Let’s agree that Santa Feans working downtown need parking options (“Want local shoppers? Improve parking,” Our View, Aug. 28). For our unidentified shopper who goes to Albuquerque, here are some alternative facts. Gas in New Mexico costs about $2.50 per gallon versus $4, as it did in mid-2008, or $3.80 per gallon in 2011.

For a round trip of 130 miles, a shopper today spends close to $11.50 on gas, assuming 26 miles per gallon. Based on 2011 figures, he or she saves $7.70. So, save wear and tear on car and self — park in our garages. Two hours equals $3; three hours equals $5. Either spend the extra money here, or contribute so the city can pay someone to pick weeds. To use a phrase from former Vice President Joe Biden: “Folks, this parking thing is malarkey!”

Bill Walker

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