As a third-generation Santa Fean, I am concerned about the number of apartments and construction projects I see around town. Why are we destroying our beautiful city? We have to demand our elected officials explain to us how they can turn Santa Fe, a jewel of history, into just another sprawling, ugly city. Please tell us: Where is the precious water going to come from to service this growth? How do you plan to provide the infrastructure needed to support more people living here — and also the tourists who come to see the City Different? Will tourists really want to come to Santa Fe if it’s just another sprawling, congested city? I don’t even want to know, but tell me: Where do you think all the people are going to come from to occupy these high-priced apartments, and where are they going to work? How is all of this benefiting Santa Fe short- and long-term?

I have seen a lot of changes to Santa Fe’s unique character over the years, but this is an assault. We must protect Santa Fe and ensure it isn’t doomed by poor planning. Santa Fe isn’t just another city; it is historically unique. Let’s look beyond short-term ambition and preserve Santa Fe as the City Different.

Evalinda Walrack

Santa Fe

Let Airport Auto Acres be

For some of us locals, Airport Auto Acres is the only real, non-touristy place left in Santa Fe. Leave it alone.

Richard Barrett

Santa Fe

Radon testing tip

I bought my home 3 ½ years ago in the Sandoval addition on the north side of Santa Fe. I did not have a radon test performed before buying the home. From spring 2020 on, I steadily have become sicker. I believed it to be mold in my kitchen. I recently had my kitchen gutted. No mold. Someone suggested I have my home radon tested, and it was above the normal level that is healthy. I immediately had my house mitigated. If you look up the symptoms of radon poisoning, I had all of them except pneumonia or bronchitis — but there is no treatment, only limiting further exposure. For everyone who’s buying or renting a home, or if you have unexplained symptoms, test your home for radon. You can purchase a home radon test. Mine was done by a professional company.

C. Kenyon

Santa Fe

Hydrogen has dangers

Regarding the piece (“With hydrogen, ‘clean should be colorblind,” My View, Dec. 19) and all other articles on the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel: While it is true that hydrogen (a carbon-free fuel) when burned produces only water and would seem to be a clean fuel, hydrogen is exceedingly dangerous. That is because it is the only substance we know that has a reverse coefficient of expansion. Most gases cool down when they expand (i.e., they get cold when they are released from a pressurized tank). But hydrogen gas heats up when it expands and explodes in the presence of oxygen. This is the cause of severe explosions in glass blowing laboratories in science departments at universities. Fortunately, most glass blowers use only natural gas (methane). Hydrogen flames only are needed when working with quartz.

Charles F. Hammer

retired professor, chemistry

Santa Fe

Closer to neutral

Now that Cheeks has closed, Santa Fake will have achieved its goal of gender neutral and safe sexless. Also, anyone who sends in a letter and uses the term “the City Different” unironically should be permanently exiled to the ’Burque War Zone.

Ed Fields

Santa Fe

(18) comments

Grace Trujillo

Ms. Walrack - We need to worry about the people that they are voting in as Mayor. Mr. Webber doesn't care about our city or our people. You didn't mention the traffic in Santa Fe. Our streets are not equipped for all of the traffic. They can't handle the traffic that we have. The mayor isn't think about our city. We need to vote a mayor that is understanding and caring about US. They reelected a mayor that just thinks of expansion instead of how we're all going to fit in this town.

William Walker

Ms Trujillo, Your words "They reelected" carry little weight. Barely 30 percent of our citizens voted in the election. If those who did not vote constitute your "US", then "US" did Santa Fe a real disservice if "US" would have voted for someone other than Webber. The blame, if that is what it is, for Webber's relection falls squarely on those who shirked their civic duty.

Khal Spencer

Just watched Michael Moore's Farenheit 11-9 last night. Mr. Moore noted that far more people didn't bother showing up in 2016 than voted for either candidate, Trump or Clinton. So the real winner was the Apathy Party. We get the government we deserve.

Richard Reinders

[thumbup] well said,

Khal Spencer

Perhaps in some ways Santa Fe is unique, but it is not unique in that every city has inhabitants who need a place to live. Anyone have any better ideas on how to build affordable housing rather than essentially saying "get lost"?

Paul White

Yes, we do. Check us out and consider joining:

Kiki Martinez

It all comes down to a large percentage of outsider money (this includes people that live out of state and many of those who have transplanted themselves here) that supported Webber both elections - investments - both financial and political with no morals or conscience. They do not care about the people of Santa Fe - they have bought their way in and could care less about how they have and continue to ruin our city and disrespect our culture, yet all the while enjoy making a profit and planning more destruction.

David Doty

So people who moved here from out of state (as my wife and I did 12 years ago) have "no morals or conscience," and presumably shouldn't be allowed to support candidates or vote in local elections? How long do you have to live in Santa Fe to acquire the lofty "morals and conscience" that you no doubt have? Does one need to be born here? Or have a Hispanic surname? Or do one's parents or grandparents need to be from here? And what exactly is "your culture" that we've supposed to respect? If I really said what I think of your remarks it would be [censored].

Stefanie Beninato

Evalinda Walrack Exactly what are you doing to preserve Santa Fe? Do you belong to any historic preservation group? Do you regularly attend H Board and Planning Commission and City Council meetings and speak out or submit written comments? If you have not done any of the above, I hope you will take constructive action in 2022 to preserve our history.

Paul White

Stefanie, check out:

Charlotte Rowe

Evalinda, you are correct. It all comes down to greed. The developers who see a quick buck to make cheap, substandard apartments that don't even hint at belonging to our city's cultural traditions. The officials who approved these monstrosities, who are probably getting a kickback either in the form of actual monetary gain or campaign support so they can stay in power. As for the water, until our leaders start taking it seriously enough to forbid the frivolous waste that goes on in the form of golf course watering, inappropriate landscaping, leaking infrastructure and no consequences for major offenders, they're not going to care about increased personal use by way of high density housing needs either.

Paul White

Charlotte, check out:

Paul Groh

Wow, Ed Fields. If “Cheeks” to you represents affirmation of gender and also “sex”….talk to someone. A strip bar, btw, does not make a City Different.

Richard Reinders

I think Ed was referring to the continued homogenizing of Santa Fe .

Richard Reinders

It’s already too late for Santa Fe, when you elect outsiders with no cultural connection or sense of history this is what you get. Water won’t be an issue when they start charging $1.00 a gallon,

David Doty

"Outsiders" I guess I'm an "outsider" because my wife and I have only lived here for 12 years. How long does one have to live in Santa Fe in order to qualify as an "insider"?

Richard Reinders

I am only referring to one outsider, it’s ok to be an outsider as long as you respect the culture and history of where you move to. I always say leave like you find it.

William Mee

Only a day. IF----you come from New York City and have come to appreciate everything Santa Fe is: culture, history, charm. AND DON'T SAY: by golly, Santa Fe should be more like New York City....

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