If every vaccinated adult were able to convince just one vaccine-resister to get the shot, the pandemic would disappear. I’m sure just about every vaccinated person knows someone who won’t get the shot. In my case, it was my sister. We had many conversations about it, and finally, the tone of them became very heated and unpleasant.

When she said she was concerned about side effects, I asked her if she would be concerned about the side effect of being dead from not getting the shot. That did not go over well. Suffice to say, subtlety is not my strong suit in these situations. Nonetheless, she got the shots, and she actually thanked me for pushing so hard. My daughter went through the same process with a long-term friend (although I am sure she was more diplomatic than her dad). But, she finally persuaded her resisting friend to get the vaccine.

Just one. That’s all. Problem solved.

Robert Mang

Santa Fe

Turn down the noise

Thanks, Joe! (“The sound and fury: Quality of life takes a back seat,” Making It Through, July 20). I applaud Joe Schepps’ attempt to turn the noise down and having a sense of humor when the attempt failed. I understand our city government has a committee called Quality of Life and wonder what exactly it accomplishes. From everything I read in The New Mexican, not much, I guess. Weeds, trash, speeding, red light running, vehicle noise, fireworks … on and on, according to residents. I seriously doubt the perpetrators read the local paper, which alleviates their responsibility to recognize their shameful behavior, immaturity and lack of community manners. My drug of choice, too, as I see Santa Fe’s lowest denominators, is ironical humor. Keeps the blood pressure down.

Marcia Wolf

Santa Fe

Be an ally

How interesting — but not really surprising — that an Associated Press article (“Female surfers overcome sexism’s toll to earn berths,” July 20) about female surfers overcoming sexism includes a sexist quote from the CEO of USA Surfing, Greg Cruse. Cruse explains why it took so long for the surfing community to address sexism and inequity by stating, “It took a while for the women to complain about it.” Cruse and others who would blame an oppressed group for not speaking up about their oppression and then wait to do something about it only when members of that group “complain,” would be wise to consider that they, too, have an important role to play in proactively addressing injustice. Perhaps he could be coached on what it means to be an active ally. Remind him that if he’s not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem.

Judith Gabriele

Santa Fe

Worthy of study

I study law enforcement, and the principle priority is “to protect life and property.” Can I use this to understand Daniel J. Chacón’s story on state Sen. Joseph Cervantes (“Church denies Communion to lawmaker,” July 20)? Can it be said that the bishop of the Diocese of Las Cruces is protecting life of the Eucharist, Communion? Could it be said that Cervantes is voting for protecting property? What happens when protecting property clashes with protecting life? Are reproductive rights based on the idea that a body is a person’s property? Do people “deserve the property of their body?” In this case, does the bishop deserve the right to administer Communion of the body? This takes study. Joseph Cervantes is a beautiful name. Live up to it.

James Langenbrunner, Ph.D.

Santa Fe

Centered with water

In reply to Anita Warren’s suggestion (“History should be center of the Plaza,” Letters to the Editor, July 12) to include educational plaques within the new Plaza centerpiece: I think we would find ourselves lost sorting through all the versions in a well-intended effort to finally get it right. Let’s just make a nice form of waterwork — a tribute to something we can all agree on and keep looking for a common version in the many libraries and museums and, of course, the clouds and sunsets.

Doug Doran

Santa Fe

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Andrew Lucero

Doug, Doug, Doug. How long have you been here? … You can always tell who the transplants are by their clueless and moronic comments about the obelisk and their desire to replace it with their fairytale public water art project.

Khal Spencer


Kimberly Duran

This paper is nothing but fear mongering and propaganda. Wake up Santa Fe! It's so sad to see the many that have bought the lies.

Stefanie Beninato

I guess you have not been reading comments about the obelisk, Doug. Water is not a common denominator that will bring people together. We have and still have long standing claims to water that are not fully adjudicated. Some people are still unhappy about the Aamodt settlement. Do a little reading on water rights and you might change your statement.

mark Coble

Survival rates for healthy people under 75? If you had covid you now have antibodies. Is that science still accepted by fear and panic crowd? How many have recovered from covid and now immune? Good luck to all those long term experimental shot subjects. Side effects statistics?

Russell Scanlon

The “side effects” are that COVID goes away. Just like polio, measles, chicken pox, etc. But yeah—keep talking about “fear and panic” when you are being intubated.

Cheryl Odom


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