First day of school in Mississippi. Dozens of excited first, second, third graders and more older students exit their classrooms and seek out their parents. Thanks to the horribly timed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests, their parents are gone. No government officials are present to help the terrorized little kids. How incredibly un-American, What an incredibly dark time in our history. Only local volunteers stepped in to help these kids in unbelievable crisis. Clearly ICE is our new and improved Gestapo. Dump Trump in 2020. Please.

Paul Marchand

Santa Fe

Hallowed roots

The spreading cottonwood recently felled in Sena Plaza and the trees that envelop our wooded hills share a connection (“The loss of a tree can leave a heavy heart,” Our View, Aug. 8). Both are cut down based on shortsighted fear.

Whether it’s falling limbs or fire, pause for a moment to consider our ignorance. Science says that a forest is a single organism connected by infinite biological pathways that allow trees to communicate and interact in intelligent ways. Perhaps that explains why we once worshipped in sacred groves that cathedrals invoke with their soaring, tree-like columns and ceilings converging high overhead penetrated by shafts of light. A blind rush to safety ignores both our hallowed roots and the inherent wisdom of a living forest. Learn more at

Sam Hitt


Santa Fe Forest Coalition

Santa Fe

Looking back

President Donald Trump told four female U.S. representatives of color, all U.S. citizens, to go back to where they came from. He calls immigrants and people of color “invaders.” But the truth is, most American blacks are descendants of Africans brought here in the 1500s to 1700s, long before Donald’s grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf, came from Germany in 1885 and grew rich on brothels. And most American Hispanics are the descendants of Indian/Spanish ancestors who lived here hundreds of years before Fred, Friedrich’s son, joined the KKK. And Native Americans were here thousands of years before that. So it is our fascist-in-chief who is the invader. Two of his wives are “invaders,” coming to the U.S. as adults. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has been a U.S. citizen longer than first lady Melania Trump. So it is the Drumpf, er, Trump family members, who should go back to where they came from. They’re the most un-American family here and the worst kind of invaders.

Susan McGrew

Santa Fe

Upkeep falls short

I’m in the process of returning to Santa Fe after living in Belen and Albuquerque. However, a drive through the streets has left me greatly disappointed. After driving down Albuquerque’s beautifully landscaped and maintained streets, Santa Fe’s lack of median and sidewalk maintenance is appalling. This is a tourist destination? Really? Downtown looks good, but how about the rest of the city? What gives? Even Belen looks better than Santa Fe.

Donna Ketcheson


Real travesty

President Donald Trump has to go sooner rather then later. Separating children from their parents and siblings is beyond cruel. I am a grandparent and I can’t begin to imagine the fear, terror and sadness these people (children and parents alike) are going through — it is beyond heartbreaking. All to “deter” immigrants. What a travesty, and don’t get me started on his hate-filled orations and their deadly consequences.

Dick Hogle

La Puebla