One need not look as far as Washington, D.C., for arrogance and bad behavior on the part of elected officials. State Sen. Richard Martinez, D-Ojo Caliente, is a shining example of such right here in New Mexico. Causing an accident where others were injured and refusing a breathalyzer should be enough. The senator intends to continue to serve the people of his district even if he is convicted of aggravated drunken driving. He apparently has supported the rights of drunken drivers in the past (“Why a senator feels untouchable in DWI case,” Ringside Seat, Sept. 9). Many thanks to Milan Simonich for his continued coverage of this saga. The citizens of Ojo Caliente and New Mexico deserve better.

Dr. Bob Larsen

Santa Fe

Call to action

A year ago, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg began standing in front of the Swedish Parliament with a crude sign declaring she was on school strike and asking the Parliament to treat climate change like the emergency it is. Now, millions of young people worldwide are following her example (“Swedish teen rallies climate strikers,” Sept. 10). Greta and peers have called for a global climate protest on Sept. 20 (Google GlobalClimateStrike). She also will be speaking at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23.

Gay rights and #MeToo awareness have made progress because people took risks, organized, visited politicians, went to rallies, donated and ran for office. It’s critical we all get out of our comfort zones rather than be forced out by the laws of nature. Our youngest generation shouldn’t be the only adults in the room, and they are asking for our help.

Go to and find ways to be supportive right here.

Leslie Lakind, D.D.S.

Santa Fe

Keep Bicentennial open

On any day, the Bicentennial lap pool is at capacity with a diverse swimmer community that includes athletes, elders with canes, parents teaching children to swim, locals, visitors and new arrivals. One Saturday I shared a lane with a young mom who swam laps while her husband played with their child in the tot pool. We all appreciate swimming outdoors and are so grateful to have a public pool to do it in.

The last few years, the pool has closed around Fiesta to accommodate a Doggie Dip fundraiser. With both Salvador Perez and Fort Marcy pools closed for repairs, and the Genoveva Chavez Community Center accommodating swim teams that have been displaced, Parks and Recreation should consider reopening the Bicentennial Pool through October.

I understand that it’s not too difficult to change the filter and reset the system. I imagine there is staff available from the other pools now closed. Please extend the Bicentennial season to accommodate the shortage of pools in Santa Fe. Many thanks to the staff for doing such a stellar job this summer.

Judy Herzl

Santa Fe

Nothing so lovely

I have a thing about trees. It felt like taking down the lovely old specimen in Sena Plaza was like losing a close friend (“The loss of a tree can leave a heavy heart,” Our View, Aug. 8). It was apparently as healthy as you could expect an old friend to be. Dangerous? I’m a little more dangerous driving a car than I used to be, but I’ve learned to be more careful. Careful trimming of the cottonwood would have been a better choice than an early death, euthanasia. I owned a property beautifully wooded with white pine that was attacked by an introduced saw fly. I lost many trees, some the most elegantly aged. I planted replacements but still sadly miss the old ones.

If we plant trees by the billions, it would help solve our global warming problem. I suggest a major genetic research effort be made to design trees that will grow in vast numbers without bad environmental effects.

Bill Maxon

Santa Fe