Residents around a 22-acre lot on South Meadows Road are justifiably confused and horrified by a development proposal that came out of nowhere for the open parkland they have repeatedly been promised would stay as it is. (“Residents hope to keep space a ‘park,’ but Homewise has different proposal,” Oct. 1).

This is not a community that was looking forward to having a park. This is a community that has a park and doesn’t want to lose it, in an area brimming with new home construction. The history is complicated by outstanding annexation issues, including transfer of the park, outlined in a 2017 county resolution.

This park doesn’t look like anything special — like an arroyo doesn’t.

But it has trails, coyotes, rare plants and the dozens of people who go there — in affordable homes or not, born and raised in Santa Fe or not, Spanish- or English-speaking — have each in their own way become its stewards.

Let them not lose it.

Rachel Thompson

Santa Fe

Vote your intelligence

In a recent letter to the editor (“Vote your conscience,” Sept. 25) the writer espoused voting your conscience, which I took as a code for vote for your own kind, not necessarily the best candidate. I appreciate the discrimination voiced in this letter, as I have faced it before.

What I don’t appreciate is asking the voters of Santa Fe, native or transplant, to not use their intelligence and not vote for the candidate best qualified to run this city.

I have lived in Santa Fe for over 20 years; I have voted in every election both local and national, and I have never voted for a candidate based on ethnicity or how long their families have been here. To suggest that Alan Webber, who has served this community with integrity, intelligence, fairness and compassion, “is like other Anglos who have co-opted the environment and culture here for a hundred years” is to see the world through a narrow view of New Mexico history.

Santa Fe citizens have shown they vote with intelligence, knowledge and fairness, not through a prism of bigotry or xenophobia. I am proud to be a Santa Fean. I support the best candidate for mayor, Alan Webber.

Al Schwartz

Santa Fe

Movement heroes

Pancho Villa, César Chávez and Reies López Tijerina all share many qualities (“Sad stories persist 54 years after courthouse raid,” Ringside Seat, Sept. 29).

They are all heroes of the Chicano Movement. They all were demonized and persecuted by the United States. They all were called terrorists, yet they all fought for the rights of the Indo-Hispano people until their deaths. These are heroes to be celebrated and honored.

Tijerina fought for the native New Mexican Indo-Hispano Land Grants, or did we all forget the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo?

It seems, in our political turmoil and bipartisan hatred, the actions of the ancestors have fallen to depths of misinformation and fact manufacturing. We cannot allow the opinions of those out of touch to rewrite history for their own gains.

¡Que viva Tijerina y La Alianza Federal de Mercedes!

Alex Gavurnik

Santa Fe

More to tell

The article (“Post on alleged racism at tasting room goes viral,” Sept. 25) misrepresented the whole of Colin Keegan and his company, Santa Fe Spirits. Keegan has generously supported all populations of our community since he opened in 2005. These include Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boy Scouts and Adaptive Sports. Support from companies like Santa Fe Spirits enables those in need who otherwise could not afford it to get help.

Maybe Amanda Cheromiah had a bad service experience. Who among us has not had poor/rude service in a restaurant or experienced our favorite restaurant having to close permanently or reduce hours due to the severe lack of a qualified workforce since 2020? The wrongdoer was terminated. Let’s not let one bad apple spoil the reputation of Santa Fe Spirits.

Margaret Mooney

Santa Fe

(4) comments

Marlow Morrison

Open Space is proven economically more valuable to a city than development and S. Meadows Open Space is no exception, it provides physical recreation and psychological benefits to community members and residents. Its home to an incredible diverse population of plants, birds and wild life and it’s their presence that give us relief from depression and anxiety. S. Meadows Open Space enriches the lives of people in the most densely populated and lowest income area of Santa Fe. It’s loss to any development other than natural open space and educational park will be devastating. The plan presented by HomeWise will sends this area into slum level living and toxic levels of traffic. At best it’s shamefully poor city planning at worst it’s the city electives supressing its constituents voices about what they need most in this area which is open space parkland for our health and our sanity. This Open Space was purchased through tax’s payers bond as designed open space, this isn’t a broken promise or a vacant lot, it a piece of land paid for and made sacred by the very people who are welcomed into it everyday. Please help us save it, tell land use offices you oppose it’s development and zoning changes and contact county commissioners and city council. City records show that southside has less than 10 acres of public parkland for up to 20,000- 40,000 residents, thats slum level planning folks and Santa Fe is better than that.

William Mee

Alan Webber does seem highly intelligent and well read but his self-absorption overwhelms any sense of really doing what is right. He has an agenda and sticks to it no matter what, but effective governance is about compromise and communication---he doesn’t like sweating the details. He allowed 6,000 units to be built since 2019 with less than 2% affordable (with the definition at $280,000). Most all apartments with NO Green Efficiency Standards---so how is that not accelerating Climate Change and impacting drought? They will be managed by out-of-state companies shipping the profits to the home office. How is that helping you and I? He has totally alienated the bulk of the City employees. Another term would be just an unending door-to-door guerilla warfare with the Union, lawsuits, recall attempts, and whistleblowers.

Rick Martinez

Perfect example of what a strong mayor like Webber has the power to say NO to any open space with out asking the surrounding neighborhood if they would like to see a more open space. But he chose more dense development and we will never know why because he never asked.

William Mee

Very well said Rick!

We are about to kill the Golden Goose that lays the golden eggs, and wind up with a mouth full of feathers. This town is still built as a tourist destination and if there is no more emphasis on our historic nature and "Santa Fe Style" and Pueblo Style, and the open spaces are turned into high rise apartments for 4th, 5th, and 6th homeowners thus ruining our eco-tourism---we are finished as a tourist destination. We need to highlight our historic roots, European and Pre-European, our clean air and beautiful vistas. We cannot build 75-foot buildings like pussycat Roman Abeyta and Signe Lindell want. The more than 6,000 units built and permitted since 2019 are going up and turning this area into New Jersey. No Pueblo style or adobe color. It is all greens, grays, and orange in the color palate. What is the Mayor thinking? Who is making the money off of this? Who will ever come here again?

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