From 1998 through 2001, the federal government recorded a budget surplus. Bill Clinton was president. Since 2002 there have been budget deficits. I remember when we had a budget crisis and then-Sen. Pete Domenici said they should stop giving sound bites on TV and get in a back room and work on the budget.

Camille Morrison

Los Alamos

Welcoming all

I echo the sentiments of the writer (“A vote for Webber,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 20), as like her “I am not from here.” I am a resident of Santa Fe by choice, and not by incident of birth. I also own property here, pay taxes and subscribe to this paper.

Furthermore, I brought with me many years of civic experience in other similar cities but have found implicit exclusion by ethnicity and “not from here” to be barriers to the “test” of authenticity in civic affairs. I do not know any of the mayoral candidates, but I shall vote for the one who is welcoming, favors inclusion and does not openly appeal to endorse the irrelevant qualification of (“I’m from the same place you are,” My View, Sept. 19).

Betty Wilson

Santa Fe

By their actions

We think mayoral candidates should be judged by how they respond to issues important to their constituents.

At the height of public discussion in early 2020 about the proposed Richards Avenue crossing, we twice contacted our District 4 city councilors, Jamie Cassutt and JoAnne Vigil Coppler. Cassutt responded quickly and thoughtfully both times. We still are awaiting Vigil Coppler’s replies. Is this how she would act as mayor?

Susan Kellogg and William Walker

Santa Fe

Get the picture

Earl Potter missed the point (“Pay attention,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28). He noted that no city councilors endorsed JoAnne Vigil Coppler for mayor. Councilor Renee Villarreal got it right — councilors making endorsements, and the mayor asking for their endorsements, fosters division and undermines the unity that JoAnne Vigil Coppler and Alan Webber say they value. The councilors who refrained from making endorsements understand the larger picture.

Elise Rosenhaupt Noble

Santa Fe

A merger to support

When our state’s economy thrives, it’s good for everyone. Like many New Mexicans, I want to see a future that reflects our unique heritage and our role in a complex and competitive global economy. That’s why the proposed merger between the Public Service Company of New Mexico and Avangrid is good for New Mexicans and why I am supportive.

Avangrid is an experienced electric utility with considerable financial resources that will help New Mexico meet future energy needs, keep electricity affordable for ratepayers, and facilitate the historic transition to renewables outlined in the 2019 Energy Transition Act. I encourage the Public Regulation Commission to vote “yes” in supporting this merger.

Bob Murphy

executive director,

Economic Forum


Dump the beef

I was caught flat-footed by your recent editorial praising McDonald’s for getting rid of a plastic toy included in its Happy Meals (“McDonald’s aims for greener Happy Meal,” Our View, Sept. 27). The editorial misses the forest for the trees. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane, pound for pound, is 25 times more effective as a heat-trapping gas as CO2 over a 100 year period. The biggest domestic source of methane? Domestic agriculture, especially animal agriculture.

Further, rampant deforestation is largely driven by the global demand for meat production. Eliminating a plastic toy is therefore largely irrelevant to the environmental impact restaurants like McDonald’s have due to the mass marketing of beef and other animal products. Perhaps we’d be better off had McDonald’s stuck with the toys and got rid of the beef.

Khal Spencer

Santa Fe

(8) comments

Mike Johnson

Indeed Ms. Morrison, we do miss the likes of Pete, and even Jeff, compared to our 2 current Senators, they were competent and cared about all New Mexicans, as well as the fiscal health of the nation. We have lost so much in DC over the years.

Janet Eduardo

Betty Wilson, thank you! I find the "you weren't born here" bias in Santa Fe somewhat disconcerting and to have a Mayoral candidate espouse that bias is somewhat baffling. I would like to see a Mayor that represents ALL Santa Feans, not just cartain groups. As yu state, some of us chose to live here, we pay taxes and we deserve a voice just like everyone else.

Mike Johnson

Oh but Khal, those plastic toys are made from evil fossil fuels, they must be eliminated if we are to save the planet....right?

Jim Klukkert

Yes indeed Mike, so glad you finally get it. Keep those "evil fossil fuels" in the ground.

Myself, I don't call inanimate objects evil, though I do understand that one might, given the massively popular enthusiasm to fight Global Climate Disruption.

Perhaps you are reluctant to call your former employers "evil," though the bulk of the population agrees with that characterization. I personally see Big Energy Climate Change Deniers as ignorant or duplicitous, certainly selfish and shortsighted.

Evil seems a little extreme. But Big Energy might be wary of large groups of young people with torches and pitchforks!

Mike Johnson

Remember the words of Gandhi, if you want to see change, then do it yourself, walk, bike, or take only non-fossil fuel public transit, stop using and buying any plastics or anything made with fossil fuels, use only non-fossil fuel electricity, si se puede amigo! Good luck and have fun.

Khal Spencer

Dose defines the poison, eh? I guess I was evil from the time I got out of the womb, given the huge battle fleet and air force I had in my bedroom as a kid, courtesy of those little plastic model kits I put together with Testor's Glue. Anyone for an fifteen inch long model of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt along with Iowa class battleship, Baltimore class heavy cruiser, and several DD's and DEs as escorts? I bet they are all still in my kid bedroom somewhere....

Mike Johnson

My son and I built many of these models, including lots of B-1s, B-2s, B-52s, B-17s, etc. He still has all of them.[thumbup]

Khal Spencer

Mine were mostly WW II vintage. I think I personally kept Revell in business.

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