The Sandoval Parking Garage is a disgrace to the city of Santa Fe, not to mention an embarrassment seen by everyone entering there, local or tourist.

With no one in attendance at all, there is no help getting in or trying to leave when the ticket meter is out of order. Backing up to get to a working one is almost impossible, not to mention dangerous. The toilets have been closed due to filth, the steps are a disgrace and last time I was there the elevators were no longer running.

Within a two-week period, I parked at three different meters on the street that do not work. The adjoining shops said they were out for several months. Instead of hiring more and more high-priced administrators, put the money where it counts to make the city function properly. Tourist season is here and the parking situation will only get worse.

Kathie Enz

Santa Fe

Back to the ’50s

Backroom abortionists, sharpen your knives because you may soon have need of them. Ladies, dust off your pearls and alter your shirtwaist dresses and prepare for your role as a house frau. The GOP, via the Supreme Court, is posed to take us all back to the 1950s.

We in New Mexico are fortunate we have a progressive governor and Legislature that have eliminated impediments to a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy. What happens to a woman who is not able to travel to a pro-choice state? Should the backroom abortionist prepare their equipment, or should women gather knitting needles?

Carol Tremblay

Santa Fe

Pilgrimage prep

The story about the couple walking the Camino de Santiago was nice (“Santa Fe couple again trekking to Spanish holy site,” June 5), but I’d like to add some information for any who are thinking of doing the same. There is a national organization known as the American Pilgrims on the Camino with many resources on its website, including a website called La Concha. The organization has many chapters nationwide. The Albuquerque chapter has a large number of names on its mailing list, including many from the Santa Fe area who could provide good information to prospective pilgrims.

Richard Rindone

Santa Fe

Dreading Dred

Just a few thoughts about the new peek at the Supremes (not the famous singing sisters), who in their wisdom are returning to the Dred Scott model decision of 1857, in which all men were not created equal and females were certainly not. Thomas Jefferson, a radical in his time, penned this in the Declaration of Independence.

The next logical step in denying women their right to have control of their body is to work on repealing the 19th Amendment, when, as we know, we men decided what was best like in the good old days, when old white geezers made all the decisions. Back to the kitchen.

Can you imagine the border in Texas where vigilantes stand at every exit road to give every woman a pregnancy test to see if they can leave the state? We must go back to sacrificing a person, infant, woman or homeless person (this could be a whole new talking point) to make the Sun come up every morning. Worked, didn’t it? We know the Earth is flat.

Bill Hayden

Santa Fe

Armed can serveWhen an adult expresses a desire to own and operate a military-style weapon, that adult is volunteering to serve on the “well-regulated militia” referenced in the Second Amendment that gun owners hold so dear. I want legislation that requires gun sellers to initiate the connection between the local sheriff and the purchaser of these weapons. People who want these serious weapons must become a member of the county militia and train to proficiency and be on call to repel the punk/gang/etc. element threatening our collective interests as citizens. Don’t want to be up for this serious duty? The constitution indicates this weapon is not for you.

Scott Sheldon

Santa Fe

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