A group of Santa Fe student musicians have returned from our sister city, Icheon, South Korea, where they performed in the highly successful Global Music Concert. The concert was organized by Icheon Mayor Eam Tai-Joon, and unlike a competitive performance, the Santa Fe students were cooperatively organized with delegations from Japan, China, South Korea, the USA and Limoges, France. Then this international orchestra, under the baton of an Icheon conductor, jointly, diligently and harmoniously practiced for its unified performance.

This special format gave rise to instant camaraderie and challenged each student delegation to rise above its local identity. The intense bonding among students and the higher inspirational musical level were deeply rewarding. The Santa Fe Sister City Youth Orchestra members come are from Mandela International Magnet School, Santa Fe Waldorf School and the New Mexico School for the Arts. Special thanks to Meow Wolf. A video journal can be seen at: facebook.com/orchfesticheon.

Jeff Case, Ph.D.


Sister Cities Committee

Santa Fe

Make a difference

I am a proud American who has lived in beautiful Santa Fe for 13 years. About two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with an advanced terminal case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As I watch the news every day, I am shocked to see the hatred and discrimination in this great country. I fear to think how bad it will get. Will neighbor be fighting neighbor? Will the young ever feel safe again? Will democracy and our Constitution survive this wave of evil?

We are a great people. We are the leaders of the free world. In this country there is no room for hatred, discrimination or bigotry of any kind. We are all bound together as one people, trying to make this planet a better place. You all have the opportunity to make this happen; unfortunately, I can no longer help. My time will soon be over.

Jerry Alpert

Santa Fe

Sophisticated scam

Recently, I got a spam that was from amazonprime15507@gmail.com showing that I had ordered $6,000 of merchandise. It appeared legitimate and had an 800 number to call if I suspected this was a fraudulent order. The people answering the phone gave multiple instructions on what to do to have the charge removed from my Amazon account.

While trying to work this out, my son talked to them on the phone and determined this was a scam. Since they seemed to have too much information about me, I immediately cancelled my credit cards (though no fraudulent charges were on them) and requested new ones with new numbers. I then contacted Amazon, which confirmed for me that no such order had been placed there. Amazon did want all the information about the spam attempt, which I supplied. Amazon also provided me with an email — stop-spoofing@amazon.com — in case I ever had any difficulty again.

Just be warned. The crooks are becoming more sophisticated, and so must we be.

Suzanne Schutze


Step up

Commonsense gun laws can help reduce suffering. As has happened in several recent shootings, many shooters show warning signs and threatening behaviors before their attacks. Extreme risk laws allow family members and law enforcement to petition a court to remove guns temporarily from individuals demonstrating risky and dangerous behavior. This has been shown to saves lives in other states, because it allows a process to disarm someone who could be a danger to themselves or others. It is supported by law enforcement and physicians organizations across the country. We don’t yet have these laws in New Mexico — but we could if we work together.

As a physician who takes care of people affected by gun violence, and as a daughter, cousin and niece of law enforcement officers, I hope that as responsible citizens, we can all step up and support our elected leaders doing the same.

Eileen Barrett, M.D., MPH