Builders in Santa Fe have to offset their water use so there is no increase in demand. That sounds wise and reasonable, but Stephen Wiman, a retired geologist who served on Santa Fe’s Water Conservation Committee, provides eye-opening information in the 2020 Watershed Association newsletter. “One way that a builder can offset the projected water use is by buying water rights from the city’s ‘water bank.’ What is little known is that the city’s water bank includes water conserved by residents participating in conservation programs. The water bank is, therefore, a mechanism whereby water conservation is actually enabling growth.”

Santa Fe is widely recognized as a regional leader in water conservation. But do Santa Feans know the water they save is being used to subsidize new developments? We’re in an election year. Ask those running for city government about their plan for balancing continued growth with deepening drought.

Lisa Gray Fisher

Santa Fe

Failure to verify

Recently I received in the mail a New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions debit card I didn’t request. I alerted the fraud department and asked what personal information was used in the application so I could ascertain the severity of my identity theft. Workforce Solutions ignored my request, but the department did cancel the debit card. I have filed a police report and notified credit bureaus, a huge hassle.

Workforce Solutions cites urgency to pay the deluge of claims as an excuse for neglecting to verify applications. The unbelievable number of applications should have spurred workers there to inspect applications more closely. Had workers checked my work history or state tax return, they would have learned I retired two years ago and had no 2020 wages, nixing the application. Next year, unsuspecting New Mexicans will receive Form 1099-Gs to pay income tax for unemployment benefits they never received. Disastrous!

Alexander Miller

Santa Fe

Banners of pride

It is admirable and noteworthy that Santa Fe has a New Mexico Hometown Heroes Banner Project in which veterans are honored for their service. Among others, I’d like to thank mayoral candidate and City Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler for helping to make this a special celebration. However, I feel the location of these banners is too far out of town. It would be better to see these banners near the Plaza — perhaps around the state Capitol, in the Railyard District or on Old Santa Fe Trail. That way, locals and visitors alike could view them up close, not driving quickly by on the way out of town. As a Vietnam veteran — U.S. naval reservist — I believe this would be a better way to show veterans that we truly do thank them for their service.

LeRoy Sanchez

Santa Fe

Summer-pool blues

The city of Santa Fe closing Bicentennial Pool for the entire summer, even after 20 percent of its leaks have been fixed, is just one more reason why New Mexico continues to rank so low among all 50 states as a place to be a child. We are the capital of New Mexico, for goodness’ sake, and we cannot provide our kids with an outdoor public pool in the summer.

Nina Butts

Santa Fe

More baseball, please

Santa Fe has a baseball team called the Fuego. When I wrote this, they had played eight games so far this year, and I had seen only one of them, a Friday game, reported in our paper so far. It would be great to see news about their game scores in our sports pages.

Jan Stanley

Santa Fe

Wild fun

It was a welcome opportunity to visit, in person, the New Mexico Wildlife Center over the Memorial Day weekend for the first time in more than a year. Victoria Traxler, The New Mexican reporter, captured the interest and excitement of attendees. There is only one thing to add: The center, 19 Wheat St., Española, is open to visitors 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, visit or call 505-753-9505.

Kay Lockridge

Santa Fe

Display all history

I would like to talk about the Confederate monuments. I think it was a mistake to remove and relocate them. They are a part of American history. A museum is another alternative, since it’s important to learn from history rather than forget it. Otherwise it could be repeated. I think the monuments should be returned to where they were. They should never have been moved.

Christopher Thompson

Santa Fe

(9) comments

arthur lynn

Jim Klukkert.... I'm curious about your feelings about All the Native American tribes in the Southwest and their practice of slavery.

Jim Klukkert

Mr. lynn, I am afraid that I am not qualified to comment as I have made no study of the subject.

Why do you ask?

Richard Reinders

Nina, get together with the other mothers and buy some water rights to off set the leakage and maybe they will not object opening the pool. You live in a desert.

Barbara Harrelson

Lisa Fisher, thank you for pointing out these facts about the city's water conservation fund. You are absolutely right that we must hold our leaders--and would-be leaders--accountable on this situation, and on the priority of water supply/availability going forward. Economic development, building more housing and all of the rest cannot siphon off our dwindling and precious water!

Jim Klukkert

Christopher Thompson- I see no reason to celebrate treasonous violence by racist slavers. We rolled the slavers back, we hardly need to let them return to our public square in celebration of the rollback of Reconstruction.

Should you wish to crowdfund storage of those evil reminders, that is your right. For myself, I would rather public funding go to address the persistent effects of racism and treason.

Living in what should be a Democracy, I will not violently oppose the will of the majority in this matter.

arthur lynn

Jim...History does not exist for your approval. History of things we like and dislike must be remembered for future generations. Try as you may , you cannot erase it.

Jim Klukkert

Arthur lynn- I am all about remembering the past, never about erasing it. Let us always remember the crimes of these racist traitors who dared to enslave their fellow humans!

Not at all sure how you could think the a Democratic Socialist, who absolutely feeds on historical data to arrive at sound policy formulation, would ever want to erase, cancel or forget history. Quite the opposite in fact.

Jim Klukkert

Forgive me for almost missing a 'teachable moment,' imparting a lesson that obviously Christopher Thompson did not get in a school system that must have suffered from Systematic Racism.

The statutes of these traitorous Confederate enslavers were largely put up many years after the war as part of a systematic attempt to enshrine the 'Lost Cause' as a 'noble' effort to defend State's Rights. The historical and undeniable truth is that the Civil War was initiated by Southern economic interests to defend their privileges, which derived wholly from the system of enslavement of human beings.

One can easily note that concurrent with the erection of these profane statutes, was a wave of violent racist attacks, often state sanctioned. These carefully and publicly organized pogroms ranged from public lynchings to the wholesale destruction of African-American communities.

So arthur, it is I, Jim Klukkert, who calls for the remembering of our history, including ' things we like and dislike.' It is indeed unfortunate but totally understandable, that a racist system such as ours, would support school systems that forget such matters as the roll back of Reconstruction, the establishment of Jim Crow, and the violent oppression of People of Color.

rodney carswell


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