I was quite offended by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham calling the protesters at her recent rally “QAnon lizard people.”

The protesters disagreed with the governor. This does not make them a bunch of QAnon nuts or “lizard people.” I believe the governor’s severe lockdown policies of the last year had many negative side effects, including increased drug and alcohol abuse, suicides and homicides — in a state that already had more than its fair share of these problems.

The closing of small businesses coupled with the apparent inability to pay unemployment compensation in a timely manner and the glacial distribution of federal rent subsidies have made a poor state poorer still. The closing of the schools put New Mexico students, already near last nationally, even further behind. The governor might try to dismiss her critics with name-calling, but she calls them “lizard people” at her electoral peril.

Katie Longfield

Santa Fe

It can happen here

On Memorial Day, President Joe Biden stated, “Democracy itself is in peril” — and he is scarily right. The day before, former National Security adviser Michael Flynn attended and spoke at an event where it was suggested the United States needs a Myanmar-style military coup. Millions of supporters of former President Donald Trump agree.

If you think democracy is a given, think again. Recent history has many examples in which a committed minority over-turned democracy and installed their guy in place of a democratically elected leader. All they need to accomplish this is for the majority of the people to sit on their hands and say, “it can’t happen here.”

This is our hour, folks. Will you be on the side of democracy or on the sidelines? We must double down on supporting politicians, judges and reporters with the courage to defend the truth and democracy itself.

James Pierce

Santa Fe

Seriously, he lost

Argh! What in the devil is going on? Am I losing my mind? I just learned on the Jake Tapper show (Fox viewers, he is the host of an afternoon show on CNN) that former President Donald Trump is not a focus of the Congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection into our U.S. Capitol.

Seriously? The guy who started the whole thing with his Big Lie? The guy who told his followers to “go down there and fight like hell?” Seriously?

Look, you Republican members of Congress. Trump did it. He caused it. He made up the Big Lie, because he is 1. A big liar, 2. A very sick human being, 3. A want-to-be fascist dictator and 4. The instigator and primary force behind the Jan. 6 insurrection. Listen, Republicans. I don’t know what has happened to the Republican Party, but I do know that it is not good.

Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden. Period. I hate to think this, but I really think Republicans, some anyway, secretly loathe Trump but are terrified by his base. Terrified to the point of living in fantasy land, the land of make-believe, complete with fairies and elves.

Look, dudes: Trump lost. If you keep believing this fiction that he won, you will lose. History, at least the history written by scholars and those with more than a high school education, will not treat you kindly. How did you wind up in Congress? The guilt of Trump in the insurrection is on video for everyone to see. Even some of the insurrectionists claim “Trump sent me!” Duh, do you need anymore evidence?

Bo Brumble

Santa Fe

Make marijuana green

Now that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has completed the first phase of marijuana legalization, it’s time to address the side issues. We know that cannabis sales generated $70 million in revenues for Denver alone last year. Governments do rake in money, but the rest of us will be paying unless there are other actions.

For example, cannabis is dirty. In Colorado last year, 750 million kilowatt-hours were used to grow it. That’s four times the use of the city of Santa Fe. All that new electric load means more power plants, more transmission, more transformation, more distribution investment — and all that investment is parceled out to everyone on the grid, as there are no methods for allocating growth costs in our utility oversight framework.

The next step for the governor is to require all new marijuana grow houses to have an amount of solar power and/or wind power investment equal to the projected needs of the grow house.

This would also ensure new grow houses use energy-efficient forms of lighting, heat and cooling. And, to ensure the new industry can make such investments, the state of New Mexico ought to have all that new tax money back the loans for those houses. There’s no reason my air should go to hell so government can benefit from pot.

Shane Woolbright

Santa Fe

Center on water

Monuments come and monuments go. The climate of opinion changes and history gets reevaluated. There’s probably only one thing that everyone in New Mexico can agree on the importance of: water.

Let’s have a fountain in the center of the Plaza — an elegant tribute to the source of life and a reminder of our own fragile existence on this planet. It’s time to give history a break.

Dorothea Migliori

Santa Fe

(2) comments

Patrick Brockwell

Cannabis can be grown under the sun and capture carbon in the process. Cannabis isn't dirty, factory farming indoors is.

Stefanie Beninato

Dorothea Maybe you do not know the history of water in our state--it is far from peaceful and the making of yet another fountain during a multidecade drought? What kind of message does that send?

Shane love your idea of using alternative energy to grow cannabis--hopefully someone at the state will take this idea up.

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