learned the Santa Fe Community Foundation does work in other counties, including Rio Arriba, where we worked together on some projects. The work around the COVID-19 response that he led with the help of his team was extraordinary. His engaging personality, desire to help and being present and involved in the community have left a beautiful legacy. Good luck, Bill — you will be missed!

Ashlyn Perry

Santa Fe

A leader’s passing

I was deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Anne Seagrave Fullerton. I first met Fullerton when she served on the board of directors of Outside In — the music performance and education program created by David Lescht that brought live music to incarcerated adults and youth, senior centers and other community venues. She was also a founding board member of the Salazar Partnership, a volunteer-driven, wrap-around services organization established by United Church of Santa Fe and Bill and Georgia Carson to address inequities and challenges facing children and families living in poverty. Anne played a leading role in shaping the partnership in the early years and in its evolution to become Communities In Schools of New Mexico. She was a fiercely dedicated humanitarian who worked tirelessly as an advocate and ally. On behalf of all of us at Communities In Schools of New Mexico, I extend our deepest sympathies to the Fullerton family.

Julia Bergen

executive director

Communities In Schools of New Mexico

Smoke can be harmful

Although we’ve had a respite this past spring due to the pandemic, the Santa Fe area has been experiencing greatly increased amounts of prescribed burn smoke in recent years. It has become a major health issue for many, causing illness, discomfort, life activity limitations and medical expenses. The Forest Service doesn’t monitor the impacts on our health.

The two very large thinning/burning projects proposed for the Santa Fe National Forest would increase the amount of prescribed burn smoke much more. This is in addition to wildfires and residential wood burning. The impacts are cumulative.

Wood smoke contains a number of toxic substances that can damage our health, and also fine particulates that can promote asthma, eye and nasal symptoms, immune system disorders, and can increase heart attack and cancer risk. The Forest Service must monitor health impacts and complete environmental impact statements for both projects.

Sarah Hyden

Santa Fe

Study the context

In case it’s not obvious, President Donald Trump’s move to bring federal forces to Democrat-governed cities such as Albuquerque needs to be understood in the context of his desperate reelection campaign. Specifically, it fits in with the theme of his rhetoric and his TV ads making the point that Democrats are anarchists who want to defund police and destroy our cities, our safety and our way of life.

What better way to make that point than to say, “See? I’m not kidding. It’s really so bad I’ve got to send in troops!” This phony, Nazi-like strategy is especially clear in the case of a city like Albuquerque, which is not out of control and needs no help from federal forces. Thanks to our governor and attorney general for making that point clearly and publicly.

Jim Terr

Las Vegas, N.M.

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(10) comments

arthur lynn

It's very easy to have a letter published in this newspaper. All you have to do is insult our President and fact or fiction you're in.

Khal Spencer

Its part of the complete disregard for civil discourse. There was also a time when someone like that Otero County Commissioner would be seen as a total loser and immediately denounced by his party leadership. Now, anyone can get on Facebook or Twitter and make a total a s s of one's self and one's political allies circle the wagons rather than throw the skunk out of the tent.

Khal Spencer

Sorry, Mr. Clark. The New Mexican relaxed its standards and no longer fact checks letters. I've complained to the paper twice recently about factual errors in letters and in return, got...crickets. For example, a letter writer asserted that it was that New Mexican militia organization which shot the protestor at the Onate statue melee in Albuquerque when in fact it was a failed Duke City Council candidate and he had nothing to do with those militia types. Never did see an errata. So as far as the New Mexican is now concerned, we indeed can make up our own facts, especially if they support the Left.

So the bottom line? While everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, outlandish or otherwise, we have to fact check these letters ourselves to see if letter writers are conjuring up their own facts out of whole cloth. But hey, that is a sign of good citizenship.

Oh, and by the way. There also used to be a rule about name calling. Such as referring to Federal officers as "storm troopers". I wonder if the paper would print a letter if I referred to Antifa as Sturmabteilung.

Times certainly have changed. Have a nice day, all!

Khal Spencer

Oh, and in spite of my sarcasm, it may simply be that due to reduced staffing/ad revenue, the paper no longer has the staff to pour over stuff in detail. It was Jan who used to hold my feet to the fire on factual assertions (such as when I castigated the state rather than the city for the condition of St.Michaels, St. Francis, and Cerrillos) and she said "show me your evidence these are state roads. That took me about five minutes, but I respected her requirements as these letters should be held to high standards if they are printed. Anyone can submit a foaming rant, and boy, do we ever do that!

Ed Foley

Thomas Nichols, Don Clark, and Jim Terr: You forgot to use the words ‘fascist’ ‘racist’ and ‘gestapo’ in your letters. Please reread your DNC talking points, I’m sure those words are in the recommended list.

Khal Spencer

Ed, we should report them to the DNC for failing to use proper Newspeak.

Philip Taccetta

Those are words that accurately describe our current government led by trump:

Fascist - Google the definition. An accurate description of our current republican government .

Racist - can anyone honestly say that trump is not a racist? He hates black and brown people. Look at his record. Separating children from their parents and locking them up in deplorable conditions - how is that not racist?

Gestapo - there is no other way to describe the tactics of the civilian mercenaries in camo, illegally abducting in unmarked mini vans and

detaining protestors?

Ed Foley

Very good philip. You obviously read the talking points.

Lee DiFiore

Don Clark, if the newspaper published "only opinion supported by facts", your opinion wouldn't have made it. Or did you really mean publish only opinion you agree with. Facts you say! "Peaceful demonstrators"? What TV stations are you watching? Publish only opinions supported by the "facts" you agree with? Have you heard of the 1st amendment to the Bill of Rights?

Emily Koyama

Absolutely correct. The Clark's and Tacettas of the world are far more dangerous than Trump.

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