The wildfire season has come on early and strong. As in many dire situations, New Mexicans always come together in great numbers to support their own.

While there are thousands of New Mexicans displaced by the fires, there are so many more who want to help. Please take a moment to consider resources. Are those needs already being met? Are you aware of the specific supplies that are needed? Do you know if there is storage where you are taking the supplies? Will there be volunteers or agency personnel to sort these donations?

In any disaster situation, The Food Depot leans on its well-established disaster plan. This allows the food bank to put a plan in place and to work with the appropriate state and county agencies, and partner agencies when called upon. This also includes informing us what is needed, how much and when. Finally, the outpouring of support is truly amazing and there aren’t enough thank-you’s, especially in these emotional times. Looking ahead, unfortunately, there are going to be many opportunities to donate and provide continued support. We will be ready with you.

Jennifer West

community engagement coordinator

The Food Depot

Check the forecast

My expertise is in structural fire suppression, but I have some knowledge of wildland fire suppression, having for example worked directly with the latter community in adapting an entirely new fire suppression technology developed by the U.S. Forest Service for use in structural firefighting worldwide. I have grown tired of reading letters to the editor written by people who clearly have no knowledge of wildland fire suppression, claiming “everyone with internet service knew it was a dangerous high wind day.” One group that was quite aware of the weather forecast was the controlled burn crew, as controlled burns must follow a thorough set of regulations before being conducted.

One item used is to request and use National Weather Service Spot Weather Forecasts. You can read about this service at Such forecasts were issued for the live fire burns in New Mexico; this has been published in such sources as The Santa Fe New Mexican and has been ignored by every single letter writer. The fact is the Spot Weather Forecast for the area of the Hermits Peak Fire showed that only very light winds were predicted. Weather predictions can, of course, turn out to be incorrect, and that is what happened in the afternoon hours of the controlled burn, when unexpected high winds developed and quickly overtook the planning documents for this controlled burn.

John Liebson

Santa Fe

Use the power

Gail Robertson had the right idea about Roe v. Wade (“Terms stated,” Letters to the Editor, May 5). I just want to add some additional thoughts. In the mid-400 B.C., a play was written called Lysistrata. She was fed up with the long Peloponnesian War, so she organized the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands. In more recent times, the Iroquois women withheld sex to end unregulated warfare. In 2003, Lehmah Gbowee organized a sex strike to end Liberia’s civil war. She later received a Nobel Peace Prize. In Colombia, women did the same, and the murder rate between 2003 and 2019 fell 26.5 percent. In 2009, Kenyan women withheld sex until the political infighting stopped. Within one week there was a stable government.

Let’s not forget that women have power.

Treva Bachand

Santa Fe

A community helps

Girl Scout Troop 10689 would like to thank all the individuals and businesses who have donated fabric and yarn to us so we could make blankets to donate. With your support, we were able to donate 150 blankets to the youth shelters, animal shelter and to families who have lost everything in the fires. The girls have learned the importance of helping your community with your help.

Julia Bustamante

Santa Fe

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