Lest we become too incensed over the new Texas law banning most abortions, we need to be aware that it will not be a death sentence for women. However, it will remove the death sentence now hanging over the heads of children not yet born. They, too, are living human beings, and while a woman is pregnant, she is the only person in the entire history of the universe who can be a hero to that particular child.

We spend a lot of money as a society on abortion. Wouldn’t that money be much better spent by actually helping women get control of their lives with job training, housing support, rescue from sex trafficking and incest, counseling, life coaching and other practical aid? We ought to keep in mind, too, that those babies who have been killed might have grown up to make important contributions to society.

Elaine Gere

Santa Fe


Do I detect a little hypocrisy? Texas has the death sentence with more people on death row than any other state.

Arlene Siegel

Santa Fe

It’s war, folks

We are watching a war being waged on women. Take the outrageous law in Texas that would deputize ordinary citizens and pay them $10,000 to sue anyone who aids in or performs an abortion. It’s time for women to unite and refuse to vote for any Republican.

M.G. McCaffrey

Santa Fe

Advice to snitches

Texans approving the vigilante law empowering citizens to snitch on abortion providers and abetters might want to consult their Bibles, specifically John 8:7 — “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Donald Lamm

Santa Fe

Transport for Texans

I firmly support giving sanctuary to people fleeing hate-fueled, vengeance-seeking religious fanatics who seek to impose their 14th-century thinking upon a more moderate majority. So, now that the Afghanistan War is over, perhaps we could use those C-17 transport planes to bring the women of Texas to safety in the United States.

Stephen Dubinsky

Santa Fe

An unwise policy

Not allowing people access to buildings on the basis of vaccination status is discrimination and segregation. This is a way of dividing people — pitting vaccinated people against unvaccinated people. This harms people.

The University of New Mexico should not be in the business of harming human beings. However, its actions and policies are contributing to the divisions we are seeing in our world, which makes UNM complicit in divisions taking place among our citizens by singling out and denying access to the unvaccinated. This is a slippery slope that the university needs to consider very carefully.

Every single one of us can contract and spread the disease, vaccinated or not. As a university community, we should be promoting compassion, love and care for our fellow human.

Loyola Chastain


Bullies dominate

It seems strange to me that our country allows a billionaire from another country to spread propaganda against our own government on the airwaves as Fox News. Oh wait, this is “capitalism” at its finest. Or “democracy” at its finest. Really? Are we allowed to yell “fire” in a crowded theater? No, that bit of free speech is not allowed due to the harm it can cause.

Why, then, is this obviously harmful voice allowed? Divide and conquer is having its day while the sane and normal among us suffer the effects of a bullying minority.

S. Waller

Santa Fe

(19) comments

Charlotte Rowe

and Bravo for the University of New Mexico! Vaccine mandates are great, appropriate, and the most caring thing that one can do to support students and staff. Those who pretend it is discrimination need to go finish their GED and include remedial Civics in their curriculum.

Richard Reinders

Charlette, your form of classism is in some ways worse than racism. All you do is demean people. Comment on the articles but stop bullying people. I got a GED to get out of school early enough to join the Army and serve my country as did a lot of soldiers my age. Shame on you.

Emily Koyama

It's typical liberal elitism. Rampant in Santa Fe.

Jim Klukkert

Richard Reinders, as an avowed Leftie, a Socialist no less, I want to strongly agree in your criticism of a commenter for 'class-based' comments. GED's are great instruments for many people, both young and old, straight high school often just does not work.

As a former teacher at Santa Fe High's drop out prevention program, I saw many young people achieve great success through alternative programs that met their needs far better than young no-nothing teachers, of privileged backgrounds, could never match.

Yes Mr. Reinders, and Ms. Koyama, far too many 'liberals' and 'progressives' do not have the background to understand the struggles of working people. I oppose the nitwits in Texas doing their worse, but like you, also oppose comments that denigrate the instruments of self-empowerment, like GED's, that work for working people.

Just imagine, Richard Reinders, Emily Koyama, and Jim Klukkert in agreement! Only in the Land of Enchantment and Exploitation!

Richard Reinders


Charlotte Rowe

Eye roll. You don't like abortion, don't get one. But religion has no business sticking its nose into the government and forcing its twisted perspective onto people's private medical decisions. Period.

