I am shocked and dismayed at the admissions made in this piece (“Adjustment to energy act would protect consumers,” My View, Jan. 10) by three elected officials who voted for the Energy Transition Act without understanding what they were voting for. Really? It was 82 pages yet they did not fully comprehend the act? They wrote that, “We were unaware that the ETA, in language tucked into the 82-page bill, effectively removed PRC authority to oversee the amount of compensation the PNM would receive from its customers when it closes its old plants, and that this deregulation provision applied not only to its coal plants but to its gas and nuclear plants as well.” Later, they add: “Removing PRC supervision to protect the public was not in the title of the bill, and we did not understand this when we voted for the ETA.” Not that I disagree with the proposed modifications. But it’s unconscionable to vote for something you don’t understand.

Robert Novak

Santa Fe

Close call

If President Donald Trump had succeeded in bullying his way into staying in the White House, then I believe we would have been the United States of Russia, and forever suppressed under Vladimir Putin. Would Putin even let Trump and his family take refuge in the U.S.S.R.?

Martha Ferguson

Santa Fe

Ranting along

Since Jan. 7, I have read rant after rant about how horrible President Donald Trump is, how Republicans should be ashamed and repent, how Congress should dispense with due process and impeach Trump again for no crime, how Big Tech has every right to censor free speech and how President-elect Joe Biden will “unite” us all. Well, I pray you are right. But my bet is that as of Wednesday, Inauguration Day, this country will look more like Venezuela than the U.S. I grew up in. If that is what you want, you will get it. Good luck.

Cindy Katz

Santa Fe

Crisis moment

Do you really think that if President Donald Trump had won reelection in the swing states we would have heard one word about a fraudulent election from Trump, Rep. Yvette Herrell, Steve Pearce, Sen. Ted Cruz and all the other naysayers? Rather, they would have patted themselves on the back about how well the election was run. All these people have just contributed to the chaos around the election, lent support to the president’s lies and validated the fraudulent beliefs of the Trump worshippers. And now we are in a crisis our democracy may not survive.

Susannah Smith

White Rock

Aiding the gorillas

I was so sad to read the article (“Six park rangers ambushed, killed in Congo gorilla preserve” Jan. 12). Virunga National Park is the oldest park in the continent of Africa. The rangers there protect the endangered mountain gorilla living peacefully in the dense forests. These are brave and heroic rangers, many young and women. I just donated to the general park fund. Please consider making a donation to them or their fallen ranger fund, which supports the families of deceased and injured rangers. Go to virunga.org and donate now.

Ruth Agius

Santa Fe

(3) comments

Stefanie Beninato

Bob Are you really expecting legislators to read bills in their entirety? At one poin there were over 1400 bills in a 60 day session. No one is reading everyone of those bills. That is why they have legislative analysts who condense and summarize the bills. When Peter Wirth was a state rep, he told me he reads the Fiscal Impact Statements. Others have told me they consult with a party leader when determining to support a bill or not. You also need to recognize that this is a citizen legislature--they come from a variety of professions...not all lawyers who should be able to understand the sometimes confusing and obtuse language in these bills.

Philip Taccetta

Yes, the legislatures have way too much on their plates to be able to read most bills. A bill as important as one from PNM certainly deserved going over with a fine tooth comb. Even if a designated reader, or preferably several ehave to be paid, we can’t let slick lawyers bury important details in

80+ pages of text. Not that I don’t trust PNM, I just don’t trust PNM. The proof of that is in bill that passed will affect ratepayers for years.

Why can’t legislators at least go in to vote on a bill with synopsis of what’s in it instead of voting blind?

JC Corcoran

Thank you Ruth Agius. I just contributed! <3

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