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Russell Scanlon

If this had been a Republican Governor we’d all be hearing about the triumph of free enterprise, American ingenuity, and Capitalism. Once again, debilitating partisanship succeeds in making chicken poop out of chicken soup.

Khal Spencer

Enjoy your chicken poop, Russell. The state dumped hundreds of millions into that project. Why? So rich people can have a high carbon-emissions joyride in space. No, that's not the kind of state-subsidized "free enterprise" this Democrat supports.

Andrew Lucero


Russell Scanlon

I don’t completely disagree, considering the rather urgent basic needs in this state. However—there is a prestige and visibility credit with these kinds of projects. It certainly helped Texas immensely in the 60’s. And a lot of these same people that are bitching about it because there is a Democrat in office would be swooning about the virtues of the “free market” and the triumph of “corporate ingenuity”. And besides all of that: Why has our country abandoned space exploration?

Khal Spencer

I'd go with the prestige and visibility if it were to "trickle down" into technological jobs that pay well rather than tourism industry jobs that pay diddly. But still, what is the long term cost-benefit of this program to transportation and sustainability? If it is a toy for the well to do that results in yet more hotel and restaurant jobs for a glorified amusement park ride, then to me it is a net loss on both environmental and economic fronts, as far as the public is concerned. If the long term goal is a more energy-efficient way to travel, that's different but it seems to me putting people above the atmosphere takes a lot of energy. So it depends.


I don't know why we have abandoned space except we seem to be going broke and spending money on other things. Clearly the space program, a government investment, had a lot of great spinoffs for the general economy. But it had grander dreams than putting billionaires on a jet powered craft for a few minutes in space. But even the space program had its critics. Gil Scott-Heron's song comes to mind, "Whitey on the Moon".

Sorry for my skepticism, but I don't see that kind of sixties vision thing here. Maybe I am wrong but its definitely not about whether a D or an R is doing it. JFK had it right, at least with the space program, even if in part it was done for the wrong reasons, i.e., to beat the Russkies to the moon.

Khal Spencer

Seriously? Bill Richardson had a hand in sucking up to big money. The average citizen in New Mexico got a hand up his...

Richard Reinders

Agreed Khal now the facility is run down and will need updating again at the expense of the public. I see Virgin relocating their operation closer to a major airport ,the wealthy won't want to do the milk run flight to get to Abq. or do the long drive to the spaceport with no close hotels.

Khal Spencer

I'd have to look at the safety plan. It might be that the facility needs to be remote in case there is a mishap. Besides, if you can afford a quarter million buck ride to the edge of space, you can probably rent a chopper to get from the Sunport to Bill Richardson's Playground for the Well To Do.

If the price comes down to where mere mortals can afford this deal, I'll retract my criticism to a point, but still think that in a world where we are being told to conserve and not emit CO2, this is marching in the wrong direction.

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