I took your advice and I sent in my concerns concerning the midtown campus plan (“Speak up about midtown campus,” Our View, May 12). I am not concerned about the plan per se; however, I am concerned about the membership of the all-New Mexico local team named by KDC/Cienda developers.

The membership consists of all organizations or businesses. This creates a situation of different representatives from the organizations attending and representing their organizations. This, by design, leaves out of the discussion the local, independent voice. This needs to change if we are to truly access the voice of the community.

Patricio Larragoite

Santa Fe

Give back for opera

The unwelcome news that the Santa Fe Opera and other music organizations and theaters in town have had to cancel their summer seasons is tragic. It was, however, expected and necessary. While Santa Fe suffers a temporary cultural void, the economic impact for the city and the individual companies is devastating. As a patron of the opera, I fully support General Director Robert Meya’s difficult decision.

Subscribers may donate the cost of their tickets to the opera, and Meya announced that such donations will be matched by a consortium of generous citizens and foundations. The monies could be used to help compensate at least in part the hundreds of performers and workers who will not be coming to Santa Fe this summer. This is a superb gesture, and I shall gladly donate my tickets back to the opera. Compensating those left without work in these critical days demonstrates the wonderful community spirit of our opera.

William W. Derbyshire

Santa Fe

The choice for DA

I support Mary Carmack-Altwies for First Judicial District Attorney because I believe she has the experience and knowledge necessary to lead the District Attorney’s Office. This is a position that needs leadership to actively pursue justice by prosecuting people who commit crimes in our community, and also to provide support to victims of crime, by supporting the attorneys, the victim advocates and the administrative staff of the office. Without leadership, cases end up being dropped or dismissed because of staff turnover. Carmack-Altwies has been a prosecuting attorney in this office and knows the needs of the staff, the victims and the community in which she serves. Please vote for Carmack-Altwies and help the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office productively assist our judicial system in combating crime.

Andrea Verswijver

Santa Fe

Raise gas tax

Thanks to The New Mexican for acknowledging the need to raise New Mexico’s gasoline taxes (“New Mexico can’t cut its way out of this fix,” Our View, May 10). In some ways this is a strange time to talk about a new tax. However, the fact is that we are going to need to cut expenditures in all sorts of painful ways. We won’t need to cut expenditures on road repairs if we ask those who drive, including the many out-of-state drivers, to pay for the roads they use.

And our roads do need maintenance and safety improvements. A national think tank, albeit an advocacy organization, estimates that “driving on deteriorated roads costs New Mexico motorists $1.13 billion a year — $770 per motorist — in the form of additional repairs, accelerated vehicle depreciation, and increased fuel consumption and tire wear.” (Tripnet.org)

Our rank as 47th in the country in gas taxes means we are way out of line with other states. And with the average retail price of gas $1.10 less than it was a year ago, it’s a good time to raise the tax. (Significantly, gas taxes are not passed on penny for penny to customers.) As the governor and Legislature turn to salvaging the 2021 budget, it will be cutting into many worthy programs. The $180 million that was appropriated in 2020 should be replaced with new revenues from the appropriate user fee: the gas tax.

Denise Fort

Santa Fe

Closed too long

Locked down! The worst virus, highly contagious! Can’t write what I call the virus — it’s “inappropriate.” Traveled to Korea, got sick! Respiratory infection, fever, aches and pains. Antibiotics, steroids for three weeks. You gotta wait in line at the grocery? Shelves empty, family without employment. Schools, parks, doctors, golf courses, campsites, nurseries closed.

Socialism? Here you are. Jump on the government dependent train. We are far from the population of New York City. We will never have the same COVID-19 infections. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, at the onset of this virus, closed down the state. Good. Now, it’s been closed far too long. This shutdown is ruinous for small business in America. Those who “have” can praise the closure and Lujan Grisham. Those who just get by have dwindled savings and want to work. Finally, stop blaming our president. He did not create the virus and has done the best he can with medical and administrative forces. If you can do better, run for president. Plenty of blame to go around, and it is not in America.

C.L. Winneberger

Santa Fe

Testing, please

We need testing.

We need more testing.

We need more readily available testing. (Do I have to be symptomatic to be tested?)

We need more reliable testing. (Am I positive/negative when the test says so?)

We need more informative testing. (My test is positive. Am I contagious or immune?)

Then we can move forward.

Dr. Bob Larsen

Santa Fe

(11) comments

Stefanie Beninato

Patricio--not only are individuals left out of the process, they cannot even find out when these meetings occur. Apparently on the city website there is a link somewhere to a utube video. Why are these meetings not posted on the events page of the city's website where other meetings are listed. Even this past council meeting, Webber and Cassett-Sanchez kept saying they would have to do better--again no indicator of when the next meeting is or where to find the info. Again talk is cheap--where is the walk?

Paul Groh

CLWinneberger...we do not blame Trump for the virus,we blame him for his jaw-droppingly, breathtakingly bad handling of it here in our country. If what he did was the best that he could do, then he should resign immediately.

Charlotte Larragoite


arthur lynn

Paul Groh,, You're merely repeating what you hear on one sided liberal news.The truth is he's doing a great job and if the Democrats tried to help instead of fighting him at every step we would be in much better shape....Their hatred is so overwhelming that they would rather watch Americans die than admit anything positive about Trump !

Jim Klukkert

arthur lynn~ jaw dropping stunningly way over the top that any of us would "rather watch Americans die than admit anything positive about Trump"

Have you no decency left in the FAUX News polluted soul? Really poor form dude!

Paul White

What planet are you living on? He delayed a response for months after knowing it was coming. Many have died due to his mishandling a response. His denials and people who support him are living in la la land

Stefanie Beninato


Paul White

"If we didn't do any testing, we would have very few cases," Trump declared. Evidently, ignorance is the cure-all we've been waiting for.

Cancel Cancel

There is nothing positive about Trump, but I keep hoping for a positive COVID-19 test.

It's no use trying to reason with someone who thinks Trump is anything other than a toxic, self-serving narcissist, let alone someone who's been so bamboozled they think he's doing a "great job." It baffles me how people worship a New York City fancy boy with a fussy, dyed hairdo who wears more makeup than a drag queen. Have some self-respect.

Jim Klukkert


Richard Reinders

Gas tax should be charged on ALL gas sold in the state this would correct the imbalance without taxing the constituency of this state more.

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