The newspaper republished an editorial from the Washington Post (“Census numbers are clarion call for immigration,” Our View, May 2). I don’t oppose immigration, but the editorial is stunning for its lack of thoughtfulness and critical insight with respect to population growth. Decrying the falling U.S. birth rate and the difficulty of supporting a growing elder population, it advocates “robust population growth.”

The ideology of endless population and economic growth on this small planet is the biggest Ponzi scheme in human history, and it cannot continue indefinitely without catastrophic collapse. Every single ecosystem on Earth is already compromised or destroyed. We would be better served by publication of thoughtful work exploring how society and economics must soon adapt to a static or declining population as required to avoid the otherwise inevitable destruction of all ecosystems. The larger the population when our culture does come to grips with reality, the harder it will be to reduce Earth’s population to a viable, long-term carrying capacity.

Tom Luebben

Santa Fe

Rein in the noise

Much community concern, and rightly so, has been raised regarding Santa Fe’s new streetlights creating additional light pollution. But let’s also address another form of pollution in Santa Fe that cannot be avoided day or night: deafening car and motorcycle mufflers. These are not lowriders; these are muscle cars and rocket motorcycles, which are violating city and state exhaust system ordinances and statutes in addition to speeding and racing. Last summer, the situation became so bad that hotel owners complained and a few temporary stings were conducted by the police, but much of the enforcement was only in the Plaza area. A Quality of Life Committee meeting in August addressed the vehicle noise issue after residents’ complaints. Several councilors stated the noise was a problem in their districts.

Currently, the same level of noise exists on our main city thoroughfares, and many of us no longer enjoy being outside at our homes because we are assaulted by nonstop roaring and screeching, which is worst on weekends. City management has the authority and responsibility to direct the police to enforce traffic ordinances. Residents impacted by this issue must contact the mayor and their city councilors and tell them this is unacceptable.

Mona Kay

Santa Fe

Not humming along

While there have been a couple of pictures of hummingbirds in the paper, the big story has been missed. So have the birds. For 20 years, I have been feeding what three ornithologists have estimated to be 1,000 hummingbirds. They always started arriving April 4. Now, a month later, there are no more than a dozen at my feeders. I fear our own canary in the coal mine is telling us there is a crisis. Are there a million dead bodies scattered between here and Mexico? Extraordinary drought apparently denies the migrants nourishment along their route. What a tragedy.

Bernard Ewell

Santa Fe

Rethink museum

Here is a novel suggestion: Restore the mural on Guadalupe Street to its original glory; refurbish the building into a simple, beautiful space; then designate it as the Guzmán Contemporary Museum. This is our Railyard. Let’s keep it local.

Donna Martin


Cull the herd

I don’t think we should give a COVID-19 vaccine shot to anyone who doesn’t want one. As any rancher knows, culling the herd improves the breed.

Marc Bonem

Santa Fe

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Lee DiFiore

Mr. Luebben, how right you are. The left is quick to tell us we need to destroy the energy industry, stop eating steaks and burgers, and run everything off electricity (where it comes from, who knows). But no one talks about uncontrolled population growth, particularly in those countries that are the worst carbon polluters. It's a very complex problem not solved by shouting "green energy" at everything.

MacKenzie Allen

Mr. Reinders...clearly, you don't understand the concept of geometric progression. In the case of population, if there is no stanching of it, we will never be able to satisfy the need for jobs (especially with robotization), living space, food production, WATER, etc. The human species is, especially in modern times, a scourge on the planet. Greed and irresponsibility, left unchecked, will destroy everything on this Earth except the rock itself. Can you not see that? When I was young the Earth's population was a bit over 2 billion. It's now just about 8 billion. Please consider that.

Richard Reinders

MacKenzie I totally understand it is the rest of the world that we have zero control over that is over populating the world, and I am happy to say I am old enough that I won't live long enough to grinding people up to make Soylent Green for the masses to eat.

Lee DiFiore

Back in late 2019 to early 2020 I told friends I was concerned about the direction the country was heading but felt I was old enough it would have minimal impact on me. The kids? More to worry about. The grandkids? Time to panic. But the last 14 months have proved how wrong I could be. Catastrophic change can come quickly. My time is nigh but I'm seeing more than I ever thought I would, almost none of it good.

Khal Spencer

[thumbup] Yep. Tom Luebben nailed it. We are pretty smart when it comes to finding new ways to keep mouths fed, but it comes at a magnificent cost to the ecosystem and every other critter in it. That is, the ones we have not already driven to extinction.

Anthony Bonanno

Totally agree with Tom Luebben. Mr. Luebben's comments demonstrate an understanding of population growth as it relates to a sustainable environment. We should be applauding the downturn in population, not bemoaning it. People need to understand that "over" population is a huge contributor to environmental destruction and the consequential impact on economies and global conflicts.

Richard Reinders

So how are we going to stop the Latin countries like So America , India and China from making up the difference. It is just like we clean up emissions but every other country doesn't what do we gain. Just a question not a political stance.

David Ford

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Marc Bonem

Richard Reinders

Tom Luebben I heard a wacky statement the other day a woman from the UK stated she won't have children because she didn't want to be responsible for their carbon foot print "Really". If this is the way young people feel about child birth you won't have a problem reducing the population. And then you have Marc that wants to reduce the population by letting people die from covid, where do you people come from, so the new cancel culture is cancel people?

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