Members of the Trumpf cult seemed determined to vote for him no matter what he says or does. Some are especially concerned that their guns might be taken away. For instance, Richard Gonzales wrote a letter to The New Mexican (“Defies logic,” Letters to the editor, Sept. 15), claiming that any such attempt would be unconstitutional. I suggest a reading of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that refers to the need for a well-regulated militia. It’s clear to me that weapons designed for killing people should be so regulated and should not belong to anyone unless specially designated. Registration would be an appropriate mechanism. I’ll bet our Founding Fathers would agree, and I hope some Republican voters will, too.

Bill Maxon, Ph.D.

Santa Fe

Able and experienced

Dr. Carmen Gonzales is my choice to fill the Santa Fe Board of Education seat in District 1 (“Early voting for Nov. election starts today,” Oct. 8). I have had the privilege of working with Carmen on several community projects, and have found her to be knowledgeable, collaborative and highly energetic. Her education began at Wood Gormley Elementary School. After receiving her doctorate in education from University of New Mexico, she spent her life in leadership positions as a teacher and administrator. She is vice president emeritus from New Mexico State University and served as vice president for student success at Santa Fe Community College. In the next few years, our schools will have more resources to fund efforts to make dramatic improvements in their quality. We need leaders who have the savvy and skills to seize this opportunity. I know Carmen Gonzales has these abilities.

Earl Potter

Santa Fe

Chronic narcissism

I’ve never had a perfect conversation with a Ukrainian — or anyone. How does Donald Trump do it? Is there more than one stable genius walking the earth? Or is the United States just lucky? Maybe Trump does read. I detect the influence of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ozymandias: “Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Does any reader know a local resident who, like the president, tweets of his own “great and unmatched wisdom?” If so, have this person get in touch with Mayor Alan Webber to discuss Santa Fe’s chronic weekday morning traffic jam on Siringo Road. The midtown campus will only make it worse — without the application of great, unmatched wisdom.

Olin Dodson

Santa Fe

Too many panhandlers

For centuries, American cities enforced anti-vagrancy laws, which kept our streets beggar-free. That changed with recent court decisions equating the right to loiter on public streets and ask for money with free speech, including the case of Seymour v. Albuquerque. As a result, Santa Fe and Albuquerque are drowning in beggars. Please don’t give to panhandlers, as it just encourages them.

Richard N. Johnson

Santa Fe

Steadfast support

Santa Fe has always supported Santa Fe Municipal Judge Virginia Vigil (“Early voting for Nov. election starts today,” Oct. 8). She is an excellent elected official and no smear campaign will change that. Thank you, Judge Vigil, for all your hard work. Thank you for your public service. Hold your head up. Your community is proud of you!

Anna Gonzales

Santa Fe

Speed and weed

Here’s an idea to dissuade people from speeding: Have them pull weeds and do park and median clean-up instead of paying a fine. I think this would be a good way to deter speeding and other driving offenses — regardless of how the ticket is issued. The amount of time for doing this work could be based on the amount of the fine (e.g., an hour for each dollar of fine). No one likes to pull weeds.

John Lawrence

Santa Fe

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Khal Spencer

The "well regulated" in the 2a meant properly functioning, and the militia was made up pretty much of all able bodied male citizens, given the restrictions on who was considered a citizen. So saying it is an individual right in the context of all citizens being responsible for showing up to defend the country makes sense. And the arms were what could be brought to bear in fighting an enemy. Recall that arms is a military term; as it has been said, you don't bear arms against a rabbit. So the 2a puts some restrictions on gun laws and Miller said that the 2a had to apply to weapons relevant to a militia. Kinda sounds like ARs to me.

That said, a militia functions better when members are shooting at the enemy rather than at schools, wives, and churches. We do need some sort of Constitutionally valid laugh test to keep loose cannons from acquiring serious weaponry and I think there is plenty of Constitutional room to design such a system. But rarely do we have a centered discussion on this. It usually Beto "gimme your guns" O'Rourke vs. the GOA.

Richard Reinders

Bill Maxon, Ph.D. those are the weapons that are needed by a well armed militia if we are to guarantee that the government acts for the people and not just for them self. Right now they want to take the weapons, eliminate organized religion by destroying their protections, prosecution without due process, and a movement to steal wealth from hard working Americans. It is a scary time in this country we need to keep an eye on all of this and not tear down the fabric of the Constitution. This is exactly how Hitler took over Europe chapter and verse.

Charles Andreoli

Another quick clue for Bill. In the vernacular of the time and in the context of the 2nd Amendment "well regulated" was defined as "well equipped". Bill needs to do some research and educate himself before posting nonsense.

Philip Taccetta

Seriously? You think the government will take your guns? A logistical impossibility. 300 million guns in 150 million households. Tell me how that’s going work? Weapons needed by a well armed militia will guarantee that the government acts for the people? Drones, tanks, missiles etc. You don’t think that the government might win?

“Eliminate organized religion by destroying their protections?” You mean by eliminating their tax exempt status because they’re preaching politics?

Stealing wealth from hard working Americans?

Thanks to trump for that.

Peter Neal

One could argue that drones, tanks, and missiles were not in the average military arsenal in 1776...but let's put that aside. Look at how effective rebel forces can be, when armed with little more than rifles. Believe, me, 100 million armed citizens could give the government a run for it's money. And what makes you think the military would be loyal to the government and fight against the population? Methinks the government would lose. Badly. That's one reason, among many, why the 2A is important

Richard Reinders

If thall shall not kill unborn babies is preaching politics , it was part of the religious teachings couple thousand years before it got politicized. And wait till your tax's triple to pay for free health care, school, green deal under Warren or Sanders, Trump put money back in work class pockets.

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