It is no surprise that the Department of Energy wants to change the test for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a class of water contaminant ("U.S. aims to relax chemical testing at LANL, Sept. 26). Officials want to do a cheaper, less-sensitive test. This move is in keeping with the historic disregard for human and environmental health in the nuclear weapons industry. Under the phony guise of “national security” (nuclear weapons actually make us all less secure), nuclear weapons producers have severely poisoned the locales where they operate — Hanford, Wash.; Rocky Flats, Colo.; Los Alamos, for examples. For the most part, these sites have not been decontaminated. They are not safe for humans or any other complex organism.

Because PCBs bio-accumulate and engender serious harm to living things, we should keep track of them even at very low levels, to get as early a start as possible in heading off accumulation of these compounds. I respectfully urge those of you who want peace and health to speak out against the proposed changes in water-quality monitoring. Contact your local, state and federal representatives and raise a ruckus!

Gregory Corning

president, Joan Duffy chapter

Veterans For Peace

Santa Fe

Unsafe for Santa Fe

Mayoral candidate and City Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler voted against the mask mandate — facts are facts. She claims this is because the policy was unenforceable, but another mayoral candidate proves her wrong. Alexis Martinez Johnson was, in fact, cited for not wearing a mask on the Plaza while the pandemic was raging. Plus, Vigil Coppler’s logic doesn’t hold water. If that mandate was unenforceable, then what good is any mask mandate in her eyes? In voting “absolutely not” against Santa Fe’s mask mandate, she was voting “absolutely not” to our governor’s mandate, any federal mandate and any business or organization mandate. You can’t claim to be pro-mask and then turn around and vote against wearing them. And lest we forget, Vigil Coppler said she wouldn’t enforce the mandate on her clients, because she would rather sell them a house. She’s made her priorities clear, and they don’t include the safety of Santa Feans.

William Gonzales

Santa Fe

Clean it up

Cerrillos Road has never been the most attractive part of town, but over the past 25 years that I have lived in this city, I have never seen it look worse. Piles of garbage, needles and human waste are everywhere. Is there no way that our mayor, so busy promoting his “great successes” for reelection, can get this street cleaned up?

Melissa Martinez

Santa Fe

Respect our history

Mayor Alan Webber had a great opportunity to stand behind our culture of New Mexicans, Natives from New Mexico, our native Spanish New Mexicans and other native Santa Feans by defending our monuments depicting our landmarks of history. We New Mexicans have shared the good and the bad of our personal history together like most great nations in the world today. This included the justified Pueblo Revolt of 1680. After that revolt, we New Mexicans became one of the greatest multicultural people in the world.

If the mayor wants to do good for Santa Fe and New Mexicans, he should support and protect our historic monuments. Don’t get caught up with extremists from other parts of our country causing separation and division. Keep our multicultural city of Santa Fe and its historic landmarks protected. Bring back the dignity and honor of Fiesta de Santa Fe to the level of celebrations in the recent past, with Our Lady of Peace, La Conquistadora, who Natives and local Hispanos love and honor.

Our special community shares a unique history, like family. We are not perfect. We suffered together. We disagree. We have hurt one another in our past, but we love and forgive as well. Mayor Webber, please don’t allow anyone to hurt us and change our unique historical ties to Santa Fe. You’ll get greater support from us by doing so.

Joseph Sisneros

Santa Fe

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Khal Spencer

Something about PCBs

Stefanie Beninato

Sorry, Richard, but someone erring on the side of caution would have supported the mask mandate. There is no right to infect others.

And Melissa Martinez, I just drove down Cerrillos as I do about once a week--could you be specific as to the piles of garbage, feces and needles?--I missed seeing them.

Richard Reinders

William, her decision on mask came early on in the world of covid when the country was speculating on what had to be done, she was airing on the side of caution making sure the government wasn’t violating your rights, She did not maintain this idea and never said don’t wear them. Even Biden said you didn’t need masks if you had the shot and then walked it back.

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