The jubilant atmosphere of New Year’s Eve on the Plaza was going strong until 11:30 p.m. Suddenly, the music stopped. And vainglorious speeches began — talk about killing the festive spirit. The mayor talked about the greatness of Santa Fe. A representative from Public Service Company of New Mexico — to whom many pay a bundle to light and heat their homes — predicted that Santa Fe’s celebration would outshine that of New York City, then proceeded to talk about PNM’s projects. A minor celebrity questioned whether Santa Fe was a town or a city. Notably, all of the speakers were male. After the countdown, a recorded version of the Mexican birthday song played, followed by a small, smoky fireworks display. Next year, have the speeches at the beginning (if at all) and let a group like Mariachi Buenaventura sing in the new year. Let’s acknowledge Santa Fe’s past and future, and have a good time doing it.

Kristin Truse

Santa Fe

Seeming greedy

Here’s a question about our U.S. Sens. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., and Tom Udall, D-N.M., and my Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Luján: Why are they interested in starting a new plutonium pit factory in Los Alamos (“Claim: Plutonium report ‘inherently flawed,’ ” Dec. 21.)?

Take a wild guess. Money. Special interest money. PAC money. Super PAC money. Lobbyist money. Corporate special-interest money. They do not care about New Mexico nor New Mexicans. They don’t care that this dirty industry will further pollute and contaminate the land in and around Los Alamos. They don’t care that the types of pollution and contamination this industry produces will cause more cancer cases in Northern New Mexico. They don’t care that the nuclear weapons industry is amoral. They care about money. They are politicians.

Doug Roberts

Santa Fe

Thanks for nothing

Now that Donald Trump and Republicans have given corporations a huge “permanent” tax cut, it should be challenged as unconstitutional. Making the tax cut permanent, in effect, created a permanent change to the 16th Amendment — a change that can only be done by following the procedure outlined in the U.S. Constitution itself.

If allowed to stand, those who voted for it should be prohibited from benefiting financially after leaving Congress. To not allow flexibility in making tax code changes that might be needed later is irresponsible and is clearly intended to make only working people pay the costs of trouble and endeavors that could come up in the times ahead.

I am not yet sure how much more I will get, but I am pretty sure it will not be enough to cover the increases in my phone bill, gas bill, light bill, water bill and of course, health insurance. To Democrats, I say, “Thanks for trying to stop it”; and to Republicans, I say, “Thanks for nothing.”

Rick Gonzales

Santa Fe

Confusing and deadly

The diverging diamond intersection where the Pilot Flying J truck stop might be built — near Interstate 25 and N.M. 14 — has proven to be confusing to residents of Santa Fe. Now add hundreds of trucks. Then add tired truck drivers to the mix. How many of these truck drivers have ever encountered a diverging diamond interchange? It is definitely a change-up from a traditional interchange traffic pattern. Then add any hotel and restaurant traffic to the mix. This will become the deadliest intersection in all of New Mexico within the first year of the truck stop opening, guaranteed. Safety and lives should come first.

Mark Preuss


Reconsider their name

It probably won’t affect how they play, but wouldn’t “Horsewomen” be a better nickname for the St. Michael’s girls teams than “Lady Horsemen?”

Marvin Lachman

Santa Fe

Thoughtless actions

I am a Jew, and one of the things I wanted to see in my lifetime was the establishment of Jerusalem as the real capital of Israel. I am fully aware that this issue is very sensitive to the Palestinian people and that to accomplish this goal, it must be done with their compliance. Donald Trump’s actions have only complicated the peace process and have resulted in unnecessary violence and deaths.

G. Gideon Rojas, MNL

Santa Fe

No to fireworks

Our three dogs trembled in panic and feared for their lives as the fireworks celebration took place downtown this New Year’s Eve. Those of us who have animals know what they go through and what we go through in order to calm them. Santa Feans love their animals, and I question the need for this invasion of all of our auditory space. We should not have to suffer so a few can celebrate. Fireworks need to be banned in the city limits. Everyone deserves to celebrate New Year’s Eve peacefully — especially our four-legged friends.

Dana Waldon

Santa Fe