Most of us are of mixed ancestry

To white supremacists and any other group that spreads hatred of those you perceive as different, resulting in some of the mass shootings we are experiencing: You might want to check your DNA. You won’t see any result that states, “American.” You will see that your origins are from a variety of places because you are the progeny of immigrants.

I used to be a school administrator, and we dressed casually on Fridays. When I wasn’t sporting a T-shirt with one of our team’s logos, I wore my favorite T-shirt which read, “My race is human,” because at the end of the day, whatever our color or our gender, regardless of our belief system, we are all human beings and should value each other as such.

Linda Ferdig-Riley

Santa Fe

Appreciate the aging

The World Health Organization defines ageism as “the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age. Ageism is widespread and an insidious practice which has harmful effects on the health of older adults.”

Most intelligent people now realize that racism and sexism are destructive and harmful to the victims of such attacks, as are attacks against people with disabilities. Why is it that ageism is not recognized as a discriminatory practice in the same way?

Older citizens contribute to society in many ways. They are caregivers for spouses and grandchildren. They log an enormous amount of volunteer hours in community organizations, churches, hospitals and schools. They are entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, service workers, public servants and community organizers.

Linda Fertal

Santa Fe

Affordable access

Milan Simonich’s Ringside Seat (“To be relevant, N.M. needs a March primary,” Aug. 5), must be a partial-view seat, obscured by pre-conceptions. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s appearance in Santa Fe was not available only to the affluent. I can afford an omelet at The Pantry twice a month, but was still able to attend the event Sunday.

Louis Bixenman

Santa Fe

Why Mueller testified

I did not see all of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s appearances before the congressional committees July 24, but I did read the commentaries on his testimony, and can understand why both parties are disappointed. To the Democrats, he did not provide the “smoking gun” so that they could proceed with impeachment; to the Republicans, he did not exonerate Donald Trump. Mueller did not go to Congress to assist their agendas, but to clarify the report of his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which he felt was misconstrued by Attorney General William Barr.

In a way, this episode reminds me of the story of a man put on trial for biting off a man’s ear. The defense attorney asks the only witness if he saw his client bite off the man’s ear, and the man said no. Then the lawyer said, “How do you know that he bit off his ear?” The witness said, “I saw him spit it out.”

G. Gideon Rojas

Santa Fe