Hurrah to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for taking a stand against making New Mexico the nuclear waste capital of the United States (“Lujan Grisham comes out against radioactive waste storage in N.M.,” June 8). Her moral courage in standing up to entrenched interests, the bureaucrats of the Trump administration, and for the citizens of New Mexico, is laudable.

John McClure

Santa Fe

Money and politics

In case anyone does not know, Los Alamos National Bank is now owned by Enterprise Bank & Trust of St. Louis (“Enterprise Bank & Trust experiences hiccup in takeover,” June 7). This is the same Missouri that recently enacted draconian laws against abortion (“ ‘Supreme Revenge’ puts court battles in perspective,” Our View, May 21), taking away women’s rights concerning their own bodies.

Ken Weaver


More is less

The Trump administration proposal, reported in The New Mexican (“Plan would expand hunting, fishing,” Associated Press, June 7), would open most of the nation’s wildlife refuges to hunting and fishing, within state law restrictions. The purpose of the refuge system is to provide sanctuary to migratory and nonmigratory species, some of which are threatened or endangered, during their reproductive seasons, during the stressful migration experience and throughout the critical overwintering season.

The National Wildlife refuges were established because migratory species were experiencing unsustainable hunting pressures throughout their total range, pressures that had the potential of being species extinction events. The refuge system is why there are still sufficient migratory waterfowl to sustain waterfowl hunting, and why some very vulnerable species still exist. Removing the sanctuary status of the national refuge system will increase mortality pressures on important species, destroying, among other things, future hunting opportunities. It is an abysmally bad plan.

H. Short

Santa Fe

Informing the public

The Santa Fe County Democratic Party is sponsoring a forum, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Road. The title of the forum is: “Nuclear Wasteland — New Mexico? WIPP and Holtec, Nuclear Waste Projects.

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant already exists near Carlsbad — and a new nuclear waste facility is being proposed by Holtec International in the same area. Panel members will be presented with prepared questions regarding these two projects. It is not a question-and-answer debate; it is an informational discussion.

On Saturday, The New Mexican published a story, “Lujan Grisham comes out against radioactive waste storage in N.M.” Her problem was with the proposed Holtec project, not WIPP.

Barney Magrath

Santa Fe