New technology lengthens shelf life of fresh food

This letter is to voice support for city of Santa Fe approval to issue and sell taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds for the benefit of New Mexico Fresh Foods, LLC to construct a high-pressure food processing facility in Santa Fe (“Company seeks $18M in bonds backed by city for food facility,” July 30). The high-pressure food processing facility is integral to growing our catering business beyond the cyclical business model that we can no longer support long-term. Such a facility provides the kill-stop necessary for our locally made, ready-to-eat food product to reside on retail shelves longer than the typical five to seven days without processing, extending the retail availability of our product up to approximately 30 days. We believe the city will see the benefit of food processing to the city and region and approve this request without delay. A hearing on the issue is scheduled Sept. 25.

Eduardo Ramirez

owner and executive chef

Casa Nova Custom Catering

Santa Fe

Stand up to hatred

I hate it. Don’t you? Another mass shooting. And another mass shooting. We talk. We pray. And we wait for the next mass shooting.

Will we act? Will we enact mandatory background checks on the purchase of firearms across the nation? Will we ban assault rifles and extended clips? Until we do, we condone this epidemic of gun violence. We must hold responsible those who spew hatred and sew division. We all know who that is. Vote.

The National Rifle Association is not a bunch of sports enthusiasts or rights advocates. The NRA bankrolls the politicians that blame “crazy” people for our gun epidemic. We are all to blame if we do not act. Enough is enough. The clock is ticking until the next needless massacre in America. Let us speak out. Let us stand up to hatred.

Dr. Bob Larsen

Santa Fe

Housing immigrants

All I can say to New Mexico officials is, “thanks.” Soon, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will run short of funding for housing for those deemed immigrants. ICE will realize the most efficient and economical solution is housing in the immigrants’ own homes. (And, indeed, most of us are immigrants. Your papers, please?)

Albo P. Fossa

Santa Fe

Advocate for gun safety

What most Americans do after a mass shooting is: pray; have compassionate thoughts for the victims; cry; talk about it with friends; have candlelight vigils. These will not change anything. These actions will not make us safer. They will not stop massacres.

But we must have the courage and social responsibility to go beyond the touchy/feely moments. Here’s what we must do to have a safer society and save innocent lives: Call or send a respectful email or letter to your senator or member of Congress. Ask: Are you in favor of legislation making assault and semi-automatic weapons illegal? Are you in favor of legislation making large-capacity magazine clips illegal? Are you in favor of background checks at all points of sale or purchase? Are you in favor of raising the legal age to 25 years to purchase weapons? What is your position on having a two-week waiting period for purchase of a firearm? Replace the words “gun control” with “gun safety.”

Jeff Black

El Prado

Courtesy counts

I wonder what has happened to cause people and businesses to stop offering courtesy to the customer. I went into a local chain grocery store recently to to buy a few items with an electronic benefit transfer card. I stopped by customer service to get a balance before shopping. The woman told me, “we no longer do that.” I asked to speak with the manager who confirmed that statement. For those of you who remember customer courtesy, know that it no longer exists, or is very hard to find.

Tammy Griego

Santa Fe