Dear Rep. Debbie Rodella, D-Española: I read Steve Terrell’s Santa Fe New Mexican front page article concerning House Bill 26 (“A lending law graveyard,” Feb. 26) about the bill that was quietly tabled under your leadership. As a representative of District 41, which includes Española as its major population center, I am surprised that you would derail this important consumer protection legislation, given that the demographic of your district is likely disproportionately impacted by the predatory practices of these payday loan companies.

Mr. Terrell digs deeper into the story only to find that you have been the recipient of $18,200 in political contributions from this industry during your political career. I can only assume that you feel that the usurious practices of this industry are a valuable contribution to your district, especially if they keep filling your coffers.

If the Rio Arriba County, Santa Fe County and state Democratic parties have any character or integrity, they should be calling for your immediate resignation from the New Mexico House of Representatives, not to mention your constituents of District 41. Your actions are an outrage against the citizens of this fine state.

Raymond McQueen

Santa Fe

Calling it

Why are we limited by these clowns in Washington to either “Obamacare” or “Ryancare?” Why can’t we have Americare?

John Schoemer

Santa Fe

Doomed without history

Black History Month has ended. For most citizens, its passing was probably unnoticed. Seeing a person with dark skin walk down the streets of Santa Fe is still a rare enough sight. So, what is the significance of this month?

Everything. It means everything to a country that self-identifies as a “melting pot,” a country proud of its heritage, as a renegade from Europe, a country proclaiming “equality, freedom and justice for all.” Black History Month is the reminder of what that rhetoric is based upon.

History is important. It describes and explains who we are presently. Beyond popular myths, most don’t really know the American story. With no knowledge of history, we are like amnesiacs trying to invent a life. How can we learn from our mistakes if we don’t remember what they are? We can’t and are doomed to repeat them, just as we are doing now.

Chrysa Wikstrom

Santa Fe

Recycling nonsense

It makes no sense that the city would go to all the trouble and expense of instituting this new recycling system (“Recycling takes a turn in Santa Fe,” Our View, March 9), when the inevitable result, with the elimination of curbside glass pickup, will be that Santa Fe recycles less.

Many people will care enough to go to the trouble of taking their glass to one of the (few, inconvenient) drop-off sites. Many more will not want to be bothered. Tons of glass that is currently being recycled will end up in the regular trash. And there is no logical reason to suppose people will be any more inclined to recycle just because they have a new “cart” rather than the old bin.

K. Wagner

Santa Fe

Demand the returns

Herr Trumpenmeister has screwed up so royally in business, bankrupting just about every business he’s started — how can you bankrupt a casino? — stiffing suppliers and undocumented workers.

Will any bank in the U.S. or Europe, especially Germany and Scotland, where Trump built golf courses and defaulted on his loan, lend him any money? He has defaulted on so many loans and declared bankruptcy so many times. He has turned to Russia and China to bail him out. No wonder he will not release his tax returns. Banks in China and Russia are controlled and run by their governments, not private businessmen. Do we want a president who is in the back pocket of these dictators? Demand to see his tax returns.

Dick Hogle

La Puebla

Take away keys?

Drunken driving, distracted driving and now somebody plows into a crowded cafe. It wasn’t intentional, but did this elderly woman have any business driving?

Seniors, like everybody, have things to do and places to go. But there are many alternatives to driving. We have great, reliable bus service, there is a senior van, Santa Fe Ride, taxis and even working within neighborhoods to do errands close to home when possible.

Let’s address this problem now, law enforcement and Santa Feans, before the consequences get dire. Some of us don’t want to feel our lives are threatened by going to lunch.

Synthia Jones

Santa Fe

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