I’ll bet many of you older readers remember, as I do, that your mother said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Probably few of us could stick to that old-fashioned notion but it was a great goal to shoot for. Now it seems that hate speech is rampant. Unfortunately, it’s not illegal to insult someone or some group to the point they feel devastated. The current head of our country and many of those around him are making hate speech something to shoot for — but the shooting sometimes involves a gun. Free speech should not mean having a free-for-all with hate.

Lou Finley

Santa Fe

Dig deeper

Please stop stating the obvious about our president. Let’s dig deeper — for things that contradict public degradation — the friendships, courage, pastimes and devotions that demonstrate seeds of renewal whose telling is co-opted by outrage.

My affectionate friendships with immigrant workers and citizen workers, faithful and complicated friends, suffers as public outrage stokes rage over compassion. When I read about civic assaults I don’t read about the gifts of our common experience.

It is time to give up our addictions to a sense of injustice, being wronged, the horror and get back to the work of renewal. Let’s share a cup of coffee with each other and talk about what we love — right here, on the Opinions page. Let’s turn this upside-down story back upright.

Greg Stark

Santa Fe

Can’t be bought

While shopping at Home Depot recently, I noticed that the store sold spines (for binding papers). I was tempted to buy enough to send one to each member of Congress, two to each Republican. But then I reasoned that if they had spines, they would not know what to do with one. Mailing them would be a waste of my time, so I decided against doing so. But I do wish each would grow one.

Gary W. Rodenz

Santa Fe

Bad bedfellows

Nothing will change as long as the GOP and the National Rifle Association are in bed together.

Dale Stevens

White Rock

Reboot DNC

The Democrats have lost the 2020 election with their recent TV candidate debates. Everything there on TV, verbal and visual, was recorded by the Trump team and snippets will be used to show the dysfunction and extremes of the Democrat party. The Democratic National Committee has lost control of the party, and the whole DNC “group” should be fired, even though it is too late for 2020. Maybe a new team can save in 2024.

Allen Brown

Santa Fe

Helpful librarians

Kindness is too often rare and it is a beautiful thing. I would like too give a big thank you for a kindness given to me at my favorite La Farge Branch Library on Aug. 1. My battery died and I received help from the librarians there. Thank you.

Kenny Goering

Santa Fe

Prized and sold

Regarding photo of Karmel the goat and child on front page (“Proud of a prize pig — or sheep, or goat,” Aug. 3): Can it be explained to me, how this beautiful, loving, adorable, cuddly goat has more reason to be slaughtered than your adorable, cuddly, loving pets — kitties and doggies, etc.?

This photo pains me deeply. How can a child raise this being that is so loving, and allow it to be sold — by the pound? I am extremely perplexed by the heartlessness of our human race.

Tobi Wilde

Santa Fe

Enforce the law

I fully agree with William Beerman of Las Cruces (“Loud, smelly, obnoxious,” Letters of the Editor, Aug. 1), concerning the very loud cars and trucks that are allowed to pollute our beautiful city.

City (Noise) Ordinance 10-2.9 is very clear about no-muffler and “modified” muffler cars and trucks being illegal and subject to police traffic stops. Why is this ordinance not being enforced? These vehicles destroy the ambience and atmosphere of our beautiful city and should be banned. The law is there — enforce it.

Robert Marcum

Santa Fe