It is time for a new Underground Railroad to save the women of Texas. This vigilante, anti-woman move cannot be allowed.

Brooke Remmert

Santa Fe

Loony state

Help me to understand. A handicapped 12-year-old girl is raped and impregnated. She discusses the alternatives with her mother, who is promptly sued by a gun-toting QAnon crazy who now will be rewarded $10,000 plus legal costs. Only in the Loon Star State.

Jay Redack

Santa Fe

Voting’s the answer

The Republicans of Texas have done it again. Abortion rights have been destroyed, with the help of a Supreme Court packed by President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell and a group of filibustering senators. They talk about the loss of the lives of innocent embryos. How about the loss of lives of desperate women in self-abortion? How about unwanted babies growing up where they are not welcome?

Of course, this is just the most recent fiasco. How about eliminating mask and inoculation mandates? Can Texans ignore the COVID-19 deaths in overcrowded hospitals?

They do love the death penalty even though innocent people are sometimes killed. The Texans topped it off by making voting more difficult. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Texas? But this disease may spread. What can we do? Get out the vote. Thinking people will do what’s needed.

Bill Maxon

Santa Fe

Now what?

Now that gun-toting religious fundamentalists have taken over, what are we going to do? I am, of course, speaking of Texastan.

Steve Saylor

Santa Fe

Scale back grazing

A reader recently commented about the number of livestock and associated damage to the Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness in particular (“Grass-fed beef: There’s a hidden cost,” My View, Sept. 5).

The comments are timely in that the Santa Fe National Forest just issued an updated draft plan for the future management of the forest.

The current draft appears to maintain the status quo with regard to livestock grazing, justifying grazing as a “traditional cultural” activity that aids small ranchers. However, the Forest Service’s own statistics show a huge increase in recreational use of our forests with over 1 million visitors to the Santa Fe National Forest alone.

It is past time for the Forest Service to scale back this archaic activity of cattle grazing, particularly in designated wilderness areas like the Pecos. The last time I checked the definition of wilderness, it did not include cows, cow trails and cow patties.

Steve Rice

Santa Fe

Theocracy in America

The new Texas law, effectively banning abortion, blatantly disregards the current law of the land in Roe v. Wade. As a recent editorial cartoon suggested, Texans have little, if any, concern over regulations about the gun epidemic or wearing a mask for the general public health, but they feel a women’s uterus should be highly regulated.

Once the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, then I suggest states can ignore that new law of the land and enact their own laws regarding abortion, just like Texas has done. Of course, what’s left of the courts in our republic will then go after those states with a vigor clearly absent with the Texas law.

We are slowly marching toward theocratic fascism in this country with the full approval of the right’s misinformation and “Christian” merchants, which includes an alarming number of those elected — allegedly to uphold the constitution. It is interesting that so many on the right have been adamantly against any country ruled by a theocracy (sorry, I meant any Islamic country), but seem to have no problem being on the forefront of creating such a theocracy here in the name of Christianity, many without even realizing they are being complicit.

If this is alarming to you, please join the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( and help keep a check on religion’s supernaturalism and the misuse of your tax dollars to that end, through their legal department, which is very active all across the country.

David Ford

Santa Fe

(3) comments

Jerrie Eaton

There is no gun epidemic and Texas has not banned abortions. There seems to be some seriously uninformed people posting here !

Jim Klukkert

So Jerrie Eaton, a woman who is two months pregnant, or 6 1/2 weeks pregnant, can legally obtain an abortion in Texas? Is that true?

Charlotte Rowe

Agreed. We need to do whatever is possible to dismantle and destroy the Texas Taliban. They are a cesspool of immoral, dictatorial, tyranny. Shameful to have to tolerate such a neighbor.

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