Benefits are caught in the crosshairs

Saving money on the backs of poor people who are already struggling to survive is a callous and immoral enterprise (“Trump Administration Unveils More Cuts to Food Stamp Program,” New York Times, Oct. 4). Many people who get food stamps work and/or go to school and have difficulty making ends meet through no fault of their own. Because the Trump administration and our Congress feel that Americans need to tighten their belts, they could start by reducing their own lavish job benefits. We could call the new legislation the “congressional benefits reduction act of 2020.” If our own local representatives are serious about this issue they could introduce the bill. Call them. Let’s not dilly around anymore. As an antidote to our colossal oversight and misjudgment in the war against terrorism, we can at least be glad that the war on the poor and the middle class is still going well.

Tom Baldinger

Santa Fe

People should care

I am one of those out-of-state donors to Valerie Plame, the former CIA operative running for Northern New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District seat. Big mistake on my part. After reading her anti-Semitic retweet, I realized my donation was a horrible mistake. The most disturbing part is — as I read letters in this paper — many people just do not care.

David Sokol

Shelburne, Vt.

Not ticket-worthy

My wife and I had the pleasure of driving to Santa Fe last month. While there we decided to visit the farmers market and artist show at the Railyard. We got there early, found a street parking space, figured out the payment routine, and deposited money for three hours. We then proceeded to enjoy the market and purchased several hundreds of dollars of merchandise while there.

We returned to our car in less than three hours and found a parking citation on our windshield — time-stamped within 10 minutes of when we paid the parking meter. Fortunately, we have the receipt to verify this. After sending the photos of our ticket and receipt to the Parking Division, they sent a letter to us saying we didn’t do it within 15 days — pay them $70 or face “additional penalties” and be referred to a collections agency. That is a reprehensible way to do business and governance.

This is not the experience we expected to have in Santa Fe, and now looming in our face are capitulation to a $70 “fine” or more fees and penalties in the next 30 days. If there are any readers who can help us with this problem, and the larger one of how tickets are written without glancing at whether a meter is expired or not, we’d certainly welcome their assistance.

Craig Lefebvre

Sedona, Ariz.

Where’s the light?

The repaving projects here in town are great, but how about the hundreds of street lights that are either burned out or so dim that they don’t help at all (“Santa Fe streets going dark,” Jan. 27)? I seem to remember that Santa Feans were promised LED street lamps a few years ago.

Tim Alton

Santa Fe

Too far

Jim Morin, the cartoonist, and The New Mexican went too far in the political cartoon that ran on the opinion page on Tuesday, Nov. 26. Suggesting, without evidence, that Donald Trump and his aide Stephen Miller are contemplating gas chambers can only make a martyr out of Trump and gain him votes in 2020. Let’s be rational and work to defeat him fairly at the polls if impeachment fails.

Marvin Lachman

Santa Fe

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Khal Spencer

The Mayor should cut out Craig Lefebvre's letter and glue it to the forehead of the director of the parking enforcement division.

Paul Groh

There are post surgical regimens of NSAIDS which do a good job of limiting post surgical pain. Your physician can prescribe alternating doses of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen for you, The dose determined by the doc..keeps pain to a minimum with none of the side effects of opioids. Some folks cannot take NSAIDS so must have alternate treatments. I had the same severe meniscus tear as the author, followed the post op medication instructions exactly, and had very little pain.

Steven Ruud

Valerie Plame is nothing more than a carpetbagger. Her donations come from the richest of the rich, not the struggling immigrants and working poor. NM will be worse off with her as a representative.

Richard Reinders

Craig Lefebvre sue the city , it is the only way you get justice. They have unqualified people running the depts that are abusive with their power and won't look at the common sense way to solve an issue. Welcome to Santa Fe

William Craig

Re: “Not ticket-worthy” — The parking division is considered an “enterprise” and thus its purpose is making money for itself rather than serving people.

Unwitting visitors to the downtown/Railyard areas are often snared in the tangled web of overpriced public parking, leaving them with a highly negative impression of the city.

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