Congress has an approval rating of only 23 percent, yet incumbents are overwhelmingly reelected every two years. I am apparently one of the many who believed that his state’s representatives were not part of the problem, which could be blamed on the other states.

However, when I read the delusional defense of President Donald Trump by former U.S. Rep. and state GOP Chairman Steve Pearce (“President Trump is forever acquitted, bound for reelection,” My View, Feb. 9), I realized one of our own is part of the disinformation campaign that makes a mockery of truth, integrity and the U.S. Constitution.

It won’t be many years until Pearce’s comments will prove an embarrassment to him and his progeny (if that hasn’t already started). We will certainly again train our focus on being the nation our Declaration of Independence promises, and those willing to ignore its promises in allegiance to a false prophet who has proven to be a national disgrace will have to answer to their children.

Jonathan Lathrop

Los Alamos

Endorse Bernie

I humbly request the “oldest newspaper in the West,” early on, endorse Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. He deserves this accolade from you, having presented worthy solutions for America’s problems since 2015; plus, sincerely, I believe your readers overwhelmingly support him. His honesty, integrity, compassion, and problem-solving add up to make him the ideal electable candidate to defeat President Donald Trump. Newspaper endorsements still mean a lot, with the potential for positive influence months before New Mexicans vote.

I’m hoping to see the results of your editorial board discussion soon. For any readers fearing propaganda about any “socialist agendas,” please remember this: Congress must agree to pass any legislative program Sanders will want to achieve.

Shania Wheeler

Santa Fe

Enables deadbeats

A new bill, House Bill 259, would make it difficult for homeowners associations to collect unpaid dues unless the amount exceeds $25,000. That’s an absurd figure, more than the annual budget of my HOA.

HOAs provide services like road maintenance, snow removal, landscaping and security that government doesn’t. Dues paid by my neighbors fund those services. Unfortunately, in every group there are people who think the rules don’t apply to them (sound familiar?). These people duck the responsibilities that their neighbors willingly undertake. Filing a lien with the threat of foreclosure is the method government uses to collect unpaid taxes. Now legislators want to take away that contractual right from my association. It’s a seldom-used last resort, but effective tool, for associations to get their members to meet their obligations. Enabling deadbeats is not good for New Mexico homeowners and my bill-paying neighbors.

Bill Becher

secretary and former president,

La Villa Escondida HOA

Santa Fe

Connect Richards now

It definitely is a no-brainer to pave a much-needed roadway in the heart of the city (“No-brainer,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 10), to connect to the Genoveva Chavez Community Center, Santa Fe Community College and the Institute of American Indian Arts.

A straight shot is desperately needed access to these great facilities. Neighbors opposing this road are only concerned about their property instead of the good of the entire city needing better access.

It’s not fair to the other neighbors who have roads with diverted influx of traffic because of the road not being built. It’s time for city officials to do what is best for our bustling city.

Steven Valdez

Santa Fe

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Khal Spencer

Steven Valdez shortchanges the people living along Richards. Connecting the sides would turn a quiet neighborhood street into a roaring arterial. Of course residents oppose it. At some point the safety requirements of people who live on streets have to be equal to the demands of those who want to barrel through the neighborhood.

John Haynes

Bill Becher is very right. Every HOA has some irresponsibles. As with his HOA, a threshold of $25,000 before moving legally to enforce overdue HOA dues would financially cripple my small HOA and force us to either cease or drastically reduce road maintenance and erosion control or increase fees on responsible owners. Rewarding irresponsible owners and penalizing responsible homeowners is viciously unfair.

John Haynes, board member, Valle del Sol Phase 6 HOA

Richard Reinders

Shania Wheeler do you realize that Bernie and Warren want to go after corporate profits that the corporation paid taxes on , if you have a 401 K it is your money not the corporations that they will be taking. Make sure you understand ultimately who will be paying the taxes, not the companies but you the tax payer. There is no free lunch in the world, they just make you think there is while they pick your pockets. Socialism didn't work in Scandinavia, or Venezuela do your research.

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