In my 80 years on this Earth, I have never written a letter to the editor of a newspaper, but today is the day! The state’s decision to close grocery stores is stupid, ridiculous and dangerous. Do we stand in line in the cold for pickup and takeout? How healthy is that?

Jean McCullough

Santa Fe

Conference to watch

In a town of big events and creativity, I wanted to draw our citizens’ attention to a Santa Fe-based global journalism conference going on through Dec. 3.

The Santa Fe Council on International Relations is putting on its third Journalism Under Fire conference, bringing together journalistic minds from around the world, and this year, doing so via Zoom. The theme of this year’s conference is Covering Crisis, which seems just about as on point as the organizers could get.

The high-quality lineup shows that the conference has struck a chord in the journalism community, and the citizens of Santa Fe are the better for it. This is a particularly important time for deep discussions about the future of journalism, how global crises are covered and what we actually do with the information journalists present us.

You can purchase tickets at and find replays on the Santa Fe Council on International Relations YouTube channel.

Patrick Talamantes

Santa Fe

Not acceptable

The photo that accompanied Sunday’s front page teaser (“ ‘Close ain’t OK’: Lobos lose 12th straight game,” Nov. 15) about the University of New Mexico Lobos was both enlightening and disgusting.

It is bad enough that these students are risking concussions every time they take the field, but to have their coach in the midst of the team with his mask only covering his chin shows his amazing disregard for the well-being of his charges as well as his ignorance of coronavirus safety protocols. I do not care how many times he has been tested. The newspaper should also be faulted for printing a picture that implies that this behavior is acceptable.

Phillip T. Kehoe

Santa Fe

Fanning the flames

Recent Santa Fe New Mexican stories about arrests in the destruction of the Plaza obelisk have saddened me. A few people are being hounded and scapegoated, netted out of a crowd of people tumbling the obelisk. They were identified by anonymous denunciators rewarded by a cash payment. The city is now ruled by fear. This is reminiscent of the persecutions of 20th century Europe and before.

In times when child malnutrition is common in New Mexico, when adults line up to get charity food, when homeless people are about to freeze in the streets of Santa Fe, when the hospitals are full, I wonder: Why is The New Mexican putting the obelisk story front page, fanning the flames of discord in the community?

Francois-Marie Patorni

Santa Fe

Get over it

“I’m so mad I could spit,” my mother used to say.

What exactly is wrong with President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party? Joe Biden won, Trump lost. Get real, folks. Stop playing games with people’s lives and their livelihoods.

Trump has failed to lead the country in this pandemic. As a result, we have have thousands of people dying every day and millions of people infected with COVID-19. McConnell has obstructed any relief bill that could help the millions who are suffering from job loss and their unemployment benefits, all in the name of politics. What a disgrace. This country is better than that and will be once the new administration takes office. Until then, we shouldn’t have to put up with this antidemocratic behavior from Trump and the Republicans.

Drew Reese

Santa Fe

Keep your voice

A disturbing trend is developing in our electorate. We New Mexicans are voting away our voices. The approval of the Public Regulation Commission constitutional amendment gave our right to choose the commissioners on the PRC to the governor, eliminating all checks and bounds except for approval by the state Senate.

The most grievous forfeiture of our rights and voice, though, was to allow the state Legislature to join the Popular Vote Interstate Compact. If enacted our voices will be drowned out by the majority of urban population centers with totally different economic and cultural concerns.

Your vote has consequences. Don’t throw away our rights.

Richard Wendel

Santa Fe

(5) comments

Richard Irell

I would guess that the Smith’s on Cerrillos, Target & Wal-mart were ordered to close as they had become hotspots of the virus.

Luanne Moyer

This is addressed to the woman who wrote about the grocery store closures. Grocery stores are considered essential businesses and were not required to close. They were required to cut back on how many people are allowed in. I personally shopped at two different grocery stores since the "reset". It's possible some stores are closing independently of the order, but they are not required to do so.

Richard Irell

Three grocery stores in Santa Fe were ordered to close because of multiple cases of the virus among their employees.

Luanne Moyer

I posted my comment and then realized that several stores have been closed temporarily due to Covid cases and the number of rapid tests being given. I would then ask the original poster, would you want to go to into a store where a number of employees had tested positive? Would you want to go into a store where there may not be enough staff?

Richard Reinders

Francois-Marie Patorni you got one thing right , they were scapegoats for Webbers intentions, but you look at the obelisk through a different lens as an object , local NM look at it as a member of their community that has been harmed and deserve to vent about it.

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