That strange word “gobsmacked” leaped to mind when I contemplated the irony of the headline (“Protest set over LANL vaccine mandate,” Sept. 5). The article states “the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance pledged Friday to help Los Alamos National Laboratory workers protest mandatory coronavirus vaccination.”

This juxtaposition suggests the nihilism inherent in the nuclear weapons enterprise extends to the daily life of LANL workers — an inability to distinguish between a reasonable public health order to control a terrible, life-threatening pandemic for the benefit of themselves, their families and their co-workers, and daily work that imperils the life of everyone on the planet.

The proposition that a vaccination mandate threatens the “bodily sovereignty … civil liberties, human rights, [and] constitutional rights” of LANL workers, considered in the light of LANL’s mission, is, well … gobsmacking.

Tom Luebben

Indigenous rights attorney

Santa Fe

Headed back

Mexico is on the path to decriminalizing abortion. For Texas women, the furtive weekend trip to Mexico is no longer a relic of the past. In so many ways, we are moving backwards.

Patrick Delaney

Santa Fe

Betraying trust

Since when is the effort to protect a whole population of school children and their families from COVID-19 a violation of constitutional rights? Since when does people’s free choice to refuse vaccination for themselves and their children entitle them to put at risk neighbors, classmates and their families? Since when does “freedom” mean the freedom from the consequences of one’s choices? This is selfish and misinformed ideology, and deserves no respect from those responsible for protecting public health, including school administrators.

Misinformation and misdirected outrage are the bread and butter of Fox News, Facebook, and many other social media outlets — they are central to those business models relying on powerful clickbait. Alas that propaganda works so well and that people, whatever their education, are so credulous. We want to believe what we’re told — that’s why lying and misinformation are a betrayal of natural, human trust.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe

Weighing in

The comments by Candi DePauw regarding the planned development along Cow Creek in the Pecos area (“Planned development brings water fears on Cow Creek,” Sept. 6) were appropriate, valid, and well presented. Indeed, it’s all part of the same water system. Thank you to her and Frank “Pancho” Adelo, president of the Upper Pecos Watershed Association, and Kris Barrios, program manager in the state Surface Water Quality Bureau, (where I retired from) for your important comments regarding environmental concerns for Cow Creek.

Ann Young

Santa Fe

Time to retire

Isn’t it time for Gerald Peters to retire? He’s done enough damage.

Judy Naumburg

Santa Fe

Still waiting

We are 60, retired teachers, worked hard teaching and helping students with a dream of retiring and moving to the country outside Santa Fe with mountains to dine on the porch by. We truly understand now; teaching doesn’t pay for the current housing market. The current real estate market is stopping us from our dream of building a home or buying a home.

It’s great people are able to make money, but it’s hard for people to buy. We will be glad when we find something to retire with. Hopefully something we are looking for comes up — land with character with mountain views, or a nice adobe-style home in the country with mountains and character. Love this area!

Lea Taylor

Abilene, Texas

A helping hand

As part of its important mission, the New Mexico Foundation provides fiscal sponsorship to organizations with a charitable purpose that do not have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status. The foundation provides administrative services, oversight and financial services in support of their charitable activities.

In 2018, the New Mexico End of Life Options Coalition obtained foundation sponsorship. For three years, the foundation received our donations, paid our bills to support our education and outreach efforts, and received a small grant on our behalf from a national partner. The foundation served us with good spirit, professionalism and expert accounting.

Last month, we transferred our funds to our new bank account in the name of End of Life Options New Mexico, a nonprofit organization that provides information and support for all end-of-life options, including medical aid in dying under our new law. We could not have accomplished this without the wonderful support of the New Mexico Foundation.

Barak Wolff

Santa Fe

(4) comments

Claudia Larson

The majority of the Public has been vaccinated and about 40% have NATURAL IMMUNITY and all those who have had the disease didn't know it, with little symptom are also immune. Doctors, Nurses and health workers were fired because they didn't take the JAB. Perhaps they know something we don't but will have their license revoked if they say anything.

Is there another reason YES! Why take a chance with the Jab if you are already immune? Some say, "It's not worth taking a chance".

This is what the chance is:

Retroviral vectors are fascinating and efficient delivery tools for the transfer of nucleic acids. As a hallmark, all retroviruses are capable of reverse transcribing their single stranded RNA genome into double stranded DNA, which will be stably integrated into the host cell genome. DNA integrated into the HOST GENOME?

An immune test should be offered FREE before the JABS.

Richard Reinders

Fauci said he wasn't sure how long the natural immunity would last , but he can't tell you how long the vaccine will last either.

Khal Spencer

Mr. Luebben, being an attorney, must be familiar with the some-all fallacy, which he employs nicely here to disparage my colleagues. There are roughly 10,000 LANL employees. According to the Los Alamos Reporter, which was there and talked to protestors, several hundred people were at the rally and many said they were not even LANL employees but perhaps Freedom Alliance supporters. Therefore, only a tiny fraction of the work force was present at this protest.

Luebben, your nose is growing. How many Pinocchios do you want?

Khal Spencer

Oh, and over 85% of the work force has been jabbed.

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