The 44th Annual Fourth of July Pancakes on the Plaza was great. Fantastic cars and great pancakes. The only two items that, in my opinion, marred perfection. One was a politician with a “vote for me” sign and a group carrying a large banner protesting the current administration.

Let’s hope that the Fourth of July is not going to be messed up like the Historical/Hysterical Parade has been in the past few years with all the politics. I would sure miss going to them both.

Alan Hill

Santa Fe

No attention is best

Kudos to The New Mexican for giving Donald Trump’s Fourth of July parade scant attention. However, it would have been better positioned on the TV entertainment page, alongside the story of the 12th title at Nathan’s Famous hot dog gorging competition (“Chestnut eats 71 hot dogs for 12th title in Fourth event,” July 5).

Like Trump’s parade to himself, the televised broadcast of food as entertainment hardly qualifies as “news.” I have traveled in many countries and parts of the United States where hunger is rife. The annual stuff-your-face Independence Day contest is deeply offensive in light of the millions of people around the world who are hungry and/or dying of starvation. Our country is shamed when a major network showcases gluttony to even the poorest countries around the globe. I hope The New Mexican will, in the future, give the event the disrespect it deserves by ignoring it.

Olin Dodson

Santa Fe

Come and enjoy

I wanted to introduce myself, David William Phillips, pianist and director of Phillips Artist Management Foundation, a philanthropic foundation whose mission is to seek out prodigy-type artists nationwide and internationally, nurture, develop and present them to the world, through our music ambassadors series in New York City and Santa Fe.

I will lead off the series with a Santa Fe concert at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 14, at St. John’s United Methodist Church at 1200 Old Pecos Trail. Go to:

David William Phillips

Santa Fe

Mitigate the impact

There was good news from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and energy and environment cabinet members, Sarah Cottrell Propst and James Kenney in their New Mexican opinion piece on methane gas pollution in our state (“Turning climate challenges into opportunities,” My View, June 16).

With appropriate regulation, this administration is determined to deal with the public health and negative economic impacts of wasteful leaks, venting and flaring of the potent greenhouse gas, methane, by the gas and oil industry. The Environmental Defense Fund describes methane as one of several climate warming pollutants that increase asthma risk — especially in children who, on average, breath outdoor air more than do adults. Methane is the main ingredient in natural gas, and who wants to breathe the gas with which you cook your bacon and eggs? Our governor and her team deserve our enthusiastic support for their leadership on the issue of methane pollution from New Mexico’s gas and oil industry.

Cathie Sullivan

Santa Fe

Offer more free stuff

After watching the second Democratic debate, I’m now convinced we should embrace those wonderful ideas — forgive all school debt; guarantee jobs for all with at least $15 per hour wage; open borders to all, no restrictions; free health care for everyone, including migrants; and no more housing of immigrants at the border.

Let’s give free housing to migrants because it is the right thing to do. Let’s provide free food, medical care, education and counseling for the migrants for as long as want it. As it would be inhumane and cruel to make migrants walk or ride a bus, each family should be given a car or van. We have resources to allow at least 20,000 migrants a month to come in.

Let’s do away with the border patrol as it won’t be needed with an open border. We need to be inclusive and diverse. Let’s do away with old ideas of self-reliance and sovereignty. If everyone helps we can make the Democratic Socialist movement into a National Democratic Socialist party.

Mark Coble

Santa Fe