Janet Eduardo

The cognitive dissonance in Elaine Gere's letter is astounding. The party forcing women to carry unwanted fetuses in Texas (think eleven year old incest victim) is also the party that wants to cut SNAP benefits, is against the eviction moratorium and against raising the minimum wage. None of which support women forced to bear children due to some perverted need for male control. I might suggest that the next time someone who supports this bill needs a medical procedure, we all be able to weigh in on whether they can have it or not. Fair is fair.

Khal Spencer


Russell Scanlon


Khal Spencer

1. As far as "personhood laws" none have passed the Supreme Court laugh test. The law of the land is still Casey v Planned Parenthood, etc. Also, as conservative columnist David French has written, the per capita abortion rate has plummeted over the decades in spite of abortion being legal. Good sex ed, use of contraceptions, and other constructive means of reducing the demand side of abortion are good things. As far as passing laws creating posses looking to make money, I don't know too many thoughtful constitutional scholars who think that is a good thing as what is good for the right wing goose is good for the left wing gander.

As far as what UNM does regarding the pandemic? Take them to court. Go ahead, I'm waiting for you to win that case.

Finally, I wish people would stop using the "fire in a crowded theatre" quote, which is usually misapplied. Every time someone says that, I suspect Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes turns in his grave. The case in question, Schenck vs. United States, was one of the most odious anti-free speech case ever decided by the Supreme Court. Read about it here, and then write on the blackboard 100 times, "I will not misquote Justice Holmes".


Khal Spencer

Wow. Reading through some of these letters, I thought for a minute I had mistakenly opened up The Onion. Was this Official Satire Letter Day for the Santa Fe New Mexican?

Russell Scanlon

No one suggested, even once, that you don’t have the right to listen to the line up of hyperventilating, obnoxious, hysterical baboons on FOX and elsewhere. The issue of the letter writer is to ask if the actions of a 24 hour professional “Conservative” media empire have polarized the country to the breaking point. And the answer to that question is “Yes”.

MacKenzie Allen

Ms. Chastain: the lack of logic, the tortured "reasoning" and the complete lack of responsibility in your letter is nothing short of breathtaking. By your assessment, no child should be vaccinated against polio, measles, typhus, etc. I'm old enough to remember getting the Salk vaccine when kids were spending what was left of their lives in iron lungs. Your right to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose.

Paul Groh

What an interesting page today. On writer suggesting that women should not decide their reproductive issues without the government interfering,, and another suggesting that Americans have the right to spread disease because vaccination is a personal choice and that we should treat those spreaders with compassion while they’re potentially killing us….and that UNM should just butt out of those decisions. Elaine, a fetus is not a child, and a woman is not an incubator. Loyola, antivaxxers have the right to kill themselves if they wish to do so but not to kill me or my loved ones.

Russell Scanlon


Russell Scanlon

I’d like to see ONE abortion law from the Texas troglodytes that assigns some responsibility and punitive action to the man involved in the pregnancy. But it ain’t gonna happen because you know, Christian patriarchy.

Stefanie Beninato

Sorry Elaine Gere but a six week old fetus is not an unborn child, it is a nonviable fetus. As for all those services you think these women with unwanted child (think being forced to nurture a fetus that was the result of rape) should have, what have you done to make sure these services exist?

And Loyola, your thought that "we should be promoting compassion, love and care for our fellow human" by not requiring vaccinations to me seems backwards. If you care about others in this public health crisis, you get a vaccination, wear a mask inside and when with a crowd of people and stay six feet distance from others. Continuing to refuse a COVID vaccine because it is experimental once again denies science--there is plenty of information on these vaccines and the Pfizer vaccine is no longer even technically experimental.

Charlotte Rowe

Stefanie is right. There is nothing compassionate about encouraging or supporting the unvaccinated. Most of those who are not getting vaccinated are wallowing in their chosen ignorance and political agenda as if there were something laudable about endangering other lives. I have no patience for such brutal, callous selfishness. If you refuse the vaccine because of your politics or religious delusions then you should be barricaded in your house and never allowed outside.

Richard Reinders

S. Walker it is called free speech, do like me if you don't like what is being said don't listen. You should complain about facebook, twitter, youtube and google that allows IA tola, Taliban and Isis to wage a propaganda war against the United States chanting kill all Americans. They also use it to pass messages back and forth to terrorist cells to blow people up in western cultures. Who is the real enemy here.

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