Regarding Friday’s editorial (“Schools must handle allegations better,” Our View, Sept. 10), I think the newspaper could have gone further in holding those involved in this alleged child abuse case to account.

Whether the accused is found guilty or innocent, a major failure was committed by those involved who failed to report. Refer to the New Mexico Administrative Code — — and Section 24 therein.

Having served on the Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education for nine years, I know that our policy was that if anyone, bus driver, cafeteria worker, aide, teacher — anyone — suspected any kind of child abuse, sexual or otherwise, he or she was required to report it to an immediate supervisor.

Failure to report — and this includes supervisors and principals — to the district and law enforcement would result in immediate removal from the school site and the person being placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

There was absolutely no “rising to the level of reporting.” All staff at Santo Niño Regional Catholic School, Gonzales Community School and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe must be held to account.

Steven J. Carrillo

commissioner, District 10

New Mexico Public Education Commission

Make it mandatory

Now that President Joe Biden has mandated all federal employees be vaccinated with testing no longer a substitute, I would like to see our governor issue the same mandate for all state employees.

State employees can take tests if they are not vaccinated.

Think of the lives that would be saved if both our state and our nation did this at this time. And if New Mexico did it, how many other states could follow suit and how many lives would be saved?

Ron Siegel

Santa Fe

There’s no poop fairy

One upside of the pandemic is that many people adopted pets and are out enjoying the trails and city parks.

This is truly wonderful and great for our physical and mental health. Our neighborhood park, Ragle, has become a thriving hub of individuals, families and dog walkers enjoying the outdoors.

We frequent this park and the trails nearby to exercise with our two dogs.

Unfortunately, Ragle, the Chamisa and Rail trails, and neighboring arroyos are littered with dog waste. It is inexcusable given the number of bag dispensers and trash cans the city provides. For those of you who pick up after your dogs, thank you. For those who don’t, community spaces belong to all of us and are not your dog’s personal dumping ground (pun intended). There is no poop fairy — it’s up to all of us to help keep the parks and trails healthy and safe for all users.

Judith Gabriele

Santa Fe

Falling behind

Mexico is a far more religious country than the United States.

The people of Mexico just voted to support women’s rights. The people of the Unites States are voting to greatly restrict women’s rights. These votes affect more than half the population of each country. Mexico is now a more socially advanced country than the United States.

Susan Steffy

Santa Fe

Not the bike lane

Santa Fe cyclists: The thin, painted white line is not the bike lane.

That line clearly defines the extreme left boundary of the designated bike lane. The actual bike lane is the three-foot-wide area to the right.

When cyclists insist on riding atop the white line, motorists must swerve to miss you, often crossing the median into oncoming traffic. This is extremely hazardous to everyone involved — except the cyclist, of course.

I encounter this dangerous behavior by cyclists on a daily basis.

If I were a police officer, I would issue right of way violations to each and every “white line” cyclist. Stay safely within your lane or please get a stationary bike.

Tom Donat

Santa Fe

(3) comments

Khal Spencer

Along with some of our bike lanes being decrepit, if they are only 3 feet wide as Tom states, they are substandard. Not to mention, most jurisdictions allow a bicyclist to leave the bike lane if it is unfit to ride in. I'd say that accounts for a fair number of examples.

Here, for example, is the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) design standard:

"Bicycle lanes serve the needs of all types of cyclists in urban and suburban areas by providing them with a dedicated travel lane within the street space. The minimum width of a bike lane will vary based on the roadway cross section (see figure 15-1). For roadways with no curb and gutter, the minimum width of a bike lane should be 1.2 m (4 ft). If parking is permitted, the bike lane should be placed between the parking area and the travel lane, and have a minimum width of 1.5 m (5 ft). Where parking is permitted but a parking stripe or stalls are not utilized, the shared area should be a minimum of 3.3 m (11 ft) without a curb face and 3.5 m (12 ft) adjacent to a curb. "

Stefanie Beninato

Tom If you look at the bike lane, it is filled with debris making it dangerous for bicyclists to use it. And the lane designed for the car is big enough to pass a bicyclist when they do ride the "white" line without you going over the middle line. Maybe you could take a breath and wait for room to pass like you do for a car. Another question== Do you share those roads that have shareons re bikes? Just asking because so many motorists ignore this message to share the lane.

Cheryl Odom

Plus the bike lane is often used as a turning lane or parking lane by motorists. It truly sucks to be a cyclist in this town. Ditto pedestrian. Because in my neighborhood, the bike lanes are so dangerous, cyclists use the sidewalks meaning we dog walkers have to descend into the weeds in the median to avoid them. That means that our canine companions often get goat heads in their feet.

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