Three weeks ago I was pulling into the parking lot of an upscale downtown restaurant for lunch. I observed a man clearly “in distress,” to put it mildly. He was cursing loudly, yanking on the leash of a dog and kicking it — clearly a situation that would fit the need for the Alternate Response Unit as described in the paper.

Not knowing what to do, I called 911 and immediately told them it was not life and death but I didn’t know who to call. They had already heard about this man and the dog and were sending someone to follow up. Obviously, there is a need for the ARU program. However, the article made no mention of how to contact the ARU. What number do citizens call?

Margaret Mooney

Santa Fe

Editor’s note: Calls for emergency services should go to 911. Dispatchers and others determine whether the Alternative Response Unit is needed.

Webber’s ways aren’t working

The local paradigm of modern leadership: Mayor Alan Webber. Year after year of late audits? He’ll make a plan, have a goal, form a team, contract with an audit coordinator and work with accounting firms. Needed talents? Buck-passing; spending money on outsourcing; appointing or hiring like- and empty-minded employees; trying hard never to do anything, since that could lead to unpopularity and require that he have, develop and use good judgment.

Everything’s up to date in Santa Fe.

Georgia Knight

Santa Fe

Accentuate the positive stories

Inflation the highest in 30 years. Omicron drives past delta’s peak. Older Americans display mix of worry and resolve. Supply bottlenecks create havoc for holiday deliveries.

What if, instead:

  • U.S. outperforming world with 2021 GDP growth about 6 percent.
  • Jobless rate at 4.2 percent; 4.1 million jobs created; wage growth at 4 percent.
  • Gas prices down more than 25 cents a gallon; Albuquerque is at $2.78.
  • Evidence omicron will peak and fall quickly: the typical pattern of parasitic virus evolution — heightened transmission with reduction in virility.
  • Ports processing 20 percent more container volume than 2019; 99 percent of packages arriving on time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the media focused more on positive news instead of highlighting the negatives? More Christmas spirit.

Bernie van der Hoeven

Santa Fe

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