I am concerned the Senate might pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal and then fail to pass legislation on climate and care. These issues are nonnegotiable. They must pass, especially climate legislation, as time is running out. No clean energy-related infrastructure, no deal. We elected this president to deal with that and address the problem of income inequality. Care infrastructure is vital to that goal.

I’m asking Sens. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján not to negotiate with terrorists. That’s what the GOP has become. No climate, no deal. No care, no deal. And senators need to end the filibuster while they’re at it. No less than the future of the human race is at stake.

Pam Rogers

Santa Fe

Excellent care

A couple of months ago, I had surgery at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. I was so pleased with the care I received from an amazing team of professionals. My thanks to my pre-op nurse, surgical nurses, nurse anesthetist and discharge nurse.

I don’t consider any surgery that is invasive as being simple surgery. Having said that, my surgeon made it seem simple. My recovery was excellent, and I returned to my normal physical activities in a few weeks. I am so appreciative of these caring and highly professional health care workers.

Tom Minton

Santa Fe

Top-notch expertise

The first time I met former Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Veronica García, I knew she possessed skill and expertise beyond everyone else in the room. She came to the meeting late, sat down with a giant laptop and began banging away at her email. The conversation in the room full of Cabinet secretaries and other high-level workforce professionals was going nowhere. Like so many of these meetings, people were eager to fix the problems with public education and typically offered solutions based on what school had been like in their day. As soon as there was a pause in the exchange, García raised her head and carefully explained the challenges for public education and outlined the most practical solutions I’d ever heard.

I’ve had the great fortune to know García for more than 20 years. During the past two years, while I’ve been president of Santa Fe Community College, I’ve had the privilege of working with her again and learning from her vast experience. Her passion for improving the lives of kids and conviction that a challenging education provides the best opportunity for a fulfilling life have inspired many educators to do their best for students.

Her impact on public education in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico will live on. I will miss working with her in her role as superintendent, but I look forward to future collaborations featuring the wit and wisdom of Veronica García.

Becky Rowley


Santa Fe Community College

Protecting balance

Regarding the letter to the editor (“Saving nature,” June 29) by Rosemary Lowe, who speaks of “environmentally destructive public lands grazing folks [who] continue to fight any progressive changes to save our planet’s basic life-support systems here in the West.” I agree.

Nature is life-giving and lifesaving, yet many look upon nature as a commodity. Our forests are seen as products for our use as timber or to be decimated for grazing purposes. We can work to restore damages caused by human activity. Our forests’ intact presence is lifesaving for all living beings — we are a community.

We can recognize the profound intricacies of interdependence within our forests — from the essential and delicate flora on the forest floor to the health-giving strength of our grand ponderosas! We, as a community, can recognize and protect these vital balances within nature.

Lura Brookins

Santa Fe

(9) comments

Lee DiFiore

Pam Rogers, "the future of the human race is at stake"? Oh please. [yawn]

Barry Rabkin

It doesn't matter how deeply any person feels about our Planet or Climate Change. The US Senate Filibuster rules are not going to change through 2022. It doesn't even matter what names any person calls Republicans. Any person wanting the US Senate Filibuster rules to change - or the Filibuster to disappear - had better hope that Democrats win more seats in the US Senate in the 2022 election cycle to move beyond the current 50-50 status.

Khal Spencer

There are some good things in Biden's bill, as presented on his White House site. What I didn't see was any effort to reduce consumption and resource exploitation. Just the mythology that we can replace one form of consumption by another and solve the climate problem or for that matter, the resource depletion problem.

Jimmy Carter, bless his soul, did his "sweater speech" on TV. I watched it. I voted for JC. It went over like a lead balloon. Until Americans realize that happiness is not found in an Amazon box with Made in China junk inside it, we will continue down this path.

Whether it is Jimmy Carter or my 10th Grade biology teacher, a Quaker, who lived frugally on his farm, they have the solutions. But no one is listening.

Barry Rabkin

Consumption will continue. Americans have the individual freedom to chose what to buy, when to buy, and how much to buy. If Americans choose not to buy it will be their choice and not because government (local, State, or Federal) mandates the amount that each of us can purchase. Whether it was Sears Roebuck of 'yesterday' or Amazon of today, Americans will continue to purchase what they want. (I'm afraid that I can't 'bless' Jimmy Carter - he lost every ounce of respect I had when he left American hostages in Iran. He should have used every option - and I mean every option - to rescue them. )

Khal Spencer

I don't assert it is Uncle Sam's job to tell Americans what to buy. Last thing I want is a replay of the old Soviet Union. But once we make our bed, we get to lie in it. That said, if someday we know enough about climate sensitivity to accurately target a carbon tax on products (based on the amount and kind of energy used to make and transport it) rather than throw darts at the wall, that could create a cradle to grave cost of consumption and pay for ideas like carbon sequestration, etc.

Carter did try to get the hostages out (link below). But our military and political system was so fouled up and vexed with operational misfortune (sandstorms, etc) that as I recall, those helicopters burned in the desert and the rescue mission was aborted. I agree with you that military force was justified.

Operation Eagle Claw.


Khal Spencer

oops. forgot the link


Khal Spencer

Pam Rogers needs to stop with the name calling. Ad hominem adds nothing of substance to a letter to the editor. And I wish Inez Gomez would enforce some rules on civility in the letters.

Compromise is essential in a government where the Senate is 50:50 and the House nearly so. If you resort to name calling or the kind of legislative blackmail some Progressives have suggested (i.e., holding the compromise bill hostage to getting whatever they want in a reconciliation bill), you can forget getting anything done. Besides, its not clear the President even has fifty Senate votes for a reconciliation bill.

mark Coble

Does the sun control the weather and climate where you live? Weakening magnetosphere? Increased cosmic rays? Poles shifting? Sun cycles? Oh, right, those are facts that can't be taxed or reason for climate change lockdown? Look at the science of our sun!

Khal Spencer

sun luminosity/sunspot cycles

ocean currents

atmospheric wind patterns

cloud formation

atmospheric chemistry, Tyndall gases

land use patterns (deforestation, etc)

aerosol emissions both natural (volcanic) and human (pollutants)

gee, what have I forgotten?

On the order of human existence, the Milankovich cycles act too slowly. Sure, if one is looking at long term change such as glacial cycles they are important. I think we have time to plan for that kind of change short of killing ourselves off in the short term.

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