“They fly into my arms” — that’s what my sixth grade student told me (“An egg-cellent bill?” Feb. 15). I was teaching in a rural area, and my student, who was a little lonesome, had stayed after school to visit. I asked him about what he did after school on the farm for friendship.

He said, “The chickens are my friends. I play with them when I get home.” He said, “I open the coop and yell, ‘hello, chickens,’ and they fly into my arms.” Science, remember, has shown that many animals, if not most, are emotional thinking creatures. They are sensitive; they feel pain. All the animals deserve kindness. It is really that simple. The answer to giving chickens space to move is obvious. It is not why; it is why not?

Ask your legislator to vote yes on Senate Bill 347, which would mandate that eggs sold in New Mexico be from cage-free chickens.

Kathe MacLaren

Santa Fe

Finally there

Congratulations? The Republicans, with their handbasket, have finally reached their destination.

James Malott

Santa Fe

Seek humane food

In response to (“An egg-cellent bill,” Feb. 15), New Mexicans are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from, including how farm animals are treated. In addition, we want a thriving agricultural sector.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see the animal protection groups and egg producers come together with state Sen. Pete Campos on a bill that will help both animals and farmers. Plus the producers make a compelling case that it won’t raise prices. If we can get more humane food at a reasonable price while helping farmers, why wouldn’t we? State legislators should vote yes on Senate Bill 347.

Barbara Gay

Santa Fe

Not my emergency

Regarding the letter (“Pandemic’s impact can overwhelm even the best choices,” Feb. 8) I think Lesley Brill missed the point of the letter (“Stop enabling,” Jan. 29). As she stated, “Many people … weren’t planning on a pandemic that put them out of work.”

I believe that was Allen Michael’s point — they weren’t planning. As the saying goes, “a failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

Michael Roybal

Las Cruces

Too much trash

Welcome to New Mexico, Landfill of Enchantment! What a disgusting trashed out eyesore our capital city has become. No pride, no enforcement and nothing changes. Embarrassing!

Richard Glaze

Santa Fe

Exercise at home

I saw that Pat Wallace had a letter (“Hey Santa Fe: Clear sidewalks this winter,” Feb. 16). I am sorry, there is no way seniors can agree with her. Runners should stay indoors as well! We had to pay to get our snow removed this morning and can’t afford to clean the sidewalks for runners. Stay indoors and exercise at your own property or do aerobics inside.

Joan Castellano

Santa Fe

Vaccination blues

I was blessed beyond my imagination growing up as a youth and now am a retired 70-year-old high school teacher. I live on the periphery of greater Santa Fe. I have scarcely populated hiking trails at my disposal. I can contribute to my community by preparing income taxes remotely. Yet all of this I would forego without reservation for a chance to be vaccinated. You see, my granddaughter graduates from high school in May in Hannibal, Mo. Although we have registered for vaccines, we have yet to be scheduled for an event. And no, we will not travel without being vaccinated.

James Plowman

Santa Fe


A big thank you to all the newspaper carriers delivering The New Mexican on these cold, snowy and icy mornings.

Richard Irell

Santa Fe

Do it right

I think it would behoove the lawmakers and the state of New Mexico if we were to cap the production of cannabis, if and when it is legalized. We are not the first state to go through this process and we should look to the other states that have done it successfully and learn from the states that stumbled. Colorado is a good example to do it right the first time, and Oregon is an example of stumbling out of the starting blocks. If we do this, let’s do it right. Learn from others and use this knowledge wisely.

Patty Bodelson

Santa Fe

(3) comments

Khal Spencer

As a senior, I think Ms. Castellano is wrong on two points.

One, its healthy to get out and get some aerobic exercise. There is little chance of getting The Bug if you remotely go out and run or bike and it strengthens that cardiovascular system that gets attacked by the flu or Covid. Plus, mental health counts and getting out in the world is a good thing.

Secondly, check the ordinances. Pretty sure your sidewalk is ultimately your responsibility to clear. I do wish the city had a high visibility program to help elderly folks out. We had a foot of snow in Casa Solana the other day. When I finished my own sidewalk and driveway, I went next door to my more senior neighbors and helped them out. Others pitched in as well, as we have a lot of older retired folk out my way and not all of us consider a bicycle ride up to the ski basin a good way to spend a morning. One of my more elderly near-neighbors is recovering from a broken femur.

Lets pull together, not apart.

Stefanie Beninato

I thought Ms Castellano's letter to be self centered and near sighted. I advocated for a youth corp to clear sidewalks for those too elderly or disabled to do so (paid with grant money if those homeowners could not afford it) when I ran for city council in 2010. Matt OReilly apparently took up the idea a few years later but seemingly it got lost in the circular filing system at city hall. It would be a great way for youth to earn money, take responsibility and contribute to the community.

I also think the city needs to enforce the clearing snow requirement against commercial centers such as the one on Cordova east of St Francis, the one at Paseo and Cerrillos and Sage Inn. Why should we who are walking be forced into the street to avoid icy sidewalks?

Khal Spencer

All good points, Stefanie.

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