I salute Richard Rudman for his generosity in giving his stimulus check to charity (“Overstimulated,” Letters to the Editor, March 28).

While some people may have received checks they didn’t need, getting the stimulus money out quickly to the millions who needed it desperately trumped (no pun intended) taking longer and targeting recipients more specifically. I urge others who are in Rudman’s situation to support their preferred local charity. These are local folks doing important work.

And while you are at it, please consider www.ksfr.org for a donation.

Our dedicated staff and great volunteers bring Northern New Mexico local news, great music, Dave Marash, the BBC news service and other first-rate programming every day.

Peter Smith

chairman, KSFR Board of Directors

Santa Fe

Avoid the pain

In his letter (“Prepare for pain,” March 21) Raymond Lopez argues Democrats are selling out our children’s future for checks worth $1,400.

The folks selling out the future of planet Earth are those who support the fossil fuel industry. Fact: Consumption of fossil fuels is altering the climate and destroying life as we know it. Fact: The fossil fuel industry and its investors profit from that destruction.

Pain is indeed coming to all New Mexicans, in the form of drought, higher temperatures and withering agriculture. We have the fossil fuel industry to thank for that.

Great effort must be made to help their employees to transition to other well-paying employment.

The employees are not the problem; rather, it is the climate change denying profiteers who are holding New Mexico hostage.

The longer we wait to free ourselves, the worse the damage to our environment and public health.

Jeff Sussmann

Santa Fe

Who wins?

Yes, it looks like the governor has achieved what her lobbies have paid her to accomplish — the legalization of cannabis. New Mexico is a poor state.

We all know this.

Raising taxes is so important that the normal agenda needs to be extended how many times?

As many as it takes.

So she will sign the legislation and proclaim victory for the state and who else?

Political leaders will say anything to serve those who they owe or who own them.

Ask yourselves: Why did it take another special session and who wins?

Charles McKool

Santa Fe

Not normal

America is the only high-income country where “getting back to normal” after a pandemic means shootings resume in places where people should be safe.

But despite COVID-19 lockdowns, 2020 was one of the deadliest years on record with an estimated 19,300 people killed in gun homicides or nonsuicide-related shootings — a 25 percent increase over 2019.

Over 100 people in America are shot and killed every day, and over 230 are wounded.

Mass shootings are the tip of the iceberg of this country’s gun violence crisis.

Over 99 percent of gun deaths in the U.S. are homicides and suicides.

And more guns than ever before — likely 50 million — were purchased in the last year alone.

Tell your senators to act. Now.

Paul Bacon

Hallandale Beach, Fla.

Altered vision

Somehow Innovation Village does not fit into my vision for Santa Fe. (“Innovation Village aims to combine tech and housing,” March 30).

By the time a development of this kind is a reality, so much more of this beautiful, fragile land, its life and resources will have been taken.

The project described in this article sounds and feels like one of my worst nightmares — Nuevo Silicon Valley — simply because John Rizzo needs something to do in his retirement.

Margo Murray

Santa Fe

(4) comments

Lee DiFiore

So Paul Bacon, defunding and neutering the police had nothing to do with an increase in gun violence? Look more closely at where those increases were most profound and you will find how closely the two align. And look at who runs all those cities. Elections have consequences, increased violence is but one of them.

Jim Klukkert

Lee DiFiore deflecting once again.

Please Mr. DiFiore, what cities have had their PD defunded and neutered? [What cities have that many surgeons, or did they geld the PD with Veterinarians?]

Your comment is laughable, except that it fosters further division through false issues.

Yes, most urban areas are governed by Democrats. Most urban dwellers vote for their interests. Easy point for an opportunist like yourself.

Lee DiFiore

Start with Minneapolis jimbo. Check their police funding and recent crime rates. When you're done, look into Portland and Seattle. Our big cities are in decline, and all run by dems. Or you didn't make the connection jimbo?

Jim Klukkert

Mr. DiFiore asks me to look into his claim that “defunding and neutering the police” has led to “an increase in gun violence,” specifically referring to 3 US cities.

Rubbish. It would take a more exhaustive study of the over 70 US cities with populations of 500,000+, to prove or disprove DiFiore’s ludicrous claim. I could find no published peer reviewed studies of this alleged link . Perhaps we might ask Tucker Carlson.

What makes DiFiore’s claim so ludicrous, is that the demand to ‘Defund the Police!’ first surfaced as a Chant at demonstrations less than three years ago.

We should believe that in the 3 years, ‘Defund the Police!’ has evolved from a Street Chant has Evolved into established, widespread Urban Policy?


DeFunding of the Minneapolis Police did not happen any time recently, and certainly not since the murder of George Floyd. In December 2020, the City Council shifted a whopping 0.044% of the PD budget to “to expand other services, including violence prevention and mental health crisis response teams,” whilst police staffing remained at the same levels.

The ‘Defunding of the Police,’ with a corresponding rise in crime, did not happen anywhere. Crime may be rising or falling, but not because of a Street Chant. Cities are having a hard time, no doubt, but Mr. DiFiore has not a glimmer why that is happening.

Rubbish, Mr. DiFiore, Rubbish.

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