Congratulations on the editorial (“Tending to trees makes sense for humans,” Our View, April 28) and your support for Arbor Day. On Oct. 30, 1854, the day of their marriage, my great-great-grandfather J. Sterling Morton and his new wife, Caroline, left Michigan for Nebraska. Although only 22, he was to begin a new life as a family man, political activist, four-time unsuccessful candidate for governor, newspaper owner, farmer, secretary of agriculture under President Grover Cleveland and, most important, founder of Arbor Day. That happened Jan. 4, 1872, when he presented an Arbor Day resolution to the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, proposing that April 10, 1872, “be set apart and consecrated for tree planting in the state of Nebraska” and named Arbor Day. So powerful was his idea that over 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska that first Arbor Day. Now Arbor Day is celebrated in all 50 states as well as 42 other countries.

Congratulations to the TreeSmart Santa Fe initiative, to Facebook for its recent donation of funds for 200 native trees in Los Lunas, and to the state of New Mexico for updating its comprehensive plan for forests and including partners like the Nature Conservancy, pueblos and the New Mexico Forest Industry Association. In this time of climate change and severe drought, every tree counts. We celebrated Arbor Day by planting a new one in our backyard.

Morgan Smith

Santa Fe

True protection

“While justice landed Derek Chauvin behind bars for murdering George Floyd, no amount of justice will bring Gianna’s father back. The same way a reasonable police officer would never suffocate an unarmed man to death, a reasonable justice system would recognize its roots in white supremacy and end qualified immunity. Police are here to protect, not lynch. We will not rest until all in our community have the right to breathe.”

This is a quote from Derrick Johnson, national president and CEO of the NAACP. The Santa Fe NAACP Branch endorses this statement and emphasizes the role of the police to protect and to serve. Our state Legislature passed the Civil Rights Act (House Bill 4), which bars all government employees from using “qualified immunity” as a legal defense in state court, creating a new way to challenge government agencies that violate constitutional and civil rights.

In Santa Fe, the police department has begun to enact reforms associated with the use of less lethal options as well as the ending of racial and ethnic profiling. It is a good start, and the Santa Fe NAACP is optimistic about the full implementation of these changes. However, the Santa Fe Branch of the NAACP looks at the conviction of Chauvin as one small step in eliminating racial injustice in the United States. We must continue to demand justice for the countless others who have lost their lives by those who are sworn to “protect and serve.”

Lou Levin, Ph.D., president

Santa Fe Branch, NAACP

100 years strong

On Wednesday, during my husband’s birthday lunch at La Fonda, the whole dining room joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to a woman named Sophie. She was celebrating her 100th birthday with five of her friends. When we were leaving, I went over to her table to personally wish her many more. She thanked me and said, “I’m a World War II Vveteran also.” Wow!

Millicent Young

Santa Fe

Don’t come home

So members of the poor, oppressed Republican Party of New Mexico have to hold their state convention in Amarillo, Texas — forced out of their home state by a dictatorial Democratic governor who insists on maintaining commonsense precautions to protect New Mexicans from further preventable infections and deaths from COVID-19. Operation Freedom indeed! Now the Republicans can be free to infect themselves and others; spend money on “top-of-the-line steak”; and be among friends who share “conservative values” like ignoring science, lying about elections and blaming massive (and poorly regulated) power outages on errant windmills. The New Mexico GOP and its Texan hosts deserve each other. Maybe Steve Pearce and his minions should just stay there.

To hear people complain about wearing masks as infringing on their liberty makes me ache for others (like the people of Myanmar, as only one example) who really know what it’s like to lose their freedom.

Ron Hale

Santa Fe

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mark Coble

Does the SUN control the climate and weather where you live? Is our magnetosphere weakening? Are the poles shifting? Are there more cosmic rays now? Climate change deniers ignore the sun but will gladly tell you how taxes will help the climate. Santa Fe Daily Democrat ignores the SUN, always. Also censors any article NOT approved by the "style" guides of NYT, LAT, and the other propaganda outlets.

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Mulberry’s link to ostensibly credible sources takes one to Principia Scientific International. Founded in 2010, Principia Scientific International (PSI) is an organization based in the United Kingdom which promotes fringe views and material to claim that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas. PSI has also published a book titled “Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory.” According to their about page, “Principia Scientific International (PSI) is the only independent science body in the world that is legally incorporated to champion the traditional scientific method, as set out in the work of Karl Popper.

This same site can take you to this article: Oil is NOT a fossil fuel and AGW is non-science April 29, 2021

Oh what fun in Mulberry’s La-La Land!

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Okay Mulberry, abusive language is not only the last refuge of those without credible argument, it is also against the Community Standards of the SFNM website.

So your use of the insult 'democr*p' qualifies this as a comment to be reported as abuse.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

David Mulberry- your ludicrous claims are the only joke here. Unfortunately the joke spread by Ignorant, undedicated Alt Right types like you, have tragic consequences for everybody.

I invite you for citations to credible sources. "Baruch Vainshelboim" was only at Stanford for a year, earlier than his purported "Study," and on an unrelated matter.

You are simply repeating the lies of Alt Right Shill Sites.

Some would say that such behaviour makes you a liar as well.

Comment deleted.
Jim Klukkert

Mulberry- Any citations to your real research?

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