It’s sad but not surprising that Gerald Peters wants to use his millions to trash the beautiful Pecos River valley with a pseudo-rural development of ranchettes at Cow Creek (“Pastoral paradise threatened?” July 18).

Of all the ecologically destructive ways to do residential development, I know that his planned collection of small properties is the most destructive of biodiversity, wildlife and natural landscapes. I’ve been an ecologist for 30 years. Those small properties will cut corridors that wildlife depend on, destroy habitat for many wild species of mammals, birds, and insects, and prevent native vegetation from thriving.

And what about water? The impact of all those domestic wells on the river and groundwater will be devastating. While there are examples of pseudo-rural residential development that are less destructive of the ecosystem, Peters has chosen the style of development that will cause the greatest ecological damage. Only his bankers will thrive in a Pecos River valley also under threat from a Canadian mining company. Truly sad.

Sterling Grogan

Santa Fe

Preserve the land

I had to put Sunday’s New Mexican down as I could not bear to read about the proposed development of Cow Creek Ranch, another pristine tract to be ruined by greed.

This city has many ultrarich people. Here’s my suggestion, nay, my plea: Use your vast wealth to purchase these lands and place them in trust to remain untouched in perpetuity. Do it by legal directive. Do it by donating the land to organizations such as Santa Fe Conservation Trust or the Nature Conservancy.

You will never miss the money. You certainly don’t need more than you already have. Do something truly meaningful with it. There would be a worthy legacy for you and your heirs.

MacKenzie Allen

Santa Fe

Get the shots

To all those who are anti-vaxxers for whatever reason: In 1969, my husband, at 37, was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Disease. Radiation was not an option at that time, so he went on experimental medicine. Today’s COVID-19 vaccines are at least tested and approved. Over the next 19 years, he led a reasonably normal life as research provided more help. He lived to see his six children (ages 3 to 12 at the start) grow up, finish college and marry.

Cancer is not contagious, but COVID-19 is. Instead of thinking only of yourself and your fears, think of all those you come in contact with: family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers, who could die if you yourself caught it and were unknowingly spreading it.

While perhaps a nuisance, do at least honor others’ request to wear a mask, keep your distance in public and get the shots. Your chances for avoiding the virus and surviving are much better than for those who refuse the to acknowledge what is now obvious — COVID-19 is here, and it is deadly.

Kathie Enz

Santa Fe

Dangerous situation

Congratulations to the Santa Fe City Council in “punting” for four more years the persistent problems of the Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place. That’s what happened when councilors approved another lease last October while the situation continues to deteriorate.

I’ve wavered regarding which analogy to use — the leprosy of old or the more modern Chernobyl — and the latter “wins” in that politicians worsened the situation. I also will say the pernicious poisoning of the surrounding area is grossly underreported. The details are nothing short of horrifying if you actually talk to home and business owners.

Pete’s is now too small, the location too dangerous and the situation is disastrous to surrounding homes and businesses. It needs to be moved and expanded, deserving the same attention that is being afforded to the midtown campus. That is, if our officials really wish to serve and effect change.

Mark Stair

Santa Fe

An avoidable mess

Thank you, Donald Trump, for risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans by spreading distrust, hate and fear in our beautiful country. The rise of COVID-19 in unvaccinated people in every state in the United States is just wrong when we have vaccines that are effective. Yet many people are fearful and distrustful.

People such as Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have downplayed this virus and played on the fears of people. The delta variant is more easily spread and takes the lives of people who do not have to die.

New Mexico has done a great job with COVID-19 thanks to our governor, but we all need to educate, not judge, people who refuse to take the vaccination. As a health care provider, I am appalled that overworked nurses and doctors have to, once again, care for very sick people who could actually die — and it has all been avoidable

Diane Johnston

Santa Fe

(2) comments

Stefanie Beninato

Sterling you are complaining about water for this development but I did not hear you complain about the lack of water for the Zia Station project that was in your neighborhood--you were concerned about drainage so look no farther than yourself to see who is contributing to these water shortage problems.

Richard Reinders

Sterling and MacKenzie you can raise the money to buy and preserve Cow Creek, MacKenzie I find it funny how you like to spend other peoples money in telling them what to do with it. If you don't like the project go to Peters and ask what he wants for the ranch and do a Go Fund me page or dig into your pocket and buy it out. Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their money or property, as long as it is legal.

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